[] Blackiron Whirlwind - DW Pistols Physical Cadence Death Knight, Gladiator farmer (~12 min)

Hello, wonderful people!
Without extra words, let’s start the firefight!

Meet Blackiron Whirlwind: the character made for guys with the balls of steel.
>> Grimtools << no green items used

It’s the Gunslinger Deathknight shooting from 2 pistols with Cadence and bunch of WPS procs, wreaking havoc over the battlefield and filling everything with lead.
It can beat Gladiator in under 10 minutes if you are not affected by both -% attack speed and -% damage mutators.

Core of the build

  • Main damage skill of this build is Cadence working over Weapon Damage, supplemented by 87% constant WPS skills and 2* Exterminate from weapons.
  • Mythical Deathdealer’s Sidearm is used as the main and offhand weapon. For me it looks like a best choice.
  • Warborn Bastion set pieces are used to supplement various Cadence bonuses as well as good defensive stats.
  • With so much WPS procs this build almost never uses regular attacks between Cadence strikes, and it constantly deals 2115% - 2200% weapon damage with default attacks. It’s devastating in main campaign and performs very well in Crucible.
  • This build have decent amount of OA and DA, HP, armor, physical resistance, overlapping defenses: Siphon Souls converted to Physical damage, Mark of Torment, Nature’s Guardians, 10% ADCtH and Ghoul proc on top. Also decent secondary resistances, esp. Slow and 55% Life Leech resistance.
  • Really it’s nothing more to say about this build: Cadence is great, Warborn is great, packing bullets into nemeses is fun.

Key explanations

  • Defensive devotion route performs better even in offensive case: it deals more damage, have more OA and DA, provides more resists and allows us to use the most offensive pieces of gear.
  • I use Mythical Deathdealer’s Sidearm just because I can, and this weapon deserves its own dedicated build.
  • Call of the Grave is used as the skill to bind Nature’s Guardians to. It is activated manually and I can always use Nature’s Guardians when I want it.
  • Energy regeneration seems low, but it’s enough if you steal some energy with Reaping Strike and drink manapotion from time to time. I drunk it twice during whole battle I think.


  • Agressive ranged combat. Everyone is gunned down on arrival.
  • If you have a row of enemies in front, try to always shoot at distant ones so Cadence projectile can pierce through all of them.
  • Build is overall well defended, you facetank nemeses, just try to place them 2-3 in a row to shoot more targets with Cadence and increase clear speed.

Max crit landed in Crucible (solo, Crucible buffs, no banners)

Stats pane (Deadly Momentum and Soul Harvest up)



sir spanksalot for advices on managing the built-in vit damage
Superfluff for explanations about Deathdealer’s Sidearm

You’ve recognized Coven Storm Seals as amazing rings, I see :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s literally BiS here :slight_smile: How did I even skip it all the time?

I hoped you would tell me. I’ve been using them on all of my Beginner’s builds and think they are pretty broken for how easy it is to get them. The bonuses could easily rival many legendary rings. Same for Coven Sky Seal, it’s just a little more specialized.

Heck, my Avenger uses them even now, while Black Matriarch and Bladetwister are collecting dust in inventory.

At least Black Matriarch is extra cunning and easy RR with low cooldown :smiley:
Bladetwister… well, I dropped it too.

You wanted people to see the max damage dealt, all I saw was RIP x 5. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, I’m glad to see it finally worked out so nicely, and I’ll be gladder to see it as a compendium submission

Also, you should place the spellscorched plating on the belt instead, and the ugdenbog leather on the hands. IIRC, flat armor bonuses on belts apply to all armor pieces

It’s just a way I play this game. I don’t care about deaths, and if I engage a hard boss I just throw corpses on him :smiley:
Btw Darius killed me 2 or 3 times on Veteran.

Of course, I’ll prepare the submission, but I need to learn how to use that [ indent] tags

I posted a video! And honestly though, if you can’t - don’t sweat it.

I’m seriously okay with doing it up if there aren’t too many submissions I’m late on. :slight_smile:

Did it. Think it’s looking better when formatted

Edit: no difference whether to place Spellscorched plating, component bonuses are applied to every piece of gear anyways

Hey, why all the WPS? I understand Reaping Strike but the other two seems weird with Cadence. AFAIK using a lot of WPS effectively “lowers your attack speed” cause you’ll have less chance to hit with 2 guns, which activates Cadence automatically.

MA and Reaping both attack with both weapons generating 2 cadence stacks… zoltans only uses one tho

Big UP dude maybe u can made same build but as fire dmg or light etc…

Thought all WPS only generate 1 stack even if it hits with both hands. I’ve seen a discussion about it somewhere. It’s the reason why cadence BMs don’t use WPS except execution despite all their WPS hitting with both hands.

actually turns out with ranged it is always one stack regardless

You’re right, I was operating under old info…

All WPS are shot with both guns: Reaping strike looks like a shot from both hands, other are shot in 2 consecutive bullets. Reaping Strike is essential for heal and energy leech, MA is used for shredding enemy DA, and Zolhan deals 2*200% WD. I tested them all on dummy and there’s no damage loss, with all these WPS dummy is killed faster

Zolhan is shot with both guns now? That’s a huuuuge buff.

Yep, you can check it yourself :slight_smile: Zolhan always shoots 2 consecutive orange projectiles

It was changed in :stuck_out_tongue:

Zolhan’s Technique: When dual wielding guns, now always fires with both guns

Same for Necrotic Edge and Reaping Strike.

So still doesn’t include melee? That’s weird. Glad it works great here.