[] Familiar/Blight Fiend Cabalist - 8 minute Gladiator 151-171

Gladiator 151-170 in 8:07

Mythical Blightstone Invoker
Stormbringer of Malmouth
2 x Mythical Rotmender’s Ring
Mythical Will of Bysmiel
Mythical Circlet of the Great Serpent
Mythical Shroud of the Necrolord
Mythical Chausses of Barbaros
Mythical Overlord’s Iron Grip
Mythical Fiendmaster’s Greaves
Mythical Shadowfiend’s Cord
Mythical Rotmender’s Crest
Mogdrogen’s Ardor

[u]Devotion Skills[/u]
Nature’s Guardian
Acid Spray
Shepherd’s Call
Bysmiel’s Command
See GrimTools for full devotion listing

This build ended up being much more effective than I was expecting, and I’m honestly rather surprised because even slight changes seem to hurt it’s efficiency dramatically. The Blight Fiends provide amazing area of effect damage, and the Familiars provide amazing single target damage, even with relatively limited bonuses to Lightning damage. The build has a huge amount of pet OA which helps.

While the damage is spread between Lightning and Acid/Poison, no Nemesis has good resistance to both of those, which provides an advantage over a pure Lightning Familiar build.

Switching to Dying God/Hungering Void instead of Ishtak’s improves Crucible clear speed at the cost of a massive hit to reliability.

I didn’t spend as much time optimizing this build as my other two Familiar builds, so there may be some variations that improve this build

Nice. I’ve been wanting to give the not-so-newish raven and blightfiend a try and it didn’t occur to me to mix the two. I really like how you nearly super maxed both skills - and with relatively common items too!

I haven’t seen many builds max the familiar but this is a pretty cool mix of damage.

Like the build, should consider using Ravenous Earth + Decay instead of DEE imo, since its all damage reduced instead of just physical and you still get a bonus to proccing on hit. Actually really insane for proccing devotions and should up the defensives of the build a small bit.

I’d also consider dropping points from call of the grave to get maxed spectral binding personally just for the extra HP, but thats me.

Hi, I will be leveling this build in HC as my second char in this mode. Any tips for fast leveling? I would like to start with necro and keep leveling with pets (preferably).

Wondering if this will work while farming for gears? It look interesting

Skeleton necros are very fast until you reach ultimate. I’d stay out of the Crucible entirely with this character on hardcore, it was one of the least robust pet builds I made.

There are definitely better builds for that. When testing I found very few alternatives for gear choice that didn’t have a significant image on the builds efficiency. You’d probably be fine in campaign as long as you had the Mythical Will of Bysmiel and Mythical Circlet of the Great Serpent.

I changed a few things off some realizations that there’s not really any point in converting the vitality to lightning I feel like, as aspect of the guardian + call of the grave + master of death all have vit scaling and with a couple other changes you can get similar generic damage. EDIT: Other than the point of that kuba has heavy vit res, and you usually want to burst him asap, but I’d imagine in Crucible the birds should do that pretty quick.

This is what I’ve come up with now: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jXBJqZ

I took advantage of the pierce res i got on mogdrogens to get a resonance instead of might, can obviously swap that out + get a silk swatch too on the pants

Honestly the most annoying thing about this build is the lack of cast speed/CDR which means keeping 3 blight fiends up at all times is hella annoying. Wish they’d at least make the duration like 2-4 seconds longer. Might look into a Bargoll’s Core or something to help for the weapon, but then I lose crit damage and i’m not sure how to feel about the OA.

But, to make up for the low survival… Defensive Ability? Almost 3k DA on a cabalist, lol. Lost a heal proc from Rotmender’s though, which kinda sucks. Kinda interested in seeing how a Subjugator’s Bargoll’s Core works out, though I wonder how much that poison retaliation can do and I don’t really wanna lose the Crit Damage - I think the OA isn’t too bad to lose. But 50% phys res sounds great and that health regen bonus too…

EDIT: Forgot, Reaper of the Accursed also gives a cheat death proc which is really nice too

Also, think it might be possible to do Mantle of Mogdrogen + Necrolord’s shroud, then I suppose bring back the Stormbringer of Malmouth - main reason I was worried about the offhand was because of pet ele res but not sure if I would care in crucible, and I haven’t killed mogdrogen so…

EDIT2: Mantle of Mogdrogen Variant with 22/12 Rotting Fumes again https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EGLnjZ should be over on the pierce res without the mogdrogen’s ardor roll

– i just did mogdrogen on elite on my lightning pet conjurer, actually ez as hell… I see what you mean about small changes making a massive difference because wtf my damage with the above went through the roof

can some1 tell me how to do the devotions :rolleyes: how do u wear the off hand when your spirit is less than the requirement i tried and it shows 625 after 10% reduction.

He might have a %spirit mogdrogen’s ardor and/or a high spirit roll mantle of the patron. You simply need to spec based off of your gear, you might need a few more points in spirit.

Making some of these builds, I need to start saving random pants of Kings, even Ordered of Kings or Warding of Kings or Impervious of Kings would be nice to replace barbaros because I swear I never have them… But the mantle of mogdrogen variant is actually insane, don’t even have maxed ishtak yet and really want a high CDR stormbringer of malmouth because 14 CDR when it goes to 19 is just … awful. It might even be more important than having a 100% vit to lightning roll

You are DaShiv reincarnated, man, bringing the crown back to pet masters. Really impressive build, and this time it looks relatively simple to pilot.

Plot twist: He is DaShiv, who realized writing thesis papers for each build is so time consuming and he has tons of builds already. But he didn’t want to use the DaShiv name cause people expect him to be too detailed with that one so he went with sigatrev instead.

Can that be my headcanon starting now? :smiley:

Since he is using light, acid/poison dmg most of the time. It doesn’t matter that much mostly that is vita base damage and only buffs that.

Any more slightly in depth skill allocation for leveling ? never done a summoner in any game before

I leveled the blight fiend, then rushed to his aoe second skill, back tracked to call of the graves, then master of death.
I then rushed to blood of dreeg and now to bonds of bymiel and manipulation

dumb question , how do you get 2 blight fiends ?

Get the transmuter


I really like the devotion route that you used for this build. I am a big fan of defensive devotions for pets and love to actually see them taking aggro instead of me.

And after the recent patch we can now summon 3 Spirits instead of 1. Isn’t that worth putting at least 1 skill point?