[] The Sharpshooter - Valdun Savagery Vindicator, Gladiator farmer (~12 minutes)

Hello, wonderful people!
Today’s build shows the proper use of the underestimated Valdun set.

Meet the Sharpshooter.
>> Grimtools << no green items used

This is a pierce Savagery vindicator wearing full Valdun set and using the bunch of accelerated WPS procs to snipe foes down.
Update: now it is totally viable for Crucible. Immense power of the Savagery and Inquisitor WPS procs coupled with strong defenses make this build really aggressive and safe. Can perform in 12 minutes if you don’t kite alot and if monsters don’t lag.

Core of the build

  • Main damage skill of this build is Savagery.
  • Bladetwister Signet and Mythical Pack of Treacherous Means convert the elemental damage from Savagery and WPS procs to pierce, so elemental damage in this build gets useful.
  • Valdun’s Betrayal set is the core of the build. Other alternatives are possible but I wanted to use full Valdun.
  • Given skill of the Valdun’s Rifle called Fragmenting Round is literally the beast. It shoots 8 bullets 90% WD each making it a shotgun with 720% WD potential. Use it as much as possible, especially on tough enemies.
  • Strong defenses: stacked armor and Inquisitor Seal make you very hard to kill, the only exception is Anasteria. Her RR is very annoying, you have to be careful to not be oneshot.

Key explanations and alternatives

  • [li]Bursting Round is taken to fill WPS pool to 100% and get additional source of AoE. This build works better with it than without.[/li]In fact Bursting Round hits like a bus, it’s definitely worth taking.
  • The Crimson Claws are used to softcap Savagery.
  • Mythical Golemborn Greaves and Mythical Chausses of Barbaros are used for armor (this is important!).

Devotion route

  • Crossroads Order, Eldritch, Primordial, Assassin’s Blade, Hawk, Sailor’s Guide
  • drop crossroads Order, Eldritch, Primordial
  • Scholar’s Light, Kraken, crossroads Chaos, Hydra
  • drop crossroads Chaos, Scholar’s Light
  • Panther, Hammer, Crab
  • drop Hammer
    [li]Ghoul, Solemn Watcher, Ulo, Assassin, Obelisk of Menhir (in no particular order)[/li]Drop = buy back at spirit guide


  • Surprise! Aggressive melee shotgunning.
  • Do not allow enemies to override you.
  • Dangerous nemeses combinations are double Reaper and Grava’Thul+Aleksander, you must kite a bit to not be shredded by charged Reaper attacks or meteor. Grava’Thul’s only danger is damage reduction reducing our killing and healing potential. Other nemeses combinations are safe and facetankable.
  • Small tip on wave 161: all annoying healers (Myrmidons and Bloodsingers) are vulnerable to Knockdown. You can safely kill Aleks and shoot the healers with Fragmenting round from time to time, and they will not heal Aleks or theirselves.

Max crit landed in Crucible (solo, Crucible buffs, no banners)

Stats pane (Savagery and Deadly Aim up, standing on Inquisitor Seal)

Real damage is higher when Battle Cry is active (2/3 of time).




  • Ptirodaktill - mate, your advices helped greatly in balancing damage.

Outdated versions

Maybe Vindicator is unoptimal choice?
I’ll try this with Cadence.

Hey, who cares if Vindicator is suboptimal? It’s creative as fuck. Love this concept. Congrats! I once had a grimtools for pierce savagery trickster but haven’t tested it cause I thought it would suck. Maybe I’ll try it after seeing this build.

TY! I’ll try to make it more safe, because 50/50 success without banner is a pain for my paranoid mind :rolleyes:
Edit: 3200 armor or 3200 OA+DA and this build will shine. But I currently see no ways for it except getting Soldier

At last, Valdun builds emerge from the abyss :slight_smile: Nice concept.

Hmm. this build have given me some inspiration on a Valdun Purifier shotgun build to test… Storm Spread, Jaxxon’s lucky bullets x2 (giving up about 50% conversion) with firestrike ES shotgunning. Pity i am missing both the gun and the hat to test.

Drop one of these rings and harmfull stuff and you are good to go.
Eye of the storm - 10% strain dps loss. Don’t use it.
With 1600 armor your absorbtion don’t matter at all. Hearth of OAK is a noobtrap - 2/3 of recived dmg is lifereduction. THe lower your lifepool is the better you will feel in 150+ as long as your other defences are topnotch.

Prismatic diamond is BiS for head slot.

“Eye of the storm - 10% strain dps loss. Don’t use it.”
It is strange to hear that.
Eye of the Storm:

Vengeance (less spread but lower max damage):

Also Eye of the Storm is 8% attack speed, Vengeance don’t have it.
But that % DA is desperately needed, I agree in this case.

I can’t get it why you max all Inquisitor WPS, it’s 135% WPS pool now. Isn’t it better to drop Chilling Rounds entirely and take Wendigo totem instead?

Anyway, if it works, I’ll be grateful, other changes look reasonably.

I can’t get it why you max all Inquisitor WPS, it’s 135% WPS pool now. Isn’t it better to drop Chilling Rounds entirely and take Wendigo totem instead?

Id rather drop Valgur amy. Chilling rounds are really good, try them at 12/10 =) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GwMbX2 Id test this one first.

Weeeeell weeeeeeell weeeeell. Look who decided to finally post it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job man!

Also, I dunno if dropping the ammy is worth the loss of the set bonus, but definitely drop bursting rounds for CR.

And SS :stuck_out_tongue:

I tested 20/10 SS on proper setup :wink: . Never gona drop them, no way :stuck_out_tongue:
But out of all Inquisitor WPS CR are the best. Push to 20 and feel the powa. :cool:

Yeah, with guns CR deal even a bit more WD then SS :rolleyes:

Hi guys!
I spent the entire evening to test the new setup based on Ptiro’s suggestions.
Here is it.

I was surprised - Feral Hunger here is a DPS loss due to its single-target nature. Now, with all Inquisitor’s WPS maxed it hits like a bus, yet survivability is still not enough: even a single Reaper tears through Inquisitor Seal (w/o banners). But I think it’s possible to complete Crucible with it, will continue today.

Попробуй печать силы, по дпсу разница минимальная, а 4% физ резиста иногда могут зарешать. Так же крайне желательно откатывать прок гуля к 160й/170й волне и при виде всяких реперов тупо зажимать лкм и молиться что ЛЛ вытащит. =) И да, не забывай им прямо в морду подходить, тогда у бедняг половина атак отрубается.

На трешевых волнах все хорошо, гуль и радужный алмаз до 160 или 170 волны даже не успевают сработать. И дамаг космический просто. Я думаю, тут надо тактически драпать, стреляя Fragmenting round’ом за спину, и стараться выманивать немезид по одному.
Или использовать твой метод :smiley:

ой, беготня на 160/170 это полный посос. Энрейдж, чардж и досвидос, вся карта на лице. Самый сейфовый метод это начинать у спавн-поинта и по-быстрому делать минус один.
Da у тебя маловато, надо хотя бы 3300 после бафов. Поинты покидать побольше в силу.

Посос-не посос, а пока что 170 волну нахрапом без баннера осилить не получилось. А если не получается нахрапом, надо пробовать разные тактики
Edit: кстати да, после баффов у меня 3200 DA под дикостью, но в каком-то бою у Габалтунна был шанс критануть по мне почти 20%, я офигел просто. На 154 волне подох непонятно как. Вернее, понятно, что мутаторы, но все равно стремно

Космический дамаг?? Хмм, я думал. он тут просто хороший. За сколько убивается манекен?? На Локарра не ходил?? Если нет - сходи :slight_smile:

Дамаг космический потому, что 150-160 волн сносит за 3 минуты, если переживает 160 волну немезид. Это зачистка всего горнила за менее 10 минут, а то и 9.
Засекал вчера