[] Wildblood Warder - absolutely immortal, no greens, super easy 170 clear


Hello. Today, I would like to share yet another interesting build with you.

Who said, that Wildblood set is for Conjurers and Ritualists? Warders are simply amazing with this set! Decent damage combined with absurd ADCtH and soldier’s sustainability, all together those form an immortal deathmachine, that is able to annihilate Crucible without even noticing it.

The Build

*all perma buffs and Savagery up

Grimtools updated. Changed Voidheart to the Mythical Cursebearer (thanks to ya_ for the tip), changed a few augments and moved skills around a bit.

Gear and Skills

The Wildheart Vanguard set is, of course, the core set for the build. Two Blood Knight pieces are chosen, because they give some decent skill bonuses and stats. Barbaros - for the amazing proc, The Counduit of Wild Whispers with the Grasping Vines prefix - to be able to stack even more Vines. The Conduit doesn’t need to have aether resistance on it, but it’s preferable. For the rings I chose the Mythical Signet of the Fallen and the Mythical Cursebearer for their nice rr procs. The gloves are simply chosen because they give some nice physical res to our exclusive skill, but those can be changed for something else, I think. The Golemborn Greaves - for the armor. Try to get +% armor on all craftables as always.

Another core item of this build is the Haunt relic. Not only does it give us some nice rr that we need on a non-Necromancer/Occultist Wildblood build, but it also lowers the enemy resistance to life leech!

So, with the Devouring Swarm mod, Rattosh and Haunt we get -21%(!) life leech rr. Add in Ghoul, Haunted Steel component, Menhir’s Will and the Wendigo Totem - you get a recipe for immortality.

Skills are pretty obvious here. Focus on Grasping Vines with soldier’s and shaman’s support passives/abilities. The Exclusive Skill in this build is Primal Bond. Just adds some damage absorption to this already immortal beast. -20% damage from animals turns Reaper into a joke.

Some may say, that Warder isn’t a very good choice for a vitality build, because it doesn’t have enough rr. That’s not true. This build has -130% vitality rr +28 flat from Manticore. That’s enough to deal with any resistant enemy.


Just stack up your Grasping Vines, put rr on enemies and facetank. No one can kill you (although I haven’t tried the Super Bosses yet, but I think Mogdrogen isn’t a problem.). Totem, War Cry and Bloodthirster to be even more safe.


This build isn’t the fastest crucible clearer, but it’s defenitly one of the safest. The avarage 170 crucible clear time for both the old and the new set-up is about 10 minutes, I think it can easily reach 9 minutes on less laggy PC and with better piloting and about 8 minutes with 3 buffs and a banner. In any case you can do two easy 150-170 runs in a row.

In my videos I wasn’t trying to get the fastest time possible, but rather was trying to show how tanky this build is. It doesn’t really care where to stand, doesn’t care about dodging the meteors and doesn’t need to kite the famous 169 crucible wave. It can facetank even the nastiest Nemesis combos with horrible mutators. Your lifesteal and procs are there to make sure you don’t die.


Older Voidheart set-up (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZonY7dV):

Video 1 - 149-150 no buffs

Video 2 - 170, 4 buffs, ~9:30 minutes

Video 3 - Mad Queen facetank, no hp bottles

New set-up:

https://youtu.be/jYt2TvN3n5s -1st new set-up 170 clear (~9:50 minutes)

https://youtu.be/yPHRwkWhaNo -2nd new set-up 170 clear (~10:30 minutes)

The reason for slower new set-up runs is pure luck. It can be done faster if you get better mutators and don’t get more than 1 Kuba.


Reserved /10char

Decent build, gratz!

Thanks :smiley: Glad to hear that from such an awesome builder like you)

Nice build, added to my thread. :wink:

Added a new Mad Queen video Video 3 to the OP that shows the healing potential of the build.

Nice build, Saw. How do you feel about:

  1. Cursebearer for Void ring. Better Resists. RR proc is AoE.

  2. One point in Break Morale to disrupt those crabs before they disrupt you.

  3. Some mobility?

  1. Hmm, yes, the blue ring might be better. I’ll give it a try and will update the guide if I like it, thanks for the tip. The only thing that really bugs me is that the build has less than 2800 OA with the Cursebearer, so your other items need to have slightly better OA rolls than avarage.

  2. Don’t really like Break Moral on non physical builds. The skill disruption is kinda unrelaible even on trash mobs from my personal experience (don’t really understand how it works, I’ve seen trash mobs still using their skills after War Cry) and it lasts less than it recharges. Those acid pools disrupt the skills for less than a second, so just moving around a bit helps against those. The build is very hungry for skill points, so I don’t think it’s actually worth it even as a 1-pointer.

  3. Well, you can get 1 point from Feral Hunger and invest it into Blitz, but I really don’t like Blitz as a movement skill tbh. FG is comming pretty soon, so thats not an issue :smiley:

Seems quite nice :slight_smile:

I want to start my first HC-character with this build,so I have a few questions regarding leveling.

Is it possible to start without any gear and would you recommend it for HC?

From my quite new experience in the game (around 150h played) i assume to start with shaman. Would i start to max out shaman mastery first while getting 1 point in everything needed and power up devouring swarm and savagery, and after that get soldier. or level both quite equally after powering devouring swarm?

What stats would you recommend to look for? I’d go for life+resist and vitality-dmg. Anything else you’d recommend?

What devotions would you recommend to take first? I thought about to take Ghoul, Lizard and Sailor’s Guide first.

Any Factions a must have?

Thanks in advance for answering :slight_smile:

For Devotions:
You can take Ghoul 1st so you can level up Ghoulish Hunger. But you might think about taking Falcon and bind Devouring Swarm to Falcon Swoop.

It´s an absolute fantastic combination for leveling a Shaman and you can later reset the points to take other devotions instead of Falcon.

You actually need the full Mythical Wildblood set and the Haunt relic to play this build on higher lvls. You can lvl up without any gear though, I’d recommend going for a standart physical forcewave soldier. Invest everything in physique and only invest in spirit when you have trouble equiping your jewelry. You can respec into an actual build later using potions https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/2906 and https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8917, when you have all the gear pieces that you need. You can do a few faction bounties to lvl up your devotion skills after you respec.

I myself don’t play HC, but I believe the build can do all the main campain and crucible no problem, but only with the full set-up.

The stats you’re looking for while playing HC are DA and resistances. Try to keep your primary resistances at 80 all the time and don’t forget about armor and physical resistance as well. Also try to get a circuit breaker (Menhir’s Will) asap it really helps to keep your build alive. Put like 3 points in it, just to be safe as you lvl up your character. Don’t afraid to use different elixirs when you are facing tough bosses.

As Rhylthar said, you should go to the ghoul first and than lvl up as a physical build (assassin’s blade e.t.c).

A must have faction is the Barrowholm. You need to side with them during your AoM walkthrough.

Tbh I don’t think this particular build is good for players that just started playing. I’d recommend making a physical Tactitian or smth, that will help you farm the gear for your future builds. Warder is a good option too, but as a physical build, not a vitality one. This build is for more experienced players that have all the nessesary gear. And I wouldn’t recommend playing HC at all :smiley:

Good luck with your HC adventures :wink:

Warder is a perfect class to start hc.

I was trying to say that physical Warder is, but not a vitality one. My english can be quite strange at times :smiley:

No no that wasn’t to argue with what you said. I’m general, Warders are good for starting hc because of armor, da, health, etc. Hard to die with those guys.

And, yeah, I would probably play phys or lightning until I get all the gear to run this vitality build safely in hc. And this too could probably be made more “hc compatible” with open/closed rings and MoD at the cost of dmg.

I’m afraid that losing ~200% damage and -25% rr can make Kuba much harder to deal with. Although the Open Hand provides 10% rr as well, this may help a bit.

Well then, I’ll give it a try, and if I die I farm with another character and try it again later. Thanks for the detailed answers :slight_smile:

I have been wondering what to do with my Warder. Now I know :wink: thanks for the build

Thanks :smiley: Actually one of the reasons I came up with this build is my very old Warder that I had. I’ve always wanted to update him, but was pretty busy experementing with my other builds. But now it’s finally his time to shine :cool:

You think it is worth it to craft the Amulet until I get the affixes you have or what would you say are worthy replace in that slot?

Conduit with the Grasping Vines prefix is BiS, because you can stack more Vines this way = more dps and more healing. However, I’m going to update my guide soon, the new set-up doesn’t need to have aether resist on the Conduit (but it’s still preferable).