[] A 2H twist on the PB witch hunter - 3 buffs, 0 banners


^How you’ll feel as you smash mobs. GTFO of my way, boy. I’m the mfkn WH.

GT (BiS with greens): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXgO0BZ
GT (Purples + Spectral arbalest): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqyeg4Z
GT (All purples): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYMvGrN

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xElyzrv79ss&t=4s

Big thanks to all the vets who’ve explained to me all the mechanics (directly or indirectly) needed to make this build possible

The spectral arbalest has long since been my favorite green M.I, and I’ve always found it curious that no one has ever tried to put it to good use.

So here’s a new twist on an old school concept - the PB WH.

And to ensure that it has sufficient energy for MC, I cleared 170 with no energy buff and no banners.

As you’ll see in the video, energy was still quite tight, and I had to spend about a total of 90seconds with my thumb up my bum, but I think this can easily be fixed with the new changes coming up in FG + more points into phantasmal armor + changing components to mark of illusion.


  1. 2600% vit damage
  2. 50 - 60% chaos --> Vit conversion
  3. 200% cast speed
  4. Roided out PB
  5. -113% vit RR
  6. 3.1k OA - 3.2k OA


  1. See offense and add adcth to it :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. 25% phys res
  3. 15k hp
  4. 1.8 armor (it’s possible to get 2k with good rolls)
  5. 2.9k DA + -305 OA debuff to enemies
  6. 26.2% damage absorption
  7. Constant heals from Dark one’s gift
  8. 33% dodge, 30% fumble
  9. 15% damage reduction to pox. <3

Energy management

  1. Stems mostly from energy leech - viper, revenant, arcane spark, girdle of stolen dream
  2. -15% energy cost
  3. Phantasmal armor. Honestly, it’s amazing. Unfortunately, nems have high energy leech resist, so that’s the annoying bit. However, you’ll never run low when surrounded by trash mobs.
  4. All in all, I can’t imagine there’d be issues in MC


  1. Green crossroad, bat, viper, eel, sailor’s guide, jackal, watchtower, lion
  2. Dying God
  3. Refund green crossroad, take yellow + chaos crossroads
  4. Spider, manticore, Rattosh
  5. 1st node of revenant + 2 nodes into Owl

Comments? Questions? Suggestions?
Thanks for reading!

Drop second rite and solael stuff to onepointer. Max anatomy of murder, wasting and put one point intro night chill. :eek:

Really? I feel like second rite and solael’s add a lot of flat damage, res + %vit damage.

But I can get behind dropping solael’s and hardcapping Anatomy of murder.

As for VoS, I personally like the increase in AoE and the instant debuff.

Slow also helps a tiny bit, but it’s just my preference. :smiley:

Nice song!!!

I like it too. :stuck_out_tongue:

TBH, I had spacejam playing on spotify as I was playing this guy. Was pretty appropriate as well. :rolleyes:

Nice build!
Krieg and Dark One, best Sets ever. So many builds to build around them and easy to farm.
Question : why double Fallen on “the all purples” GT and not Fallen + Voidheart like the other 2 links ?

26/16 PB! (and nice cast speed/flat damage)

But really, it’s just my OCD :rolleyes:

Funny,yesterday I was playing with Demonslayer PB Reaper(looks like your build) and open forum and saw this one!I like the approach,especially using Dark One’s set.It’s very versatile,I posted on forum dw melee with it and now PB build and on top of that it’s really fast to farm.

Interesting build, nice job. One question: forget energy shenanigans, how fast can this be optimized for all blessings/banner? I mean compared to Demonslayer?

I’m not too sure actually. But I think if I did it with 4 buffs and a banner, I could probably cut it down by 3, maybe 4 minutes?

I did a 4 buff/0 banner run in slightly under 10. And that was with some pretty glitchy enemies which wouldn’t leave the spawn spot.

EDIT: I also tend to favor a more balanced build. I’m sure you could squeeze in a lot more firepower into this guy and have it work in the cruci, but that seems gimmicky to me. Just my personal opinion on the matter! :rolleyes:

Interesting build, Spanks, but as a I have predicted, it’s sooo much slower than Demonslayer. Heck, it’s even slower than my meme-PB Wildblood Trickster.

I honestly expected more from that arbalest.

I suppose. The main thing holding it back is the energy. :confused:

Would be nice if the spectral arbalest lowered the energy cost of PB by 10% or so. I would be willing to trade some damage for that.

You also used Vanguard banner + a consumable ya boob. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t use Ulzuin buff,then you should use drugs to compensate:D.On serious note you can’t really outperform two extra projectiles from Demonslayer and it’s tough to sustain energy hungry spamming skill.Still you’re excellent pilot and probably can squeeze three runs with 4 buffs and banner.

Nah, the these 2 extra projectiles barely do anything on demonslayer. The real deal is racial bonuses and gun proc.

Thanks Nery!

I also agree with ptir - the biggest drawback of having 2 additional PB projectiles is how the fan out more.

It’s possible to play it as a melee build, but it can get annoying.

That being said, I think it’s absolutely fair given how strong the set itself is.

Funny, with demonslayer you can add Revenant to your devotion map, put two purified salt intro weapon, play as Trickster with Blood pact and do double dmg against everything that exist in GD, outside of eldritch . :cool:

Ok, overestimate projectiles,but I know why Demonslayer is good and cleared easily with no sweat even against double Reaper.Before that tried cold Infiltrator,remember that I try full offense and get over 75k dps with lethal assault unbuffed ,but can’t say how quickly this build beat 170,cause keeps dying :D.I checked record and 150-160 was just over 3 minutes and died at wave 161.After that delete char.Note that playing melee style and shadow strike in with 8k health and 5% physical res is not going to work:D

I always overlook the importance of racial bonuses. It’s my biggest buggerboo as a crafter.

I still like Valinov’s take on PB WH - he made it a chaos/vitality hybrid. Still not sure if it’s the bis setup, but his build is hella strong.

Nice build, added to my thread. :wink: