[] DW Ranged Physical Cadence Tactician (no greens)

DW Ranged Physical Cadence Tactician build.

(No greens) FG-updated Grimtools link:

(GREEN ANULET) FG-updated Grimtools link:

Old build below.

Uses Spellscourge Vanguard with Platemail of Octavius and Visor of Octavius to convert Elemental damage to Physical damage and dual Mythical Havoc to convert Pierce damage to Physical damage, allowing excellent use of Inquisitor WPS and Inquisitor Seal.

(No greens) Pre-FG Grimtools link:

Uses no greens, but the build does contain a +5 Cadence Badge of Mastery. A +3 Cadence and +2 Word of Renewal or +2 War Cry medal is also possible if you redistribute the points.

In-game screenshot:

With permanent buffs, temporary buffs & proc buffs active.


  • Damage: Physical
  • Active Skills: Cadence, Doomforce, Ground Smash, Inquisitor Seal, War Cry, Word of Renewal
  • Passive Skills: Field Command, Oleron’s Rage, Presence of Might, Presence of Might
  • WPS Skills: Bursting Round, Chilling Rounds, Markovian Advantage, Storm Spread, Zolhan’s Technique

Devotion Skills:

  • Arcane Barrier - Bound to Presence of Might
  • Assassin’s Mark - Bound to Cadence
  • Ghoulish Hunger - Bound to Presence of Might
  • Insiration - Bound to Field Command
  • Light of Empyrion - Bound to Oleron’s Rage


  • Weapons: Mythical Havoc x2
  • Helm: Visor of Octavius
  • Shoulders: Spellscourge Vanguard
  • Chest: Platemail of Octavius
  • Gloves: Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might
  • Pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros
  • Boots: Mythical Earthshatter Treads
  • Belt: Mythical Reforged Chains of Oleron
  • Amulet: Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath
  • Rings: Mythical Ring of the Black Matriarch & Coven Storm Seal
  • Medal: Badge of Mastery
  • Relic: Doom

The builds is very tanky and clears Gladiator Crucible (3 buffs, 1 banner) very consistently. Downside is that it isn’t particularly fast in doing so due to enemy armor absorption and somewhat low physical RR. Nonetheless it’s a fun build in you like to play ranged but don’t want to move around as much.

Crucible screenshot:

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Great build added to my thread. :wink:

Thanks man, excellent thread!

Just wanted to say that I plugged this build in last night and it’s pretty fuckin’ great and that I’m enjoying it. Thanks for posting

Thanks for the comment and have fun!

Isn’t Visor of Octavius better here than Spellscourge Visor?

Whoops, yeah. Don’t know how I missed that, thanks!

Why is cadence not even nearly maxed?

Devotion Path?

heres the version I made https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZonkaoV

I see you mention Bull Rush ----> Bound to DoomForce, but in grimtools you dont have devotion points in Bul…

PS i really enjoy this build

Do i miss something or is the Devotion Path not possible because there is no starting point?
Just started with Grim Dawn zwo weeks ago.

You can refund devotion points at the spirit guide. Devotions can sustain themselves by their own affinity. If you are new, have a look at the beginner friendly guides.

Ahh thanks, that makes sense.

Can anyone please update/ give input to this build in FG?
Is any of the new items better to use or not?
Really into D range physical build now.
Thank you.

Item-wise, not so sure if anything better was introduced in FG (gloves maybe?) but devotion-wise, 100% yes. There are new pierce/physical constellations. You should PM the author if you don’t get any answer here.

Yeah, Azkaara and Ulzaad seems dope for this build.

Also the new brown boots Stonetreaders

  • the upped Bloodied Crystals

FG updated build would look like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1bAazZ. The new FG devotions are amazing for this build.
Mythical Runeguard Greaves are good alternatives as boots.

EDIT: Will try to update OP soon with some vids and whatnot, but man am I lazy…

I am doing this version right now, for the campaign it is super tanky, I haven’t tested it in the crucible or SR yet, I just finished the campaign.


The Inquisitor WPS felt crap without conversion, they did no damage of course, and with the animations they even seemed to slow down the attacks, so I dropped them, but I will try your version after I tested this. :slight_smile:

Which gloves are you talking about here?

Warborn is a safe bet for any Soldier build so I’m not surprised it’s doing well. Your devotion setup could use some improvements I think. You can get Azrakaa, Ulzaad and Light of Empyrion (or Vire) without losing much.