[] Nature's Guardian Physical Pet Conjurer - No MI - 14 min 151-170 - very safe

Grim Tools

Mythical Beastcaller’s set
Mythical Heart of the Mountain
2 x Mythical Spiritbinder Glyph
Mythical Wildshorn Legguards
Mythical Overload’s Iron Grip
Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves
Mythical Voidmancer’s Coil
Primal Instinct

Mythical Black Scourge
Cataclysm’s Eye

I did a lot of experimenting and didn’t find a clear winner for either weapon or off-hand. I ultimately chose Cataclysm’s Eye for the +1 skills and Chaos resist, and Black Scourge for the pet OA, attack speed, resists, and for the CDR. This build benefits heavily from high CDR both for Primal Spirit and for Nature’s Guardian. This setup has +12 to Primal Sprit, so one of the Spiritbinder Glyphs could be replaced but their other bonuses are still very good and worth using.

The devotion setup is based around the following ordered priorities: Nature’s Guardian, Physical RR, Aether and Chaos resistance, Pet bonuses.

Crossroads: Chaos
Crossroads: Eldritch
Manticore - bind Acid Spray to Summon Chillmane (bind to Summon Familiar until you get him)
Reclaim Crossroads: Eldritch
Shepherd’s Crook - bind Shepherd’s Call to Curse of Frailty
Crossroads: Primordial
Crossroads: Order
Assassin’s Blade - bind Assassin’s Mark to Summon Briarthorn
Staff of Rattosh
Reclaim Crossroads: Chaos
Reclaim Crossroads: Primordial
Bysmiel’s Bonds - first 2 nodes only
Sailor’s Guide
Ulo the Keeper of the Waters - I didn’t bind this to anything
Ishtak, the Sprint Maiden - bind Nature’s Guardian to Mogdrogen’s Pact

This build is tanky enough to take some hits. It has lots of health, lots of healing between Blood of Dreeg and Wendigo Totem, and high resists, including 54% physical resist. This build also doesn’t draw a lot of agro as the only attack skill is Curse of Frailty. Combined with Nature’s Guardian to keep focus on the pets, you almost never have to kite.

The pets have enough health and resistances that they can tank multiple AoM Nemesis at once on waves 160 and 170 with a well placed Wendigo Totem. When facing multiple Reapers I sometimes have to kite one of them while my pets all focus on the other, but otherwise my usual technique is to spam Curse of Frailty while taking a few steps back every now and then to avoid getting surrounded, and stay within range of a Wendigo Totem as much as possible. This build is very easy to play.

Gladiator 151-170 in 12:30

Wih 4 blessings, Gladiator 151-170 clear times vary from 11 to 14 minutes. It is getting a little faster for me on average as I learn to pilot a little better, but nemesis/modifier luck is the biggest factor.

For overall farming efficiency, I typically use 2 blessings(Empyrion’s Guidance and Might of Amatok) to do 151-160, 141-150, and then 131-150 with a couple of minutes to spare and a net of +11 tribute points. I prefer Crucible of the Sands for it’s maneuverability.

Super Bosses
Took down Mogdrogen easily in 6:30.

Ravager of Souls was much more difficult, he took closer to 20 minutes. The first half was easy as my pets stayed alive and held agro. The second half was much more difficult as he started to kill my pets. They typically lived longer than their skill cooldowns, but as they died and lost agro he’d come after me. I had to kite a lot and took a lot of damage. I switched to Mogdrogen’s Ardor for the fight as the Swarmlings were useless and the extra pet Aether resist was useful.

I haven’t fought Lokarr yet with this build, will update if/when I do.

bump for a nice build

hope there will be a video XD

Thanks. I added a crucible video to the OP for you.

As a big fan of pet builds and Ishtak, I can say good job here :slight_smile:

Finally I will be able to upgrade my old Conjurer to a Crucible-worthy build! Thank you for sharing this build.

I have similar set-up (rings are difficult and i use Empowered of Og’Napesh as an off-hand), but Mogdrogen just annihilates me on Ultimate.

Any specific tips/guidance for preparation to fight him?

Augment all of your armor with Spellward Powder or Kymon’s Conduit to overcap your lightning resist by 80+.

During the fight, as much as possible I stood inside the Wendigo Totem, but would move when he used his electrical storm skill or one of the his summons used Grasping Vines. As soon as he summoned anything I’d be sure to Curse of Frailty everything to ensure lots of Swarmlings got summoned, allowing the Swarmlings to do a lot of the cleanup of his minions. When he started attacking me instead of my pets, I’d just try run around to keep my pets between us a much as possible, and pretty soon Nature’s Guardian would trigger again.

I tried fighting him once on an earlier version of this build (using more of the L3 Primordial Devotions instead of Acid Spray, and I think a shield too). It was much slower, and eventually I lost in the second half. He has very high resists to RR is very important for the fight.

Hi I’ve recently returned to Grim Dawn after a long hiatus. I’ve got a conjurer and I’m trying to replicate your build. I was wondering if I could ask for a little help with the devotion system because I’m a little confused and I don’t remember how I did it in the past.

So currently I’m specced into: Raven, Shepherd’s Crook, Assassin’s Blade, Crane and health crossroads… but I can’t seem to unlock any of the other constellations? I know this is probably a stupid question and I’m missing something obvious but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong!

Yes, you probably are, but devotions can be difficult to figure out sometimes. Looking at what he’s got end game I would say you need to put a point into the green (Eldritch) node on Crossroads which should then unlock Manticore. After that you need to put a point into the blue (Primoridal) Crossroads to unlock the others. What he’s done somewhere along the way is buy back some of the Crossroads points to use elsewhere. You do that at the Spirit Guide.

Do wish people posting guides would make a detailed Devotion trail so others know how they did it. It’s not always easy to work out and not everyone has time or even wants to work it out in grimtools.

I added the order I took devotions to the OP.

“dumb” question:

if I have no gear in stash. Would be this build be the “best” pet conjurer build or the 0815lightning build?

or do i need to build a total different style without a set/the right uniques.?

I see you optimized this build for crucible, what would it look like if you optimized it to be the best possible for ultimate nemesis farming, superboss farming, rogue dungeons ect.

I laugh at some builds where you kite (looking at you cabalist with your skeletons dying) and you said this build doesn’t have to kite at all really. Sounds fun.

If you’re playing without advanced gear, I think the physical build is a much better option. Without Spark of Ultos, Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth, and/or Conduit of the Wilds with the Briarthorn affix, you’re not going to have lightning damage on your pets. They deal mostly physical by default.

If you’re not doing crucible, Avatar of Mogdrogen, or Ravager, you could probably speed up your runs by rearranging devotions to use Mogdrogen the Wolf or Dying God instead of Ishtak, the Sprint Maiden, and swap Wendigo Totem for Grasping vines to bind to additional celestial power. You’d probably still have enough durability to handle most if not all nemesis.

thx for your response.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYD0WlZ this is my guy right now.

elite act3. its easy. but slow. would it be more usefull to respec. All points beside one out of the pets and more points into the auras?

Nice build :smiley:

Given your current setup, I’d suggest respecing to something like this and then maxing Briarthorn, Manipulation, Curse of Frailty, Blood of Dreeg, Mogdrogen’s Pact in that order. Generally, you’re better off maxing one skill at a time rather than spreading points evenly.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26wd7bV right now

single target is now A LOT better then before. After maxing the primal spirit.

Looking forward to getting back to my old pet conjurer with this build out. I may be missing something, but is Cleansing Waters simply not bound to anything? ATM, I don’t have anything with which to bind it.

I didn’t bind it to anything. I found in practice I never ended up using it and decided it wasn’t worth the skill point.

hi there … im a huge fan of all pet guru’s at this forum… this is my grimtools link im from cuba … so my internet its bad tell me if you can see it right … i want your opinion on my conjurer build …i heard that its very good for pet summoners because of the weapon damage (WD) added to the pets skills and pet mastery individual skill … but i dont really understand why … i have read all the threads about builds … it was very useful … i understand the importance of flat damage … but i dont understand its relationship with WD … i’ve been able to pass must of AoM content … including all the instances and bosses/nemesis … but the superbosses like ravager mogdrogen and gladiator 150-170 … i only was able to do the ravager … mine is the ravager of minds so a huge bleed damage therefore the dryad constellation … i know you are very busy… but if u find a time to answer me … it would be very useful … i want your insight about my current build …and some tips about playstyle because i think im not doing something right … i’ve tried must of the build of the thepowerofmediocrity pet megathread… i could not do the ravager with any of them … i needed to make one of my one … i thinks this is because poor playstyle … regarding equipment … feel free to include anything except MI … i have every pet legendary … epic item in this game …
i would like to maintain a lighting build … i have stormbringer of malmouth the mogdrogen shoulders since i did kill him in elite … my problems relay mainly in the devotion vs masteries selection … witch must be defensive and witch offensive … right now i think i need some AoE damage for mogdrogen and crucible 150-170 in gladiator … so far i was using my gear and masteries as damage buff and constellations as defense and resist buff
well thanks in advance and looking forward to see more of your insights of this wonderful game