[] Barrelsmith's NOT GRENADIER - Autoattack Barrelsmith Purifier, 7:40-8min 150-170

You guys saw this??

I read it as this

Thing is, until Crate buffs Grenado and Canister Bomb similar to what Zantai teased us for the next update (maybe even more), those two skills will never be as good as other skills we usually see. On the other hand, Fire to Lightning conversion can be really useful for Fire Strike, and lightning Fire Strike was already known to be good since the previous patch. This combined with the Dagallon nerf (the autoattack part) makes Barrelsmith very attractive for this kind of build.

The build

Char sheet with all permanent buffs and Word of Renewal

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25Dz6KN

The build relies on RNG procs on Static Strike to deal damage, coupled with the WPS it delivers quite fast. Static Strike proc chance is calculated per projectile. If Storm Spread, which shoots 8 projectiles hits all of them, then you have 8 chances to deal a lot of damage on Static Strike. Same thing with Chilling Rounds (4 projectiles) and all the other WPS (2 projectiles). Other than that, conversion is also a major part of damage. Lightning FS, lightning Brimstone, lightning Flame Torrent are all huge.

Defensively, You have heavy armor, Ghoul, Blast Shield, Flashbang, Censure/Seal. You can still die tho, if you’re not careful with Reaper/Maiden combos due to low phys res. If reaper shreds your resists then Maiden can deal lots of trauma damage which you can’t block with your armor.

The build clears 151-170 around 7:40-8:20 on my runs, depending on the RNG with Static Strike and the number of Valdarans/Maidens on the run.

Video (7:45): https://youtu.be/Jr5_oxzY1rk

Bonus clip: https://youtu.be/x0P7NCyN0Y0

Possible Improvements:A setup with dying god should probably be better but I got lazy and never changed devotions. Also, maybe Dagallons + Cindertouch is still better but I wanted to build around Barrelsmith.


Thanks to Superfluff, Ptirodaktill and all the guys on this thread for the discussion on lightning FS a while ago.

Nice build! Now we know that even a lightning ranged Purifier is OP :cool:.

Don’t think you need to overcap Blastshield, imo, 12 is 12 enough. Those 4 extra points can be invested in Ranged Expertise for example, for the attack speed bonus. I also think that getting 10 out of 10 Vigor is a good idea, because crowdcontrol is a nightmare for any ranged gunslinger build.

And have you tried using the Seal of Corruption in this set-up? Another good stackable rr never hurts :D.

Man, I am sure it’s a great build, because you don’t make bad ones, but not taking double hellbane’s ammo and coven ring augments with flat lightning is criminal. It’s literally THE Build to use all that stuff!

I changed augment and chose as you admitted yourself more optimal Dying God route. Look at the amount of flat Lightning and compare it to your spec! If that ADCtH is not enough, put in restless remains in gloves.

EDIT: You can also use Pyroclasm Mark for more skill points.

Cold grenado set has found it’s use, lightning set has found too.
When something went wrong. Haha.
Goog job!


The gap on damage absorption between 16/12 and 12/12 is almost equal to an overcapped seal. It’s a big deal when facing some baddies like Reaper and Maiden. I’d want Vigor but I’m tight on points too.

You know I’m allergic to setups that look like glass cannons, look at the pierce res :P. I actually played with that on grimtools, changed boots and things but then hp suffered, also I didn’t wanna let go of torrent because conversion. Then lazy me hit, stopped thinking and said “fuck it, this is good enough”.

You mean the AA infiltrator set and the AA purifier set?

Man, that’s like twice as much flat lightning damage as in your spec. If you at least don’t test it couple of times I will report you to Human Rights Court in Haague because what you are doing is a crime against humanity!!1 (just don’t forget restless remains in gloves)

How about good old Weapon Dmg stacking route?

Humanity is almost wiped out and I’m carrying the Black Legion’s asses against the Aetherials. Hague is probably full of them by now.

7.8k hp. Am I really putting too much limitations on myself by not building anything below 10k hp? :eek:

Crab and Turtle shell. With capped Seal they serve as huge extra buffer. Its not like 2k hp would save you in any way :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations on the new ranged build, x1x1x1x2.

Dying on wave 151, fastest Crucible run I’ve ever seen :smiley:
Also, Turtle…

Probably need moar life leech. 3% in gloves and switch devotion from Quill to 3% extra

Try now https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy4J4rV or this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV76z6v2

I don’t know how turtle functions with Blast Shield. Doesn’t it exhaust Turtle first when both proc making Blast Shield obsolete?

Still doesn’t make me any confident :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Btw, ninja added the video last night before I went to bed, and added a bonus clip.

The damage reduction from Blast Shield applies before possibly deducting absorption points from an active Turtle Shell.

What about the Seal and Phoenix? Would that make Turtle kinda strong?

Nice build, added to my thread. :wink:

Wasted :smiley:
Thats why I still haven’t played Crucible 160+ :slight_smile:

So they don’t work at the same time?

I would had been impressed if Barrelsmith duals were used the intended way. :smiley:

Attack speed? WPS? That’s the intended way :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on guys, you should know this. Turtle Shell has a cooldown but no duration. Think about it.

IMHO it’s probably not so great for Crucible because I don’t think Empyrion’s Guidance would affect it.