Can't kill Mad Queen

So I’ve been playing this character for a while now and really enjoy this build but i think I’m missing something cause I find it hard to kill Mad Queen with my DW Purifier Lightning Build.

Is it devotion of items or skills, please let me know.

Care to take a look on Build Compendiums and get yourself some pointers first?? Guessed you’re lacking of fitting gears right now. Otherwise you won’t use Tainted Ruby, Voidrend, Arcanum Sigillis and etc. How come you didn’t invest any devotion point on Rhowan’s Crown (32 reduced elemental resistance)??

Which should i sacrifice for my devotions in order to have rhowans? Im a noob at totally understanding how skills and items wokr together, or how the other modifies the other or how the other strengthens the other.

@Verum_Semita Would you mind reading some homework and making your own decision.

Should you decide to take a look from builders’ post or make your own build is entirely up to you.

[] Ulzuin/Dagallon Purifier - 9min 170 clear unbannered (from sir_spanksalot)
[] Barrelsmith’s NOT GRENADIER - Autoattack Barrelsmith Purifier (from x1x1x1x2)
( (Ranged) Evelyn Trunch Vindicator Barrelsmith’s Destroyers Gunslinger (from omnitrio)

Life leech Resist is your problem. Yours is -25%. When he glows Red keep away. He will life Leech you. You need to find The Mythical Boneshatter Treads boots. The have over 50% Life Leech Resistance. Also make a Potion of Vilescar Ointment at a Blacksmith if you found the Blueprint. It will give you 30% Life Leech for 450 seconds.

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