[] Ulzuin/Dagallon Purifier - 9min 170 clear unbannered

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GwaWL2
YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYVBlWdWC9Q&t=25s

Creds to (in no particular order):

  • x1x1x1x2
  • Veretragna
  • Ptir
  • Avyctes
  • mad_lee
  • Strukto

This guide aims to achieve 2 things:
1. A crucible worthy gunslinging purifier:

Adkong’s gunslinging purifier has reached incredible popularity in the forums, however, I don’t believe it has what it takes to conquer the cruicble.

So this is my rendition of a purifier capable of doing so.

As usual, given my predilection for double damage types, it is a spec which uses BOTH lightning and fire damage thereby enabling the player to make the most out of static strike and brimstone.

Lightning damage: +1800% bonus, -145% RR
Fire damage: +2100% bonus, -133% RR[/spoiler]

2. To compare/contrast the various COMPETITIVE gunslinging FS builds
Read if interested:

As many of you know, I’ve been releasing a series of gunslinging builds. This has all been an attempt on my part to demonstrate why I believe the purifier trumps all other possible class combinations with the demolitionist.

What’s responsible for this difference? IMO, this can be attributed to:

  • Itemization (e.g. Darkblaze set offers incredible firepower, dagallon has pen, etc.)
  • Brimstone’s interaction with WPS

Allow me to explain. 3 nems are clustered around my Dagallon purifier. ‘Bursting round’ procs:

  1. Each nem takes an initial 114% WD from the initial barrage
  2. Each nem therefore ‘explodes’ per the AoE
  3. Each nem will therefore take damage from each other’s explosion
  4. Each nem takes 114% * 3 = 342% WD

Now, let’s add brimstone into the mix:

  1. Brimstone procs on each nem
  2. Brimstone becomes an indirect single-target shotgun

In sum, the greater the number of enemies around you, the greater your single target and AoE DPS becomes.

This is precisely why I went for a WPS pool of 105%. Being able to garauntee a WPS proc on every single shot increases DPS tremendously.

I’ve reached out to many of the veterans (see ‘credits’) to discuss the aforementioned with them.

@The veterans: Mates. You know I value your insight, and I gave everything you said serious thought + testing where appropriate.

Most of them will disagree with me when I say this - The purifier needs some tweaking by crate.

My suggestion: Make brimstone only capable of proccing on ONE projectile. In the case of gunslingers, make brimstone only capable of proccing on 2 projectiles - one from each gun.

Feel free to disagree with me. I fully acknowledge the fact that I am not the most experienced/knowledgeable player around, and my opinions may likewise be limited.[/spoiler]


  1. It’s a fucking purifier. What other explanation do you need? :stuck_out_tongue:

2. It uses toilet paper, uh…I mean ulzuin’s set for armor. What other explanation do you need? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why stack 105% WPS
Read my comparison of the different FS builds for an explanation. But basically because:

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Hello Sir,

Since you have a lot of builds and interested by many like that one, could you give advices to a compete noob on how to build such a character ? I mean as far as I see in the game the loot drop for other classes. Is there a trick so you can have the proper loot ?
Is there an easy way to lvl up ?
If there is a guide on how how go from normal to Ultimate easily ?
What would be your advices / tips ?
I am very interested in Casters, mostly : Inquisitor / Shamans / Arcanist

I would really appreciate if you have a couple of minutes to spare so you could reply to my post.

Thank You in Advance Sir,

PM me. Let’s talk on steam. It’s too long a discussion to be held on the threads. :slight_smile:

Ok, I wont have time this evening, working early tomorrow, but I will ping you for sure.
Am I to assume that your ID is your nickname ?

Thanks Again for that epic fast reply !!!:smiley:

I’ll PM you my steam ID. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there are a number of spanksalot’s on steams. :smiley:

EDIT: For the sake of honesty/transparency - I just wanna say that I GDstash my gear. I don’t actually farm for them, because I don’t enjoy doing that.

So I can probably give you more advice on theorycrafting, than on actual farming strats.

Well yeah sure I ll tale any advices, I have 156 hours on the game, mostly from the Original version, maybe 20 hours on the extension I just bought.

But I can see to be able to lvl up, I am sure it me lacking knowing game mechanics and game knowledge.

I dont even know what is GDstash ^^ guessing a edit tool from what your saying.

Looking forward to have a conversation in the coming days with you :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your time and consideration. :smiley:

Yes. GDstash is an editor’s tool. Basically, when I theorycraft, it’s god damn annoying to min-max builds without it.

Like say for example, I want to test a build with less HP, and more attack speed right? So I do my components and augments all up in one way.

But it turns out, I need more hp.

Now, without GDstash, I’d have to farm for a fuck-off amount of ugdenblooms, scrap, and all the other shit just to test an idea. :rolleyes:

Hell no I’m not doing that.

Just watched the vid and took a peek on the gt link and I do have some questions. I added you to my flist on steam ;).

Well your builds and theory crafting sound very solid, and like most of the biggest forum build contributors looking up for your comments as you do as well with them.

It is nice to meet you and talk to you, I am looking forward to our discussion :smiley:

Is it me or is every purifier build these days just BRIMSTONE TO THE MAX and not much else? I mean yes it’s ridiculous but come on this is dull, I can’t even theorycraft a decent purifier anymore, they all end up like this one (for good reason obviously).

Anyway if you were to nerf brimstone + wps interaction I feel you’d demote purifier down to defiler status and who needs that…

You wouldn’t demote it to the defiler’s status. :smiley:

The saboteur might give it a run for it’s money though.

Personal note: I’ve never made a saboteur. In three years of playing. To be honest the defiler has not done better but at least it’s been ignored for a far shorter period of time :rolleyes:

I was taking a look at the GrimTools devotion page, how do you even get Arcane Bomb with the widow. You only get 3 blue from Viper and you need 4 to get Widow, Widow also gives you 3 completion so you should have 7 primordial total. There’s 100% something I’m missing here.

I think I’ll start recording on YT how I actually do my devotions for my builds. Would be easiest for everyone. :smiley:

Get viper. Put one point into crossroad. Get widow. Gtfo of crossroad

EDIT: Forgot to mention - welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Invest one point in Crossroads, complete the Widow constellation, refund the Crossroads point. The completion bonus from Widow constellation sustains the Widow itself, allowing you to refund the Crossroads point.

Does null field -15% cast speed affect our skills in any other way? seems like a good pt to have with 25% chance to avoid projectile

No it doesn’t.

It is certainly worth an investment if you want to make it more defensive.

However, I find melee attacks to be FAR more dangerous than projectile based ones. The most dangerous missle attack would probably be alek’s green meatball, but you can easily dodge that with good piloting.

So, I opted for more DPS.

But, I have both Dagallon weapons, But, the Mythical Arcanum Sigillis seems much better than both? I might be retarded and im not an expert so Which 2 of all 3 should i use? Thanks for great build though

Dagallon pistols are far better choices, their 100% piercing is an absolutely op and broken. Currently they are the best pistols and it’s not even close.