[] Barrelsmith's NOT GRENADIER - Autoattack Barrelsmith Purifier, 7:40-8min 150-170

So did you try my or Ptiro’s variant?

I’m already on grimtools for another build :p. I’ll try your variant tho, Ptiro’s low hp style just doesn’t suit me.

Do post on how it goes (don’t forget to put restless remains in gloves tho).

Changed your setup a bit. Lost like 300 weapon damage for Flame Torrent then added green boots (muh resists). https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRGKx9N

It goes around the 7:30 to 7:40 range, so definitely an improvement tho not much in terms of the fastest cleartimes recorded. The good thing here is that it’s more consistent, i.e no more random 8+min clear just because your static doesn’t proc as much as you want.

The main question is how is Barrelsmiths compare with Dagallons?

I’m voting for Barrelsmith. Dagallon is still probably better for aoe clearing but when 160/170 comes it’s where you need single target damage, where the WPS and conversions help a lot more than the penetration.