[] Chaos Pets Conjurer - 8 minute Gladiator 151-170

Gladiator 151-170 - 8:09

Voidwisper Band converts 100% pet Physical damage to Chaos, so I figured I’d try mixing it with a Conjurer who has some beefy pets with high physical damage. It turned out a lot better than I expected. It is very reliable, and very fast.

This is my first effective crucible build that doesn’t use Nature’s Guardian, and my first pet build ever that doesn’t use Shepherd’s Call. My initial setup did use Shepherd’s Crook but I found it too hard to pilot having to keep track of an 8th active skill to trigger it, and part of why the build is able to survive without Nature’s Guardian is because it generates so little threat.

I tried to make a Vindicator variant but it didn’t seem to be anywhere near as effective, in part because adding an 8th active skill was too much for me to juggle.

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You’ve been pumping out a lot of gladiator pet builds lately. I don’t play pets but I’m glad that these builds are now starting to get versatile in terms of cruci builds. Nice one there!

It’s hard to imagine a vindicator would be good just due to lack of pets and losing Hellfire. Ever since I tried Chaos cabalist, I wanted to try a conjurer though and never got the beastcallers items to try it. Nice to see it seems to perform quite well.

Also holy god do you just have like a list of pet builds you’re putting out one by one right now lol

LOL First Witching Hour Gladiator ready build??
Congrats, man.

NICE MAN! The compendium is looking forward to this.

Can we call you dashiv jr. from now on? :stuck_out_tongue:

How does this compare to lightning or physical conjurer for ultimate? I don’t play crucible.

That’s just disgusting, you chewed them up like it’s Crucible Aspirant. Damn, pet builds nowadays becoming a top tier choice for all game content, what a timeline.

Holy shit, what a sick build. Congrats man

Insanity! Great build

I’ve found about 10 of those Witching Hour…and I always wondered what it could do in capable hands with those stats -as I filed it away each time.

Now I know. Nice.

Second pet build this week with it…

I’ll take one of those

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I just realized, you said vindicator didn’t seem anywhere near as effective – what about elementalist?

I looked at Elementalist but didn’t try it out. I found it difficult to get sufficient resistances without making significant sacrifices due to the lack of any skills that boost resistance. You could probably manage with MI pants, but I don’t build with MIs.

Skipped my question feelsbad

Yep, Thunderstruck Bysmiel Pants seemed to do the trick. I technically have a variant that can get away with Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind. But it’s barely overcapped on almost every single resist, lol

Basically, the build just needs some form of elemental resistance roll on bysmiel pants.

No greens variant: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4WGY5Z

I think Salazar’s Blade (with literally nothing noteworthy rolled) is extremely useful though even with no affixes. Its an extra pet which also benefits from the cooldown stuff from TD and also gives a 10% ADCtH + 30% Elemental Resistance aura while it’s alive. It also hits REALLY hard. It also has a 15% all res reduction, type B so it stacks. Downside is it seems a little slow in it’s movement, and you do have to resummon it. But you literally don’t need to roll ANYTHING on the weapon for it to be good.

This is just with the gear that I have and a no affix salazar’s thrown in: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23PRgnV

This definitely has some serious potential.

EDIT: I just want to mention i tested the salazar pet on my cabalist with useless affixes (demolitionist of celerity) where everything else was no greens and just had it crit for 150k on the dummy, and my cabalist took mogdrogen the wolf instead of dying god, lol

EDIT2: I’ve just been alerted to the fact that the non-mythical will of bysmiel has chaos pets which are extremely interesting. Apparently they have an AoE projectile, but unfortunately this is only available on a level 58 legendary making it extremely hard to get.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxY3zrZ – again the thunderstruck pants are replacable with tranquil mind + the ele/bleed res component on medal. I’m REALLY interested in this, but there’s no way in hell I can ever get the amulet…

EDIT3: I’m stupid I didn’t post the right GT for will of bysmiel necklace because it was 4 AM… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxY3zrZ

I think this is in the wrong part of the BC it’s now in the Cabalist section and should be in the Conjurer section. Or I’m missing something also possible as the heat has taken its toll on my brain.

Those are definitely some interesting ideas, and I would highly encourage you to try them out! I was mainly looking to synergize Witching Hour with Voidwisper Band so I didn’t consider other weapon combinations. My general experience with Salazar’s performance in the Crucible has been lackluster in the past. He is very strong but so slow that he doesn’t get all that many attacks in. That said, I never used him on a dedicated Chaos damage build where he’d have the most potential.

I think your best bet to find the non-mythical Will of Bysmiel would be rouge-like dungeons on Veteran

Is this viable? Please advise…

This build looks amazing! How do you suggest leveling this?

This is incredible. I’m working on level some of these really rad pet builds in the hopes of sharing my saves with 3 others so we can do a four man group of DIFFERENT summoner builds and watch our enemies cry at the unfairness.