[] Chaos Pets Conjurer - 8 minute Gladiator 151-170

This is incredible. I’m working on leveling some of these really rad pet builds in the hopes of sharing my saves with 3 others so we can do a four man group of DIFFERENT summoner builds and watch our enemies cry at the unfairness.

If anyone want to try this build without leveling I’ve attached a save to this post that has extremely well rolled gear.

Doom’s build review:

This is my favorite pet build. I have done the ridiculously strong skeleton pet build as well but this one is much more satisfying.
I like the diversity of pets as well as the amount. Ever since Necromancer came out it feels like most of the pet builds I run into run Necro skellies.
I love that this build doesn’t. I love that this build tears the Gladiator strangely well.
I love that it’s chaos damage which is undersupported in the game.
I love that I get to support people online with curse of frailty and damage mitigation via my pets absorbing shots.
I love that I can use pet move to make them all clump together and run super fast (they’re so fast with this gear) in circles and make people lol.
Also I love chillmane.

Am 70 years old and just started playing this build and love it. I have all the gear and have the devotions right but my poison resistance is -2 and my pets 0. Also other resists on pets…bleeding, vitality, aether and chaos are 53 or below. I do not play crucible and was wondering if there are buffs there that take care of resistance lacking in my character. I replaced one of the rings with a MI that gives me 98 percent poison resist. Is there anything I’m missing? Thanks!

Just by activating Blood of dreeg from the Occultist skill tree u can get yours and your pets poison resistance to max levels… make sure u max it’s sinergy named “aspect of the guardian” and use it every cooldown leaving it activated.

Also, Zenobia from tactics ogre / ogre battle saga? lol

Thanks! I see my resistance go up like you said but don’t see a difference for my pets when looking at their tab. Is the resistance there too?

Yes, they get everything… the heal, offensive ability, resistances, everything

Nice to know:) Again, ty for helping me…this game keeps me and hubby young at heart. May have to try Crucible someday:)

This build is beast! Really easy to play, shines with huge damage. Took out the beast nemesis without a sweat, usual dungeons are a walk in the park. The briarthorns are so tanky.
Double ward from items, 41% physical resist paired with 14k+ hit points and even a little bit of stun resist, wendigo totem and blood of dreeg healing lets this conjurer barely ever die. Chillmane, I love to see that pet out there, while the primal spirit rips everything in pieces. including Wrath of the Beast Tincture 3 extra buffs to turn all your pets into a frenzy monster shredding machine. Wow. Love it :slight_smile:

What attacks are you doing to trigger the rings? Just auto attacks?

I guess DEE

Not sure what you mean by “rings”. Hungering Void is bound to Dreeg’s Evil Eye, Time Dilation is bound to Curse of Frailty, Flame Torrent is bound to Chillmane, Guardian’s Gaze is bound to Briarthorn, and Eldritch Fire is bound to Familiar

Whispers of the void, from your rings.

grasping vines 1 point is great for procs.

Oh, Curse of Frailty procs it.

Hmm I hadn’t noticed that but I’ll check again. Since you want as high an uptime on that proc as possible, you’d need to curse a lot since the proc only has a 10% chance of affecting. Doesn’t that amount of cursing cause a lot of aggro?

I guess I’m trying to figure why I’m having trouble with L100+ in crucible. To be fair, its likely due to my insufficient gearing

Hello, i am new to the game, and looking foward to a pet build, any tips for leveling it?

If you have access to any gear of your choice, you can pretty much just breeze through the game. If you’re starting from scratch, finding gear as you go, I’d check out this post.

Afaik it’s 10% for every enemy affected every second. More than enough.