[] Gwynevere, the Titan - 2H Tremor Forcewave tactician, Gladiator farmer (under 10 minutes)

This one is nothing less but my first crucible-oriented build. It can easily crush hordes of abominations and facetank even two Iron Maidens and Fabius at one moment.
Meet Gwynevere, the Bloody-handed.
[] Crushes Gladiator in 10 minutes with no sweat.

>>> GrimTools link - The Titan <<<

Core of the build

  • Mythical Stonefist Rebuke as main weapon; can be replaced with any green weapon with enough Physical damage and % cast speed;
  • Ardor of Octavius set parts;
  • Blah-blah-blah and everything else supporting Forcewave.
  • Three burst nukes for 325, 500 and 564% WD: Blitz, Rebuke, Blade Arc. Blade Arc is a sweeping nuke. 205 %WD * 2.75 = 564% Weapon damage hitting many targets, inflicting massive physical damage and trauma.

My new personal record made with this character under Vanguard Banner and all Crucible buffs:

In multiplayer:




  • Strannik - devotion adjustments

Previous versions

Reserved for possible use.

It still amazes me how Octavius can do no MI. Nice build:) Even shield Octavius can have problems in Cruci because I personally use Oleron’s rage to vastly increase Dot Dmg but for your build Conviction is perfect and since you spam FW you lifesteal more which helps. Edit: and interesting idea with rune for Da shred. Potentially more effective than Blindside and works great with FW AoE

Gwen smash:furious:

Yeah, Rune of Hagarrad has much more territory coverage then Blitz. Btw it is possible to throw the rune in one direction and Blitz to another to impact more enemies and kill them all quicker. But in my case Rune works just godly :slight_smile:

Force be with you!
It’s a nice variation of 2-h physica Forcewave build.
I’ve spent a lot of time with testing various setups for my own 2-h Forcewave build (which actually uses the SAME concept and mostly the same items too), so i’d like to point several weak sides of yours:

  1. Skill disruption resist is 0. That’s a serious problem in Crucible, because there often spawn enemies who use it. And being unable to use ANY skills for 2-3 seconds is extremely annoying, dangerous and hurts DPS/clear speed a LOT! I tried running without 80% Skill Disruption resist, and with it, and believe me, it’s a completely new experience to run Crucible with 80% skill disruption resist and dont care about being locked.

  2. Stun resistance is 47%. Err, what? In crucible, many enemies can stun you, and it really hurts cause you can do nothing, no leech, no escape, no DPS… Raise it to 75%+ at all costs.
    Your freeze resist is also below cap, why dont use a Frozen Heart in one of your rings to fix it?

  3. OA is quite low. Yes, i know, you can boost your OA with banners and buffs, but still, “normal” 2562 OA? Way too low, imo, especially considering how much crit damage you have (for example, my build has ~2900). Yes, i know, it raises to ~3200 with all procs up (same as mine), but those procs have far from 100% uptime, sadly. And it would be hard to even score first crit VS some bosses with that low OA (to proc Deadly Aim).

  4. Resists not overcapped high enough. Sure, inquisitor’s seal helps to overcap elemental resists, but what about others? add a bit more overcap, especially on poison and chaos, though aether and fire also could use a bit extra…

  5. Slow resistance. 18%? That will kinda hurt in AoM content and Crucible, you will suffer from slows a lot, losing a lion’s share of your DPS and mobility. I know, Inspiration adds an extra 45% when active, but it’s still 63% total, and only temporarily…

  6. Devotion choice (Oleron). I dont like it because you dont have high enough OA, and good enough 2-nd spammable ability to make BF proc often. And you spend so many devotion points to get required affinity… Yes, damage bonus is nice, but you can get it with items too…
    And what is that phoenix for? Is its proc really so great that you’d spend so many points on it, considering it gives nothing but 12% chaos resist???

Nice one, but what the difference between this build and posted earlier ones??

  1. Skill disruption resist is 0

I use War Cry earlier than the enemy. That’s why I have no problems with skill disruption at all. During many iterations of farming 150 waves of Crucible I was disrupted only once and had no problems in that situation.

  1. Stun resistance is 47%
  2. Slow resistance. 18%?

Agreed. But Ulo blessing make things easier. Even without Ulo I have almost no problems.

  1. OA is quite low

Trash dies easily, and on Nemeses I use Rune of Hagarrad + Seal of Annihilation and reduce their DA by 250+70. Enough to proc Deadly Aim and crit nemeses constantly. And honestly, I don’t have an idea how to raise OA and keep my damage at the same time. Viper, Chariot and Hawk at the cost of Oleron? Possible. Maybe I’ll try this way.

  1. Resists not overcapped high enough.

There is no enemy capable to significantly reduce Chaos resist, so I suppose even 5% overcap should be enough. Benn’Jahr and Grava in one wave could not harm me.
Bleed and poison? They are dots and are completely absorbed by Inquisitor seal and Phoenix. Acid? Nevermind, there are no really strong Acid damagers comparable to Grava for example.

And what is that phoenix for?

It’s mainly for another 128 Damage absorption. But also this constellation gives some crit damage, HP, Chaos res, and with 67% (in my case) Elemental to Physical conversion with Octavius helm and chest I have another source of AOE physical and IT damage.
About Blind Fury: it’s attached to Inquisitor Seal and procs often. No, OFTEN. I can place 3 of these seals on the ground and each one have a chance to proc BF. Try it yourself!
More importantly, BF is seal-centered, so you can control the territory and kill trash using only Seals+BF.

There are no such builds neither in compendium nor in “Reasonably powerful builds”.
Saying that I mean tactician, 2H + Forcewave and Gladiator capable.

Resists are ok really. I’d push lightning to 50-60 if possible for valdaran

Anasteria, Bloodlord Thalonis, Sharzul - all are capable to reduce your chaos resist very hard. That’s not counting tons of enemies than can reduce all resists by 28-40… Just check resists in fight with those guys - you’ll be very surprised!

Probably, inquisitor’s seal is just too good/imbalanced VS DoTs, that you dont care about all that stuff…

Seriously? They die instantly. Maybe they simply can’t cast RR debuffs. About Anasteria - I clearly remember she is dangerous, so she is a first target. Shar’Zul is facetanked, Thalonis… who the f… is Thalonis?©

So Overguard is, and Stone form, and Blast shield. Working as intended.
Inquisitor Seal is even not so powerful - comparable to Blast shield (1550 at 22/12) and Stone form (400 at 15/15) it can handle only 200 damage.

If I had a ring like “Thunderstruck Living Ring of Gildam Arcanum” life would be easier.

With sharz the main issue is actually phys res (fire is always easily overcapped) and this build has plenty. His rr wave is also very easy to telegraph dodge.

Thalonis I usually kill first if he spawns at 149 cause his rr is anoying

Your build is really cool and original, congrats!

Updated the main post with variation including

MI ring, theoretical setup optimized for Stun, Skill disruption,
Freeze resists and some more, but ring is hard to get

Hey guys.
It’s been a while since I played a Forcewave build.
Nostalgia did its work and now finally I adapted my very first Gladiator build to realities of [] Gladiator crucible.

Meet Gwynevere, the Bloody-handed.
[] Now Gladiator/170 viable. Facetank confirmed.
>>> GrimTools link <<<

Core of the build

  • Mythical Stonefist Rebuke as main weapon; can be replaced with any green weapon with enough Physical damage and % cast speed;
  • Ardor of Octavius set parts;
  • Blah-blah-blah and everything else supporting Forcewave.
  • What make this build unique is Ishtak devotion and near-capped secondary resistances: Slow, Trap, Freeze. With Crab proc on, Wayward Soul active and Nature’s Guardians up you become a reckless facetanking machine.
  • Also took Blade Arc for one more sweeping nuke. 184 %WD * 2.75 = 506% Weapon damage hitting 13 targets, inflicting massive physical damage and trauma.



UPD: feel free to swap Blitz+Blindside to Rune of Hagarrad 1/12/1. Rune works better for massive DA shred and can’t be interrupted by Forcewave spam. I’ll do it anyway, Rune indeed shreds DA more effectively than Blitz+Blindside.
UPD: nope, Rune works great, but Blitz’s additional damage is great too. I leave it.

Added 2 more variations.

Maximum OA mods
>>> GrimTools link (current optimal setup)<<<
>>> GrimTools link (without rare MIs) <<<

Videos in progress.

Recorded “Aggression mode” today. This one uses no MI items.
120k additional Trauma ticks are awesome btw.


My new personal record for sure (under Vanguard banner):

>>> GrimTools link (with Mythical Titan Pauldrons) <<<

Ardor of Octavius set parts are BiS, but one can safely replace the Pauldrons of Octavius with Mythical Titan Pauldrons to raise the Slow resistance to maximum (with good rolled Titans - even 100%).
Pros: Pierce, Acid resistances, +10% armor, +5% physique, +2 to Blitz and Blindside.
Cons: -2% Physical resistance, -225 flat trauma from Octavius set.

One can choose between Slow res and Trauma damage.

Slow resistance is capped at 80%, regardless of what your character’s chart may show.