[] Nature's Avenger - A Phys/IT Titan - the 2h reign begins - Gladiator 150-170 in 11 min

0.6.1 Hotfix made Upheaval interact properly with WPS. This+changing Targo devo to Bear and a better roll on Weapon cut kill time by 1:30 min to 9:40 total. Max dmg from 720K to 917K(outside of banner). This build deletes 3 Nemes at once. Bind Maul to Doomfoce to create meme moments slam dunking large opponents like at 0:17 and 3:47 in the vid. Blind fury on Savagery is imperative for max DPS

Crush your foes with unspeakable might and unwavering fortitude. After many tweaks, now, in patch 0.6, Avenger can finally tear Nemeses a new one and stand toe to toe with them with ease.

[v1.0.6.1]Video 150-170 Gladiator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuFlso-xiFE&feature=youtu.be (9:40 min)

Grimtools (new): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1PwJB2
(Bear over Shield wall is very worth it. Have fun with Maul on Doom Force kills/slam dinks+Ground smash)

Savagery -> Blind Fury
Devouring Swarm -> Assassin’s Mark
Doom Force-> Maul (For funny Slam dunks and to compete with Ground Smash in terms of %Weapon dmg)
Filed Command -> Arcane Barrier

Only base auras and Savagery charged. He has 53% pys res in campaign and 61% in crucible, tough as nails.

A few words:

[i]It’s amazing what a few tweaks can do to this build. Having Wild whispers ammy for the rr with Assassin’s mark bound to Devouring swarm and moving Blind fury on Savagery, not upheval, turned this guy into a beast. Couple this with Doom Force and Ground smash and AoE is superb.

But AoE is not all. Zolhan’s Technique crits followed by Upheaval can land some devastating blows.

The secret to empowering this attack, besides maxing it, is hard capping Savagery at lvl 26. To this we also add the Bloodrager helm mod. Seriously, use this helm, not Warborn for perma War cry for max damage. Let’s see how an empowered Savagery+ZT looks on paper:[/i]

165%+20%=185% modded Savagery
Charges are at 120%
230%+60% = 290% modded Zolhan’s

185%*120% = 222% WP damage base

222%* 290% = 643% Weapon damage with Zollhan

This can lead to devastating crits in crucilbe like this:
- It’s 917K now with the changes at 9:15 vs Aleks outside of banner influence…will change pic

followed by modded Upheval then Feral Hunger. All of this backed up by up to 250K Dots.

In Conclusion:


Hyped? I sure am.

A true Man build. Pick a mace and smash they re faces :mad: BTW Bloodrager helmet is Godtier for any Savagery-based build. Im thinking on switching it for my Bone charmer and will surely use it on Vindicator If I find time to redo it again :furious:

This build is so brutal that it even doesn’t need stun res :smiley:
Great work, man.

Thanks, But at 45% in with Ulo all is well. One can use a leather component or smth if not comfy.

@Ptiro - yy Smash!

Awesome Fluff !

That Ammy made Shaman has a little CoF :wink:
So Shaman can be made for interesting Physical Builds
DW Physical Warder / Conjurer seems viable :smiley:

Iam going to try this one!

Good job Fluffy!

Can you make this work without a +5 savagery BoM? Because the chance of actually crafting one is tiny and I don’t have the patience for it. That’s work, not playing a game.

You can switch for Direwolf crest - 24/26 Savagery is not a big deal, you only loose ~3% WD .

Well you can use this or direwolf but it won’t be at 26, can do it.

The badge i’ve had since pre AoM via trade

@Ptiro- The charge is more important than %WD but it’s not so fatal. Set should have a 2 savagery somewhere but there you go

This just made want to change my PS physical Warder to this.

Hey Fluff,
Fairly new to the game and although I don’t have gear to complete even one of your builds I just want to thank you for the effort and contribution. For someone like me it is fascinating to see how it is theory crafted and the following discussion to enhance it more.
Any chance you would be posting your Cold Based PB Witch Hunter ?

Thank you:)

Funnily enough I was convinced i’d post cold PB today but Avenger caught my full attention yesterday with a couple of changes I made to it and I was hooked.

Tomorrow evening will be cold PB;)

Wow. Just wow.
And no MI!

All these new builds to try out!!! I just don’t have enough to try them all. I’m tempted to give this a try and give up on my 2H Forcewave Death Knight

Dude I was about to post this :mad:
Now I know how TomoDak feels :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, good build. Mine is kinda similar but is more MC focused so got in Falcon Swoop (even though the proc is crap)

Btw I am using EoTS instead of Doom. Any particular reason for picking doom? (I mean can’t you sneak in an MI to cap Vitality Res?)

Surprised to see you post so many builds with such low stun resists. Literally every second enemy stuns you, how tf do you not die? :eek:


Thanks, Fluff!

…now my Yea ole Retaliation Warder can shake the dust off and put in some work!

…and I can put that +5 Savagery BoM I’ve had for forever and a day to actual use.

So Upheaval is cool now?

Damn, casually tanking maiden, reaper and alex at wave 160, what a beast.

I also don’t get why not use Eye of the Storm. Is doomforce spell that good? (never used soldier stuff)

Not exactly cool, but at least not terrible anymore.

It’s so strange that you decided against binding Blind Fury to Upheaval and another proc like Falcon Swoop to Savagery. That’s like the number one reason I love this build. It made me root for phys warder since jajaja first highlighted it back in

I had a Beronath, Reforged Warder that I retooled to be something very similar to this when the patch hit. Avenger’s set is bonkers now and I don’t even have all of its pieces.

Definitely going to crib a few ideas from the OP.