Divine Divinity [] - Diviner Set Spellbinder, no greens, 170 viable

Hello everyone! Today I want to showcase my Spellbinder Diviner Set build, that uses no MI’s and other greens, but is still able to kick some serious butt.

Meet Divine Divinity!

*Perma buffs on


Boring Introduction
This is actually one of the first characters that I’ve created when AoM came out. Diviner’s Vision was the first full Aom set that I got. Back then it was focused on Aether + Cold, not Aether + Vitality like we have it today. And it was a pretty interesting concept imo from an aesthetic point of view, but I have to agree that Vitality makes more sense.

As we all know, Spellbinders were nerfed quite a bit in the last patches, especially the one’s that relied on Star Pact, Mirror and MoT. But the Diviner set still gets the job done.

This set uses the Diviner’s Vision set and the Conduit of Undying Whispers with the Reap Spirit modifier are the core items of the build. Other items are pretty standard. Except the pants maybe. I’ve chosen Mythical Chausses of Barbaros and not the Mythical Wraithborne Legwraps because of the amazing proc.

Skills and gameplay
Pretty standard as well, Reap Spirit for single target, Devastation when a lot of guests show up to the party, Ill Omen and Aether Corruption for RR, Siphon Souls for healing and Mirror for tough situations. Aeon’s and Eternity to speed up the process. Fighting trash and most bosses you don’t even need to kite. Btw Spirits themselves do pretty decent damage (I’ve seen 30k-ish crit) and block your enemies so they have a much harder time getting to you if you don’t want them to. I don’t use MoT and Earth because i don’t have enough points to invest in them and i don’t like to have too many buttons.

I still have one skill point left because I didn’t kill Allostoria in the MC and it can be invested in MoT if you wish.

The Devotion path contains one interesting decision. I’ve picked up Blizzard, because the conversion on the chest and the hat turn it into a pretty decent shotgun that sometimes freezes enemies.

I managed to do 170 with this build CLICK and it took about 10 minutes, but please note that I don’t like crucible in general and i don’t play much so i believe that more experienced crucible players we be able to do much faster.

Hold your horses bro, I’m new to the game how do I lvl up this build?!
Just max out Spectral Binding and Spectral Wrath and most enemies will die pretty quickly on normal difficulty. Then pick up Siphon Souls with the transmuter and Devastation. Actually you are free to choose any lvling skill or devotion yourself and than respec later.


I reserve this post and will never actually use it

I’ve always loved the idea of this set, but even though I’ve tried several variants its never felt quite up to my stands. Although I will say that it wasnt recently. Glad to see it clear crucible with a decent performance. Perhaps its time for me to give it another whirl.

Just from a quick look at yours I would recommend dropping the points in fabric of reality, and then going for BH + soul harvest. Due to your conversion it adds about 1000 more flat aether to your weapon damage. It also buffs your reap spirits pet damage. Plus threw 1 point in Mark of Torments. Also I took bat over amatok, for extra healing… Personal preference to having more healing in crucible. I’m not sure how much damage contribution blizzard is giving with only 50% elemental to aether conversion and under 10k weapon damage too. :smiley: Overall good job with the build


I was actually quite surprised that it did that well tbh. i didn’t expect too much of it after the Spellbinder nerf.

Safarel posted the build that used bat as far as I remember and I wanted to try something different. Blizzard is only lvl 7 on my character right now so I haven’t seen it’s full potential yet, but it does pretty good overall. Bat is also a good option of course.
I don’t like Bone Harvest becuase it’s quite painfull to keep the buff all the time especially for a kiting mage.

Thanks for your feedback! Those options you suggested are pretty decent and are certanly a good option for anyone who wants to play a similar build.

3 blessings + 1 banner
average 7:19 170ex 3X run

A very interesting version indeed! Though I have a few questions. Why did you use that medal and why didn’t you pick Nullification? Also I believe that Inner focus doesn’t need to be overcaped, 12 out of 12 is enough.

This is Divine Divinity, though.

My guess is that this is pure cruci setup and he staking as much racial dmg as possible for most troublesome nemesis(reaper), cause of two sanctified bones(12% to undead) and this medal which gives +18% to beasts

I’m glad that someone understood where the name came from) I’ve played this when I was a kid and it was one of my favorite games.

I see. I really think those racial bonuses on components should be nerfed somehow tbh, because they add to much to the overall dmg despite being just a non-rare component.

I guess you didn’t kill Allostria in main game because there’s one point missing.

Why the Blizzard? Also, Bat will give you more sustain than 10 Behemoths combined. Not taking MoT at all also seems like an overlook. As is going for Master of Death over Reckless. In my opinion, ofc.

BTW Safarel made a pretty good Diviner a while ago. Sending a link for reference.

I have seen Safarel’s build, even mentioned it in one of my comments above. I know that bat is awesome but I like to experement and implement ideas that nobody implemented before.
I didn’t take MoT because there are already too many buttons and I don’t feel that it will add that much to survivability. As you see in the video my hp bar didn’t drop that much even without MoT.

As for Master of Death I like the stats that it provides and the pets are actually doing something in this build.

Thank you for your feedback!

Racial dmg is the most important part in crucible, especially 170ex. Direwolf crest is the best among all for most builds imo, you trade about 4-5% overall DPS loss with dmg to beasts(actual dmg multipy by 1.18) and res.
Reaper is a XXX for aether builds, especially you will face 2 of them sometimes in 170ex.
For the amulet, I choose -10 aether res because it is GLOBAL. flat dmg to reap spirit is not that good because you have lots of dmg source, more dmg to one dmg source(with 0.8s CD) totally not worth it IMO.
REAP SPIRIT is monstrous to proc constellation. The proc rate is the same as any 5-6s cooldown skills, but your CD is 0.8s in the build. Bind it with the badass fiend, 100% proc rate, it can stack, and with 20% weapon dmg, your ATDCH is insane, not to mention good aether damage. (about 55% fire and chaos dmg conversion).

I think I don’t need Nullification (I have Ravenous earth, and lack skill points, and Mad Queen is not a problem)
I like covercapped Inner Focus (about 3.5% increased DPS, globally)

Thanks for the reply and explanation! I had a slightly different idea behind my build, making it a bit tankier so that even a bad crucible player like myself can clear 170 and surely that influenced the 170 clear time. I like the idea of the amulet though, I’ll give it a go and see if it improves the clear time. And surely will consider using more racial bonuses in my Crusible builds on the future (if they aren’t nerfed).

I can’t get to see that video and gt because I live in China and internet sucks arse in here. I’ll refer to what I’ve read in the post and sorry if Im getting sth wrong.

Overcapping inner focus: agreed.

Direwolf Crest over Anathema: I don’t see how this is even even remotely a good idea.

Not taking Nullification: same as above. Null is for clearing enemy buffs and can save your ass from getting mass debuffed to death. All arcanists use it.

Amulet: Are you referring to -10% aether and chaos rr to siphon souls conduit? Afaik nobody ever uses that. The flat to reap spirit conduit is BiS here as far as I know.

Fiend: adcth is far from insane. Even on flat stacking adcth focused spam binders it’s “just ok.” And Diviners don’t really stack adcth in the first place because their main dmg skill hits only one target and only once a second - it’s nothing adcth-wise.

Reap Spirit: is meh for mass-proccing as it only hits one target. Even with 100% chance how many Flame torrents can you have at one time with only one proccing each second? It might be good for arcane bomb, though, because it places it exactly where you want it and doesn’t miss.

Question: you talk about specific values of %DPS. Where do you take them from?

I actually just realised now that the build has -126% aether res even without the Siphon Souls conduit so the Reap Spirit one is actually BiS after all.

Everyone has his opinion, that’s OK bro!
Direwolf Crest over Anathema: not ‘over’, it’s my playstyle, and I pointed out the 2 reapers situation. For 170 without extra, I think Anathema is an obvious choice too.
Not taking Nullification: I agreed with you every spellbinder/arcanist put points into it. But I won’t, that’s my playstyle for this build. 1 lack lack lack skill points 2 1 point into it- CD is not good, radius not good, when you clear buffs for nemesis— they will soon got it again, this is not a shotgun build. But, put 1 point into it is totally OK but I found myself don’t need to use it.
Amulet: As I mentioned, reap spirit is one of your damage source, single target, with 0.8s CD. I don’t put points in soul harvets too. Trade it with -10 rr, worth it? I tested, I have to say -10rr suits my playstyle. Because I don’t count reap spirit as a shotgun skill.
Reap Spirit: True but 100% proc rate. The Adcth for flame torrent adds 20% to each reap spirit attack, it’s far from ‘insane’ I agree, what I meant is ‘for a build focus very much on adcth, the 120%weapon dmgadtch rate is hella a lot.’
Answer: I count OA from 2800 to 3500, each +100OA adds about 4% DPS increase, roughly.
另外,可以私信我Steam ID大家DLC要来了一起研究下么,朋友:p:p

Lol, I’m not Chinese. I just live and work here. I can’t agree with pretty much anything you said but ok no hard feelings.

Fair enough that’s fine.
The result is I can do 170 with 2 blessings in about 7:30-7:55 and refuse to die all the time.

Greta build, added to my thread. :wink: