[] Oirunas, The Lord of the Watch - 2H Aether Savagery Ritualist, Gladiator Farmer (11")

Hello guys!
Inspired with a success of my previous Cold 2H Savagery trickster I decided to make something curious to think about. I don’t see any Gladiator build with Temporal Arcblade I always loved and (I think) no one uses melee Aether Savagery.
So, here it is!

Meet Oirunas, The Lord of the Watch.
>> Grimtools << No green items used

Core of the build

  • Savagery really shines this patch, and I had lots of fun with this one. This build uses Savagery converted into Aether using Conduit of Wild Whispers with proper prefix.
  • The second part of the recipe is class combo of WPS: Shaman provides Feral Hunger, and Necromancer provides Reaping Strike and Necrotic Edge. With these WPS procs you have 50% chance to hit 5 targets with 367% or 488% WD (Necrotic Edge or Feral Hunger), and 50% Chance to heal yourself for 36% of damage dealt (Reaping Strike and Feral Hunger) with 21% constant ADCtH on top.
  • Very good survivability and sustain coupled with layered defenses and huge HP.
  • 124% Aether RR to support our damage.

Key explanations

  • This build is relatively easy to assemble due to bunch of craftable items: weapon, ring, amulet, helm.
  • Always look for % Armor bonus on craftable items.
  • With 75% WPS pool Upheaval becomes redundant, since it’s only 25% chance to hit someone with regular attack, and with 15% crit chance it’s totally 3% to proc Upheaval. I almost don’t see its procs during main campaign, so I decided to take it out and invest only 1 pt.
  • Do not be fooled with only 11k Aether damage in Weapon damage on sheet: it doesn’t show the Lightning->Aether conversion from Savagery. With conversion you totally have ~18-20k Aether weapon damage.
  • In comparison with Arcanist, Necromancer don’t have so good additional sources of flat Aether like Fabric of Reality and Reckless Power, but additional Aether RR and 2 strong WPS procs make Necromancer more preferable for Aether Savagery build like this.
  • Aetherfire Fleshwarped Core of Shattered Reality weapon is in fact little better, but all its damage bonuses are wasted with its low attack speed. I found one and total damage gain is 6% - not worth spending so much time to find one.


  • Aggressive melee combat. Debuff everything and crush’em all!
  • As I said, this build is super durable: you live on ADCtH from Weapon damage, ADCtH from Reaping Strike and Feral Hunger; if you’re in danger, place Wendigo Totem; if that’s not enough, cast Mark of Torment; as the last defense you always have Ghoul proc. This all together translates into 15-20 seconds of practical invincibility, so you can face (for example) 2 Reapers and Maiden with ease.
  • The only danger is Grava’Thul, kill him first. His ridiculous 64% damage reduction makes our healing WPS’ ineffective, so you must kite a bit until your damage returns.

Max crit landed in Crucible (solo)

Stats pane (Savagery and Hungering Void up)



Outdated versions

This build is super easy to assemble due to bunch of craftable items: weapon, ring, amulet, helm, shoulders, medal.

Plz, dont spred these lies, just tell that you GDstashed it all .

Nope. All legit.

“traded” /10 char

Medal is questionable, I traded it in net game for previous build, and transferred it to this one. Other craftables are crafted by me.

How much iron coins it cost? I suppose around 30 mil for okaysh rolls on 2h, conduit and relic.
Anyway its possible to replace BoM with any green Infiltrator medal of attack.
Anyway a build with +5 BoM, dooblerare pantsu and exact suffix on conduit is not “supereasy” to assemble. Even with substitute like Legplate of Valor and green medal.

All my gladiators are multi-millionaires, so I just eventually transfer all iron to current gladiator and craft things till success.

Now to the items:
Relic and shoulders are from the previous build.
On Conduit I looked for Aether Savagery prefix, resistance suffix doesn’t matter much - I crafted one with poison and closed other resists with armor augments.
2H and helm - can’t say, I just crafted them and looked for armor bonus.

In summary it don’t take much time and money.

Aside from BoM by trade what is so hard to get?

UPD: edited the description for “relatively easy”.
As for pants: they must be “Stonehide” and cover elemental resistance also. I have this pair of pants, but maybe Kuba chausses are BiS with elemental-res suffix.

7% Armor roll require 12 attempts to craft with 80% chance to sucsess. If you want a good item, it translate intro ~30 crafting attempts. For 2H, ring, shoulders and hat.
Then come mithycal relic with exact skill bonuses. ~9 crafting attempts.
All this stuff would require around 300 hours of farming for coins and mats. “Easy” to assemble, lol.

i dont see what in that set upis so hard to get, only one green item that hasnt to be this one specifically and ok BoM savagery but its tradable as said and its pre AoM item, i remember i got mine when Jajaja posted his ultos conjurer which must be back at .4 or something, aka +1 year ago sooooooo

anyway nice build, always nice to see 2h

Only if you aim for max rolls. No one is forced into this

Idk or care about the % armor rolls (only % crit rolls sometimes) but you know many players have already been playing GD for a while now:).

If you are reffering to a totally new player even the legendary items that drop are a pain when you don’t have a farmer and will take much longer than those 300hrs unless you know exactly what you are doing from the start, which doesn’t happen

Wait…how does one transfer iron between toons? :confused:

I have brilliant wife playing Grim Dawn too :3 She helps me to transfer iron in LAN game

Looks like I need to update my lady’s version of GD when I get home.

Thanks for the info! :smiley:

Nice take on Aether Savagery Ritualist! Can’t say I didn’t theorycraft something like this some time ago :slight_smile: (because after some time, Grimtools becomes a more interesting game than GD itself)

Cheers, mate!
I also looked at that pants and medal, but could not obtain necessary OA and resistances that way

Nice take on Aether Savagery Ritualist! Can’t say I didn’t theorycraft something like this some time ago (because after some time, Grimtools becomes a more interesting game than GD itself)

Join the darkside. GDstash awaits you…surely your soul is a small price to pay.

@veretranga: Really like the build man! Was theorycrafting a 2H iskandrian druid. But the damage seemed lackluster due to shit RR and low WPS (120k sheet dps or so?)

Even tried the kriegs set too. :eek:

Gratz on another creative build. But I can’t say I’m surprised since most of your builds are creative. :stuck_out_tongue:


120k sheet DPS is good, as you can see, my DPS under Hungering Void is somewhat like 100k :smiley:
But this Aether RR and additional WPS procs are so good really. You constantly deal around 360-480% WD with 75% of all your attacks.
If I could have more OA! Still thinking how to do it.