[] Oirunas, The Lord of the Watch - 2H Aether Savagery Ritualist, Gladiator Farmer (11")

@veretragna You really love that shoulders, do you? Grats on another great build!

Sheet dps isn’t the end all especially for builds with wps. My runebinder 2h build only has around 60k sheet dps buy can clear 150-170 in 9 mins.

Thanks! I think these shoulders are my favorite for 2H builds :wink:
It’s all because armor, physique, slow resistance and physical resistance. I even removed Krieg shoulders, because they give only attack speed, some HP and +1 Necro set bonus.
UPD: Also +2 to Brute Force = 19 flat Lightning and 170 flat HP.

At this stage, I’d look at gdstashing a viloth’s/cronley ring &/or log’s corruption shoulders.

EDIT: I think you can get up to a 9% OA for Bloodletter’s log’s shoulders if it’s perfectly rolled.

Yeah. I agree. I suppose I should’ve been clearer - my sheet DPS was not high enough to compensate for the lack of RR.

While not an accurate indicator of a build, I feel that it is a rather accurate measurement of an autoattacking build with a mere 25% WPS pool.

There are builds that are easy to assemble - Kriegs`ones , Dark One, builds with fraction gear and T3 relics. You can make one under 100 hours
There are builds that require some farming to assemble - any full purple build with T4 relic. a good player can do it under 300 hours.
There are builds that are hard to assemble - T5 relic and double rare stuff. U wont see them before 700-800 hours in the game
And there are builds with items that are near-impossible to gear. These with +5 MoT :smiley:

I got my 5’s from either Drizzto. Jov or Chthon pre AoM. Haven’t touched Aom bom’s cause now it’s worse to craft with 2x new classes and it’s unlikely for ppl to have +5 Hagarrad ro Kalastor etc.

But +5 Savagery is doable by trade.

Unless you are supper lucky in a single case. E.g I got my +5 SS loooong ago. Didn’t even know it was good back then

Krieg parts? Checked
T4 relic? Checked
Double rare pants are not necessary, like I said, they must cover resistances. I have this pair, someone can have other pair. Checked
Craftable items - anyone can craft them with blueprint. Checked
BoM with +5 savagery also can be replaced with Infiltrator medal like you said. Checked
UPD: or it can be replaced with +3 Savagery BoM. You aim for 120% multiplier, flat damage bonus is not that necessary to look for.

Near-impossible? Builds are not carved in stone.

Agree about BoM, I got mine +5 to Primal Strike/7% armor from a community member as a gift, after he saw my Druid’s guide. I am not even touching them nowadays, even though for my own chars I do tend to craft relics/helmets/conduits with the save backup/paste back again cheese. But I am not even ready/can’t be arsed to craft bom with that save backup/paste back technique, it’s probably going to take hours to get a right one.

I`m just saying that this particular build is not easy to gear. Its a full endgame build that require tons of farming and “trading”. =) Even if we replace medal and pantsu its still not easy to assemble.

Well, i have +5 Maiven 4% pierce resist 3% OA BoM :smiley: But i would never advertise anyone to ever try to craft one. :eek: Heck, even +3 to something you need is extremely fishy these day`s.

Hm. Good idea!
I didn’t collect Log’s shoulders at all, so it will take many time to farm. Don’t wait for updates here :smiley:

I have to agree with Ptiro on this one.

-BoM with +5 to Savagery
-Conduit with exact affixes
-Grava’s Stonehide of Kings

Is not relatively easy, no way.

No one hears me.
Conduit is crafted with One required prefix - Aether savagery, suffix resistance is complemented with armor augments. These pants are selected because I have this pair. Pants must cover resistances. You don’t need double rare for that.
BoM is questionable, but +3 Savagery BoM is enough.

Stop this discussion please.

We all hear you. One required prefix and 7% Armor roll i presume on Conduit? And youve been lucky to craft with %res you were lacking, not some useless shit. And 17% Armor on shoulders. Okay And 7% armor on hat and on ring and on the sword. Sword had, by pure luck , okay rolls outside of armor bonus. All legit and self-crafted self-found. Yes. yes.
And 100% leggit +5BoM with what bonus? 5% phyz dmg? Or was it something with armor roll too?
Personaly i dont care if someone is GDstashing stuff. or just save-scum for mats for recrafting. I do care when i see someone advertise something like this as “easy” to gear.

Ofc not. I had 1 or 2 good long ago and never made one again.

Hey now! :cry:

Bysmiel Legguards + Bleed res conduit + augments.
Solael legguards + Chaos res conduit + augments.
Kubacabra’s Legguards (also having Elemental resist) + Poison res conduit + augments without changes.

I didn’t even touch “of Kings” suffix, other suffix can provide additional resistances and place to maneuver. It’s not so hard as you’re trying to show it.

“My feelings when piloting 2H Savagery build nowadays:”

Just my two cents: the build IS hard to assemble and it is HARD to get the items with proper affixes/suffixes in order it could work as advertised, full stop.

You made it, you play it, you enjoy it - that’s great, but there is no need to present things the way they are not.

You feel like a shitty second rate CGI shitshow that is nothing more than an insult to one of the greatest manga of all time?
A show so bad that to say “burn it” would be an insult to fire itself, is that how you feel? Cause the build looks fine to me.