[] Wrath of the Arcane - 2H Elemental Cadence Tactician, Gladiator farmer (10 minutes)

Hello, wonderful people!

[i]Quoting my mad mindflow:

  • Hey Vere, how about to use the Arcanor? You didn’t try it yet, did you?
  • Hm… Cadence!
  • What? No, it’s about Forcew…
  • Cadence!
  • But it even doesn’t have an attack speed!
  • Cadence, bro. Live with that.[/i]

In today’s build I use the Cadence to make a good application of Arcanor’s outstanding elemental power. And I’m satisfied with it.
Hope you’ll enjoy this build too.

Meet Wrath of the Arcane.
>> Grimtools << no green items used

It’s a Tactician making good use of the Cadence working over Weapon damage. In this case our base weapon damage is Elemental.
In all cases your base damage is not Physical, it is very good to use the Voidsteel Gauntlets to boost 17/16 Cadence to virtual 26/16 level of damage without sweat.
This build is very safe and tanky, it can tear through Gladiator in 9 minutes.

Core of the build

  • Main damage skill of this build is Cadence.
  • Mythical Arcanor, Blade of the Luminari is used as the main weapon, its base elemental damage and % elemental damage are magnificent.
  • High overall damage of this build is boosted even more by racial bonuses: 25% to Undead, 32% to Chthonics, 20% to Eldritch.
  • Our main defensive skill is Inquisitor Seal. 22/12 Inquisitor Seal is a must for such builds, you can ignore vast majority of enemy attacks standing on it.
  • Other defensives are adjusted to make a good overall protection: decent DA, high armor, 18% constant ADCtH, Bloodthirster, Ghoul and Will of Menhir. Very hard to kill.

Key explanations

  • As said above, damage increase from Voidsteel Gauntlets is much better than from taking other (elemental?) gloves + Deadly Momentum. You can take Deadly Momentum + Discord, but Voidsteel Gauntlets convert half of the Deadly Momentum to Chaos. It’s not worth it, you achieve such minor bonus for 15 skill points.
  • I used all sources of the Attack speed available to compensate lack of the AS on the weapon. When Battle Cry is active, attack speed is ~180% depending on rolls.
  • Chausses of Barbaros and Golemborn greaves are taken for armor bonuses. When one of their buffs is active, you ignore most physical blows. When they are active at the same time, you ignore 2 Reapers + Iron Maiden.
  • Rune of Hagarrad is taken for DA shred. I don’t think it deals damage that is worth mentioning.


  • Aggressive melee combat: place Inquisitor Seal and swing with your sword.
  • As always, Anasteria is annoying, be careful with her.
  • Alek’s meteors are dangerous, avoid them.

Stats pane (Deadly Aim up, standing on Inquisitor Seal)

Real dps is better due to Battle Cry active 2/3 of the battle.

Max crit damage dealt (solo, Crucible buffs, no banners)




  • sir spanksalot - skill points adjustments.
  • Autentist - gear adjustments.
  • mad_lee - OA improvement.

Outdated videos

Elemental Cadence
No Discord

Nice build going on here. I always look forward to all your creative outputs :slight_smile:

First version of this build used Discord and Deadly Momentum, but after certain tests I decided to drop it. 15 skill points and no damage :frowning:
TY for your kind words! I appreciate that

It’s probably because the base weapon damage is elemental (no conversion). Physical-based weapons tend to have much more of a punch.

@YT video: LMAO - NO POTIONS. I think I can mathematically explain this phenomenon:

22/12 seal + Aura of censure = New equivalent of DA meta. :rolleyes:

EDIT: Oi, veretragna - what’s the max damage on the spec?

With Discord DM can be converted to Elemental too, but with 50% conversion to Chaos it is simply a waste of 15 skill points :slight_smile:

Hm… I don’t remember if I used potions or not. I use them if my HP bar start jumping dangerously. Maybe you’re right

Edit: max crit pending. I just swapped the gear on my old tactician, current max crit is 1.3m, but that’s a hit from the past

No potions on toolbar. :rolleyes:

I love that confidence though.

There are dedicated keyboard shortcuts for Health Potions and Energy Potions - R and E respectively. I don’t need them on a toolbar


Nice build. Real shame about OA tho, because you got such a huge crit damage modifier. Maybe a Sparkbloom Powder with Chains of Oleron, you have quite a bit of racial damage already.

Also Runeguard Greaves look so much better but I get that you were going for armor bonus stack (although, given how 2 rings and an amulet are crafted, don’t you have enough armor already?).

OA is decent, I think. 210 DA shred from RoH work really good in AoE, I don’t suffer from low OA. Chains of Oleron can make it even better, you’re right, but I’ll leave the current augment to keep the pierce resistance.
Minus current augment, minus Golemborn greaves = minus 70% pierce resistance, and I have nothing to cover it :slight_smile:

Sorry for being annoying, but I just moved two augments and one component, and here you go.

Surely you can cover those 2% poison and 2% pierce res just by getting better rolls on your gear. But you are getting almost 150 OA.

EDIT: I just realised that those missing 4% of res won’t matter since you take Ulo Banner.

Mate, I always accept good suggestions. Feel free here.
Reasonable swaps, thank you!

Edit: Yep, Ulo is good, but leaving resistances at 60% is weird. I prefer to publish well-rounded builds for both MC and Crucible.
In this case it’s possible to leave these resistances at 78%, this will not affect MC performance

Edit2: OP updated.

What about just getting the Discord transmuter 3 points and forget about Deadly Momentum?

Uh… but this build doesn’t have Deadly Momentum and it doesn’t need Discord. What do you mean?

You did explain why the build does not have deadly momentum.

Cadence adds physical damage, I get that it is is converted to chaos due to the gloves. You discussed why Deadly Momentum + Discord would not be worth it dude to the skill point investment.

It is not a question about “needing” or so, I just asked if you did consider the Discord transmuter and forgetting about Deadly momentum.

What I mean, is this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g4XGOV

Or is the conversion from the gloves before the discord transmuter?

(btw your build seem to have one point too much in Chillsurge, leave it at 8/12 and ditch one more point in Biting cold?)

double post, sorry

The problem is in Voidsteel gauntlets. Their Cadence mod and Discord have the same priority in conversion list, so even if you apply the Discord, you’ll receive only 149 flat elemental damage to each 3rd Cadence hit which already deals ~3600 flat elemental damage. It’s ~3% damage increase, not worth it imo

Edit: Chillsurge is needed for extra projectile. More targets affected = more consistent DA shred

ok so it would be 50-50 chaos-elemental damage from the conversion?

What if you used the non mythical version of gloves, ditched Fighting form and then Discord + Deadly momentum?

Ah true that, forgot about the extra projectile on Chillsurge

Yes, 50/50.

I did some calculations: with any gloves except M. Voidsteel + Discord + Deadly Momentum you deal nearly the same damage as with M. Voidsteel gauntlets. But Discord + Deadly Momentum costs 15 skill points more

Non myth gloves lose 55% cadence WD, which is huge.

Yes about 6k?

The flat physical damage from DM and Cadence is about 300, which after Discord and elemental damage multipliers would be … around 6k damage too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, I just have the non myth gloves … I guess build will still be decent anyway?