[] The Dazzling Guardian - Silver Sentinel Based DW Cold ABB/SS+RoH Infiltrator

The Build

1st Mode (ABB + RoH)

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Pneumatic Burst, Lethal Assault, Deadly Aim, and standing on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is Amarasta’s Blade Burst.

2nd Mode (SS + RoH)

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Pneumatic Burst, Lethal Assault, Deadly Aim, and standing on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is Shadow Strike.

Build Feature

  • Ultimate Crucible Clear Speed
  • Contain Inquisitor
  • Contain Rune of Hagarrad
  • Use no green MI or Crafted Green Items
  • Need good energy management on shadow strike mode
  • Optimal build need a good roll on pierce > cold conversion
  • Require a skilled player

Build Overview
So I finally leveled an infiltrator. I am quite late to the party because I was always thinking about a good reason on using alkamos ring in infiltrator. This two builds are the results. The first one is a hybrid DW melee + Caster using full fledged Amarasta’s Blade Burst and Rune of Hagarrad. The second is also a hybrid DW melee + Caster using full fledged Shadow Strike and Rune of Hagarrad. Both builds are also supported by 80% Nightblade’s WPS.

I think the power of the build is self explanatory from the equipment setup. We utilized pierce > cold conversion (up to 96%) for making RoH, SS, and ABB almost pure cold. The shadow strike one is especially crazy as it can do 650k damage on crucible (4 buff without banner) and 450k damage on campaign. The shadow strike build suffer from energy issues though because silver sentinel set doesn’t gives any +energy regen. It is a pain to run it outside crucible and I recommend the first build instead for campaign.

Defense is just enough for killing the enemy before getting killed: 3.3k effective DA, about 25% phys res, dodge, decent armor, fumble, good lifesteal, 12/12 inquisitor seal, 17% reduced damage from aura of censure, and ghoul proc.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipment at Arngrim and try to get +% armor as completion bonus. Get at least 90% pierce > cold conversion and as much acid>cold conversion

Core Items:
The Silver Sentinel Set
Dread Sigils of Alkamos Set
Gloves: Mythical Chilling Grips of Hagarrad. Converting up to 30% pierce>cold

Supporting Items for both mode:
Boots: Mythical Final March. Just a good defensive boots with high phys res and slow res
Belt: Mythical Spellbreaker Waistguard. One of the two +nightbade belt. Supporting cold damage and relevant skill bonuses
Amulet: Empowered Essence of Beronath. Just a good + all skill amulet with +Attack Speed
Medal: Mythical Undying Oath. The best medal for offense and defense. Gives flat damage and Reduce cooldown to both of our heal skill are invaluable

Supporting Items for 1st mode:
Pants: Mythical Deathwhisper Leggings. Perfect Fit
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion. one of the best relic, providing stackable elemental RR. Get +aura of censure for completion bonus

Supporting Items for 2nd mode:
Pants: Mythical Slithscale Legwraps. Perfect fit. Also has a really nice +22% damage to Kuba!
Relic: Mogdrogen’s Ardor. We need that +all skills. Get +%DA for completion bonus

Offensive cold-based devotions for hybrid build

Blizzard > to Rune of Hagarrad
Hand of Ultos > to Blade Spirit
Rumor > to Amarasta’s Blade Burst
Elemental Storm > to Inquisitor Seal
Ghoulish Hunger > to Whatever permanent buff

LMB: Amarasta’s Blade Burst (1st Mode), Shadow Strike (2nd Mode)
RMB: Shadow Strike (1st Mode), Amarasta’s Blade Burst (2nd Mode)
Mouse scroll up/down: Ring of Steel
Keyboard 1: Pneumatic Burst
Keyboard 2: Word of Renewal
Keyboard 3: Rune of Hagarrad
Keyboard 4: Inquisitor Seal

Standard procedure:
Summon 2 blade spirit before action.
Press to activate Pneumatic burst and Word of Renewal. Ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal.
Shadow strike in.
Cast inquisitor seal below you.
Scroll up/down to Ring of Steel, cast it in interval to ensure the enemy affected by fumble.
For 1st mode: ABB your enemy while mashing RoH button. SS button also a good supplemental damage.
For 2nd mode: Hold Shadow strike button while mashing RoH button, also press ABB button once every 3 second. DON’T FORGET TO WATCH YOUR ENERGY

Build Performance
For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:
1st mode, RoH + ABB (7:25 clear times):

2nd mode, RoH + SS (7:20 clear times):

Shadow strike build win by 5 seconds, but ABB build win on QoL division.
I believe it’s possible that the SS build can do below 7 minutes if there is no enemy stuck in the spawn point and you can round the enemy better so it can get killed in one go.

The most dangerous enemy is reaper due to the usual reason. Just kill him as soon as possible.
The second most dangerous is kuba because of its heal make it takes a while to kill him. Kill him lastest.
You can facetank Alek meteor, but don’t!

For most cases, you just need to kill enemy in front of you as fast as possible. Don’t kite too much, except for evading fully charged reaper.

My first build on 2019! Enjoy…

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Soooo, Silver Sentinel double Crescent Moon Haggarad with a sprinkle of Shadow Strike basically? How would double Malakor version of such build do? :wink:

Double Malakor all the way for pure rune builds. But since here it’s hybrid, crescent moon is better.

RR is already plenty. 161%+25% for the ABB+RoH build and 150+25% for the SS+RoH build.

The SS one need that plus skills and CDR from crescent moon. One Malakor + crescent moon may be used for the ABB version but I think it will not make much difference.

There is no weapon better than crescent moon for this kind of build IMO. I previously want to run it with double spectral sword, but eventually come back to crescent moon. Then while I am at it, I add the ABB varian using almost the same item setup. :smiley:

Also, It feels weird for me using Malakor. That weapon just doesn’t feel right.

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Nice build. I tried to make a similar thing with max rune/melee hybrid but always found it to be to weak defensively and too hard to pilot (for me) to capitalize on the melee potential so I always ended up chillspiking.

IMO not using Bat on max conversion setups is a little mistake. IMO constant massive sustain from pierce -> cold on Twin Fangs is worth losing Ghoul’s circuit breaker and some health (gets more speed and stun res though). Like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MkXDQZ.

Thanks Ya_!
Ghoul is just too good though. Also I lack a good skill for binding bat to. Maybe we can bind ultos to amarasta’s quick cut and bind bat to blade spirit… Need test though and I just happen to have another infiltrator build to test. :smiley:

Edit: we can use storm box + lightning tether for bat. Need to sacrifice 2 skill points then.

Melee hybrid just make the playstyle much simpler. You don’t need to charge lethal assault then using chillspikes, it will be too clunky IMO. Chillspikes is only better for a mage hunter rune build.

The trick to pilot it is just kill everything in front of your path and good positioning. :wink:

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Great build added to my thread. :wink:

surprised it took someone so long to post ss/hag :smiley: I been having fun in campaign with this one good to see it can do 7.5

I’m with ya that using bat is really good here. I would just drop rev for bat here personally that seems be most complete setup to me

btw did you try cold blades of wrath? cold bow is great damage/fun in campaign with lots of cdr and/or wpn damage, always figured it would be great in cruci

Thanks Nandi ;)…

The SS one got a severe energy problem and may not be enjoyable in campaign though.

Revenant got an energy leech node, ADCTH, attack speed, and racial damage. I am quite hesitant to switch it. Will see if it better if we switch ghoul instead.

I have never tried blade of wrath outside Pierce build. It’s because devotion path to there require a lot of sacrifice and not relevant to elemental build. How do you suggest the devotion pathing there with the current build?

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Silver Sentinel’s set is so good. So much goodies for a 3 pieces set. And I don’t know for you guys, but it drops so easily.
A few questions:

  • Is blizzard devotion that strong? On the forum, I have read opposite opinions, some says the proc is a beast, some says it is not worth the points.
  • No Leviathan devotion? You find Ultos better in this setup?
  • How about Seal of blades? It gives you ADctH and the pierce auras are converted to cold. For sure, Coldstone is very solid, but it could be better defense-wise, no?
  • No overcapped Night’s chill?
  • Apart from Execution, are the WPS really necessary?

And going a bit off-topic, how about a ranged version? I know it changes the playstyle and is a different build, but the core skills would be the same: spamming ABB and RoH. Hagarradian Enforcer comes to mind. But again, I might be going to a different topic, which deserve a separate threads.

Hi Kain!
Answering your questions below:

  • Blizzard’s damage is so good. It’s even better in this build because it has some CDR.
  • I find leviathan’s proc is decent, not outstanding. The nodes are good, but the devotion pathing there is bad. Devotion pathing to blue & green is much better than green & purple, mostly because it provides more OA and DA. Ultos’ proc is good although it’s mainly a lightning devo, it gives type 3 RR and nice leech for a dense crucible environment. Leviathan’s proc doesn’t give leech.
  • Seal of blades is a nice alternative if you want to be more defensive.
  • In a double RR class, I find it’s a waste to overcap the RR, unless it’s censure because it’s also provide reduced target’s damage.
  • I like to have as many WPS as possible because it’s guaranteed chances to hit with both hands. If you feel the need to omit some, omit AQC because some people said that it’s a dps loss when you invest too low. I am not quite sure myself.

Good questions.
I actually have theorycrafted 3 silver sentinel setup before levelling my infiltrator, this 2 and one ranged ABB+RoH:

I have only tested it in campaign though, and concluded that the melee version is much much better because it has more flat damage, more RoH damage, more defense, and more skill points; also more synergy because the build need to wear purple alkamos rings (my concept at least) which doesn’t give any points bonus to inquisitor’s.

See if you can polish it and make it as crazy as the melee version :wink:

There is can’t be two opinions, blizzard have a insanely powerful prok (maybe, strongest one of all T2 devotions).

  • Is blizzard devotion that strong? On the forum, I have read opposite opinions, some says the proc is a beast, some says it is not worth the points.

I love cold builds (have 4 or 5 chars), blizzard > leviathan pool, IMO Leviathan sub-stars are slightly better than Amatok, but the proc is pretty weaker.:stuck_out_tongue:

Especially if your build has decent weapon damage.

I agree, Blizzard is frickin’ amazing.

Leviathan would be good if it wasn’t - pulls out binoculars and points - all the way over there. Amatok on the other hand? I constantly get access to that thing without even trying.

Top-notch Fashion Dawn, OP. :cool:

I got a good fashion sense… :cool:

I think there is slight mistake in gameplay section of OP

Press to activate Pneumatic burst and Blood of Dreeg.

There is no BOD available here

Yeah, it should be word of renewal. I copied some of the wording from my Acid ABB Witch hunter build. It’s fixed now!

No problem :slight_smile: Great build btw…!!!

On a side note what is your opinion on mythical Stormtitan Treads for boots ?