Cold Purifier. Crucible 170 ready. Insane damage output

Hey guys this is the first time I’m posting a build a guide but it’s a cool one I promise (pun intended).

First off I’d like to give credit to my buddy sir spanksalot. I got the idea for this build reading his Grenado Vindicator guide. Both reading his guides and and interacting with him over the past weeks has really expanded my knowledge of game mechanics tremendously. So I thought to myself why not make a cold version? can it work?

The core of the build is of course the Grenado skill along with the rimetongue set to turn all this damage into cold. The set itself has many great defensive bonuses and relevant + skills on nearly every item. The completion bonus is fantastic giving an extra 1.5 m radius to the core skill allowing us to wipe the floor with entire packs all at once.

The gloves and weapon were chosen to stack yet more cold and frostburn damage into Grenado and RoH. Crescent Moons -72 OA/DA and -15% resistance is also a pretty nice proc to have on a weapon.

From the inquisor side of things this build uses RoH as support damage. The skill needs no intruduction, everybody knows it’s quite OP.


  • Good OA/DA
  • RoH very powerful “support damage” clears entire screens but is still overshadowed by Grenado.
  • Grenado max buffed damage: 700k. 300-400k is pretty common. with an AOE 4.5 meter radius and due to Ulzuins pact you can lob up to two of these badboys instantaneously. Carnage ensues. This happens more frequently than I thought with only a 30% chance at level 10.
    Amatok - really good shotgun ability bound to Grenado. I’ve literally killed fabius in about 5 seconds when he stepped on RoH got two grenades to the face and got shotgunned from the sky all withing a few seconds.


-Insane overcap on all core resists. 50+ on Aether 100+ elemental resists. Everything except chaos. Thou shalt not be debuffed ever under any circumstances.
-Overcapped Blast shield to raise maximum resists. Laugh at Anasterias AoE’s debuffs and shotguns. You won’t be scratched by damage from first page resists.
-Runeguard proc helps keep you mobile and prevents you getting tickled by aether damage and elemental damage.
-Overcapped inqusitors seal
-Crab devotion proc - same trend absorb some more elemental and aether.

Gameplay: cast seal hurl grenades and RoH into enemy packs. Watch things melt. When Nemesis get too close or start busting through your defenses cast another seal and kite backwards while lobbing more grenades.

Con’s and fighting nemesis:

The build is still quite squishy against physical damage and probably life reduction effects.

Facetanking Gravathul for too long will kill you. He does both life reduction and physical damage. Kiting is mandatory here.

The build is tanky enough however to facetank Iron maden and fabius combined.

Kupa can also be facetanked but to a lesser degree. some kiting is required mostly because he’s rarely alone.

Aleksanders meteor has a strong physical damage component to it. As such try not eat his brick to the head. It won’t kill you but it will leave you exposed to the other 3 nemesis. Other than that he can barely scratch this build

Reaper he does alot of damage but if you can isolate him quickly he will die to maybe 5-6 grenado casts tops. Especially with RoH support. His potshot’s don’t do much and he can’t survive long so he’s actually not dangerous at all.

Wave 170 can still be chaos with Valdaran teleporting you into Kupcake or iron maden or Grava Thul and thus distrupting your kiting.

Alternative gearing:

Ring slots can probably be replaced by mythical saphire and ruby of elemental balance. The proc is quite good and they can probably add a good amount of DPS for when your facetanking on your seal with blast shield up.

Alakamos blue rings can also be useful for the OA

Pants can be replaced by mythical legwraps of the tranquil mind they provide great slow resist and bonus points to flashbangs. May even be BiS but I have to test this.

You need only the weapon or the head piece to start. Focus on % cold damage OA/DA and resists.

Statistics: 14 runs today 5 deaths on wave 170 exaclty. 9 wins. But I’m new to crucible and probably a terrible pilot. Most of the deaths were my fault when I got too greedy and thought yeah I can tank one more hit from Grava thul and I’ll eveporate him with the next grenade. Importantly I breezed through 160-169 easily every time with various assorted mutators and nem combos. With good piloting I believe this can have a 90% win rate barring some terrible mutators like -25% player HP or toughened monsters + 40% hp ect.

nice build. its nice to see something with rimetongue. I’ve got a build using it, but its under wraps for now.

I would recommend 1 point in horn of gandarr. with the set bonuses its actually decent for a 1 pointer. It will add some decent frostburn to your stack so you can do more damage while kiting. Bind it to rumor as it will basically auto proc it on everything on the screen, and then put RoH on ultos

Also I would probably drop 4 points from WoR to max Ulzuins chosen, you want all the reset chance you can get.

And her I thought Rimetongue sucked. Good job here! Any reason why you’re not using a +1 belt? I know ulzuin belt doesn’t add cold damage but that could open up relic slot to ignaffar. You lose a lot of hp tho.

I didnt even notice the belt… this is perfect for scales of beronath imo since squishiness can be an issue for him.
Changed some skills/items/augments. allowed for 22/12 inq seal, which is a huge boost.

Excellent suggestions guys, I’ll be testing both out tomorrow since it’s already midnight here.

I chose the cataclysm belt to have more life. I just don’t feel safe with 10.5 k life and no good sustain abilities. This build works by erasing things quickly. Although I do love inquisitor’s seal maybe 22/12 will help me be more tanky even though I lose a good 1k ie 10% of my hp? The set bonus and the belt itself adds a tremendous amount of % damage.

sir spanksalot suggested the spellbreaker waistguard but I tested this for extensively dummy and crucible tests and I was just just getting much less DPS with that belt.

I can Also test Ulzuin’s and Ignaffar’s combustion. The extra DA and RR proc might be useful. Generally this build tends to die if it sticks too long in Grava Thul’s face and suffers huge melee hits and critical damage so getting DA as high as possible is important. Or the classic 1-2 punch where aleks drops a meteor on me reducing me to 25% hp and something else finishes the job before WoR or Potion are off cooldown.

The overcap from 17 to 22 on seal is good but I feel in this case it may not add much. Seal works best on elemental and AoE damage, This build has so many sources of elemental and and AoE absorption that I’ve never felt threatened even remotely by any elemental or AoE damage.

I’ll test both in the coming days and let you guys know how it does.

Damn I tooled up something really similar thinking it’d be awesome, but didn’t get around to it :smiley: I do things a bit differently, but my main gripe is not maxing Ulzuin’s chosen which seems pretty horrific to me

Did you try Haunt + Reign? That’s what I went with

minus points for not using horn of gondor

I tested it at 22/12 it did 30k damage ticks. I promptly respecced out of it. It’s a onepointer at most for spreading rumour. This build the way it’s set up it doesn’t have a lot of % frostburn. That’s probably the issue. If I somehow got it from 1200 to 2000+ maybe it would tick at 100k and then it might be good. But I iused those points to get Ulzuin’s chosen. Hesitantly at first but then when you see two grenades erasing your foes instead of one you never look back :slight_smile:


Nice job.

yep! one point is the way to go for sure

How is it all converted to cold? I see 30% what am I missing?

Edit mm I’m an idiot

Read the helm info further.


Love the build. You do have 1 excess point in grenado though. I suggest chucking that into the transmuter for word of renewal or seal.


EDIT: That or the other items supporting it. As mentioned in my other thread (it’s a purifier, not a vindicator :p), the rimetongue set is the only group of items which truly allows grenado to perform competitively.

2nd EDIT: Would like to suggest band of the eternal haunt as another ring alternative. Moar RR = Moar fun.

This isn’t 2h :stuck_out_tongue:

Crap. You’re right. :stuck_out_tongue:

How does it perform without RoH?

Veretranga - the damage is good especially when you throw two at once. I’d say 2/3rd’s to 3/4 of my damage is done by Grenado 300-400k per cast common. Kill time for 170 my four buffs are around 35 minutes past the hour visually (buffs last 20 minutes so this would be 11-12 minute clear time

But I’m not a great pilot (yet) alot of my DPS is wasted when I’m running around like a headless chicken trying not to get ganked by Grava’ Thul and freinds. Once I take him out or Aleksander I can spend way more time throwing grenades and less time kiting. Real DPS ramps up.

spanks yes that was brain fart your build is indeed a purifier I was massive lightning damage and my brain automatically says what a cool vindicator. I played way too many of them.

So the only active skills would be Inq. Seal, Renewal, Grenado and Flashbang then, correct? (Without RoH that is)

Is there a place to put Rumor onto without RoH? Or would you drop Rumor, or drop some other Devotion and put Rumor in it’s place?

Or would you say that RoH (or another skill) is still kind of required for the whole Rumor proc for RR?

I think RoH is too important to give up. It serves several functions here:

  1. Instant rumor proc not just on nems (i.e. single targets) but also on mobs scattered throughout the screen
  2. Secondary, non-trivial source of damage you can deal when grenado goes into its long ass CD
  3. DA shred. This is fantastic for grenado because of its inherent massive %crit bonus.

UPDATE 31.07.2018

I had a few IRL commitments yesterday but as promised I did some further testing incorporating the recommended changes. 5 more runs 4 wins. Buffed and bannered.

Swapped Mogdrogen’s Ardor for Ignaffar’s Combustion
Swapped belt to Mythical Scales of Beronath
Swapped 1 ring of Mythical Ice and Fire to Mythical band of Eternal Haunt (RR)
Shuffled around some skills

Kill speed felt WAY faster. This is 100% improvment. I felt a bit squishier to physical damage which is bad, but the kill speed is jacked up enormously. Packs were Erased much faster allowing me more room to maneuver and thus increasing my safety. The DPS is probably from putting more points into high impact while maintaing 10/10 in Ulzuin’s chosen and the RR.

Max buffed and bannered damage went from 700k to 800k. 550k is now a common damage number rather than 300-400k.

Further testing will continue in the coming days. I feel Scales of Beronath is a defensive option. The cataclysm belt nets 100% more elemental damage and more OA to hopefully Jack that 800k closer to 1 million. Also Spanks suggested at one point to go for mythical legwraps of the tranquil mind. I want to test this as well. The 50% slow resistance and OA could really help the build out. I feel the 22/12 in seal is unnecessary. The biggest threats are massive physical bursts which seal does very little against. With the changes this build is still almost immune to elemental/aether/vitality damage. It can hurt but it won’t kill you.

Also To answer Yarik’s question RoH does way too much damage to ever give up and it gives 250 DA debuff. Ditching RoH to get a few more points into the Grenado line or Ulzuin’s chosen is not worth it IMHO. You will probably see more spectacular damage numbers from Grenado but RoH is still too good for it’s shotgun ability. As I said it does about 1/4 to 1/3 of my total damage. That’s alot.

Seriously - try this:

It’ll save you 100 points in spirit, and fix your OA quite substantially.

Another one worth trying out is really great pants.

EDIT: IMO, you shouldn’t be standing on seal too much. With your defenses, 2 more points in arcane seal isn’t going to really save you from situations where you get one-shotted. The trick is to keep moving. Cast seal at WHERE you plan to stop to lob your 'nades/cast RoH, then keep hustling.

P.S. Even if it feels too squishy, hold on to this spec. I’m 100% certain that the mobility runes are going to give this guy a huge power spike.

2nd EDIT: I apologize, you lose 1 point in seal since you can actually get it to 21/22. So a decrease of 35 flat damage absorption. Meh.

The reason why seal was so damn good on valinov’s spec is because he had 22/12 Maiven’s paired with it. :stuck_out_tongue: