Cold Purifier. Crucible 170 ready. Insane damage output

More testing result

I suffered a string of humiliating defeats tonight and then several victories in a row during the testing phases (10 runs 7 losses and then 3 straight up wins) I have come to some very hard won conclusions about this build

Cataclysm pact - no doubt the best DPS gain possible in the belt slot given the offhand. BUT DON’T USE IT with this belt I couldn’t clear wave 160 consistently and 170 killed me every time.

Mythical Scales of Beronath are the best choice no question.

I tried Mythical legwraps of the Tranquil Mind These are a clear winner. Despite the stats and skills being a bit meh compared to other options such as Aleksander pants or Mageguards these pants have 50% slow resist making kiting much much easier. Clear win here. Though Mageguards are a very very close second for the 3% physical resistance.

Components wise I was a total noob tonight and after 7 defeats I figured out why all the physical nemesis were hitting like a truck suddenly and 2 shotting me. I foolishly left ugdenbog leather in the pant slot and greedly put a bone in my armor slot. my absorbtion went to 87% I Think and 1500 ish armor. After fixing that little oversight my armor went to 1900 with 92% absorbtion and suddenly it came together. My next 3 runs were fairly safe and successful.

Conclusion: Every single point of armor or physical resist matters. In fact I’m convinced that much of the reason why mythical scales of beronath turned out to make me way more tanky was the 7% armor bonus. I always died to heavy hitting physical alpha strikes. Usually some combination of Iron Maden Kupa and Reapers. No matter the gear setup or how many points I had in Inquisitor Seal elemental or aether waves never killed me. In fact I facetanked most them 90% of the time.

This is my current best version of the build

I have an augment slot open in the pants - It’s a toss up between maxing bleed resist or putting another Wendigo lifescent powder on it. Probably the latter since bleeds were never an issue.

The chest slot component can also be replaced by a sacred plating for more tankiness but I think at the moment I have just enough survivability to get away with a sanctified bone :slight_smile:

If anybody has any more suggestions I’m open to ideas and will do further testing but I think this is close to optimal right now.

Me being a nitpick nelly: If you keep the sancitified bone, I’d swap out the armor in the pants for a scaled hide to get 100% absorption.

P.S. AND LOOK AT THAT. Rimetongue is good 'nuff for 170 clear with ZERO greens. Nada.

Of course, it’s a purifier… :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I have also tried saboteur rimetongue and dual-wielding moon glow, damage is good, but haven’t solve energy issues though

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You can’t, really.

The class has no inherent energy sustain. Even with harp you’ll be hard-pressed to keep energy up. You might have to go for Tree. :confused:

EDIT: You can’t even use an offhand because you’ll miss out on the bonuses from dual blades.

Something veretragna suggested to me just came to mind - if you’re using just the cataclysm pact for a generic off hand, tome of the arcane wastes is better if you can work your resists around it.

Offers more %damage, and better OA, and it’s not as though you need casting speed.

P.S. Maybe edit the OP to include the most updated build? Might be a little confusing for readers.

u need mor da and oa

Nah. He should be fine when buffed/bannered. Also, don’t forget he has deadly aim and harp - so that bumps his OA quite a lot.