The energy leech battlemage

Hi guys!

So i decided to make battlemage, since there is not much battlemage in the compedium and to refresh that section and to get my old battlemage from 85 to 100.

This is different and it’s a funniest thing i ever see in grim dawn.


U see soldiers doesn’t have too much energy and most of the soldier build that i see get some components that keep his energy regen up.

Here is the challange was to keep the energy regen in 0 or above. This could be sad, BUT this is a battlemage so, we can get energy absorvation. :smiley:

How this is works?

In short u use ur skills the energy stop somewhere middle and very slowly 5sec/1 energy u get back.

U go to a fight and even just little spell or just magis trick u see, u absorved the all energy insanely, like kid who looks the magic trick and his mind blown up and cant get away with it.

Nullfication: I don’t like, but seeing reaper lost 1/4 half Hp cause i nuked him is glorius, while there is another one and he die before that one catch me.

Cruci 170: 14 - 15 min.

2 reaper done.
Aleksander + Fabius done.
Aleksander + Iron maiden done.
Chubacabra + Fabius done.


>energy leech battlemage
>>no IEE…

14 - 15 min you mean wave 170 itself?

yeah… u can see on the pics…

IEE does"nt benefit, since this is a phisical build and IEE convert Phisical to elemental, wich is dmg loss. :rolleyes:

Why did you take Mythical Blood Sigil as a medal? Don’t see the reasoning behind that. Non-mythical version would be a better choice, wouldn’t it? Because it at least has a useful proc.

Potential damage output would be substantially higher like this:

I also put some points in Elemental Balance for dem critz, but that’s just personal preference. I you put some in Mental Alacrity you can counter the need for Ectoplasm component in rings, like this:

Shit i always put mythical but i wanted to be non mythical… fixed it :rolleyes:

Elemental alacritcy doesn’t help at all it just reduce the skil cost, the problem is energy regen.

For topaz u sacraficed the energy regen time, it is -4 wich is huge loss.

For elemental balanace i tested, got only 10k dmg for crit, but ur dmg get 4% loss thanks to the conversation. Markovians advantage still better dmg source since it has flat phisical too.

Something like this then?

I don’t know do u really understand my build. In this setup the OA is only 2700. U don’t even crit on a hero. In this case elemental balance don’t work if u don’t crit. The crit chance is based on OA.

U drop 1 of the best aoe dmg proc meteor + 5% OA, one of the best OA granted devotion chariot of dead + grant u healing and DA. Fiend is good aoe too.

In my build i don’t have too much aoe dmg. The only 1 is cadance. I choose this devotions too have aoe and with Breonath weapon I turned them into phisical dmg, so a huge benefit from it.

Further more u don’t really need topaz, since most of time i block all the dmg, that’s why i use shield. There is 2 sec when u have to wait to put up overgaurd, but in this case the build still tanky to not die by one hit.

I even manged to tank alaksander and fabius.