[] Beronath's Distiction - DW Death Knight

How this build works

We use Gladiator’s Dictiontion and Beronath to convert Bone Harvest and Fiend’s raw damage to physical. Basically a poor man (or rich man?) Blademaster.



Normal tanky route, however I find Targo to better than Tree of Life since our regen is shit anyway. Or you can drop it and take Fiend for more clear power. Remember to bind it to Ravenous Earth so it’s up all the time.


I find pure physical Bone Harvest to be quite fun to use, great at clearing trash and shit. Other places to dump your points to are Siphon Souls and Ravenous Earth.
Note that Fighting Form is 12/12 in-game with relic bonus.


Warborn set, Beronath and Gladiator belt are mandatory, obviously.
For rings Black Matriarch is BiS. I find Bladetwister cooldown to be too long ti be reliable so you better find some OP green ring. Myth Open Hand of Mercy is also a good choice.
For boots a green pair is the best, Myth Runeguard is also fine.
You may use Avenger of Cairn if you want to be more tanky but I think we’re better off with Essence of Beronath since this build desprately needs that AS.


Gladiator 140-150 extra spawn

Don’t have much time to play atm so I’ll update this one later, have fun :rolleyes:

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How is this vs Witch balde? I had a dilemma a while ago which to do.

For DK it thought 2x seal of might would be good to have 50% spectral binding aether to flat phys and find another way to life steal.

Shit I totally forgot seal of might has its own conversion, will try that later :smiley:
I think the only thing that WB does worse than DK is a bit of clear power, but I think everyone (including me) was tired of WB anyway :eek:. Basically just take JOV’s build and drop Gladiator’s Distinction in.

Was going to post this but saw this. Good you posted this :smiley:
We had the same idea besides the ring slot (I don’t have that MI) and component slot (SoM helps you convert Spectral Binding’s damage)
And our devotion routes are different as well (I am guessing you wanted yours to do be able to do 170?)

Good job panda

I think with that conversion DK might catch up, and it’s also more interesting than WB:). Add to this flat from soul harvest and I see no reason Wb is better. Was also pretty sure i’d do soul siphon but harvest max is nice too

Dual wield melee DK - looks interesting and non-standard concept to me. Nice build. :smiley:

P.S: BTW, can’t find on forum any DK build focused on vitality damage. Is it so bad?

P.S.S: I level up my own DK vitality build with sword and shield: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVL3oKL2. Completed Veteran and now is in Act 2 on Elite. It feels like killing machine (easy to face tank Salazar and etc). For the end game I plan to try the setup like this:

I updated my stuff and it definitely feels better. I overlooked the conversion since this is the first time in my life it’s actually useful.
Yeah DK sure is interesing, you can heal with SS or maybe wear a Dread Knight’s Legplates that everybody ditched in favor of Barbarossi.

-AoE skill
-Siphon heal
-Damage Absorption
-WPS with ADCtH
-Flat HP
-Flat OA
-Flat Damage(Cold/Vitality)

-Physical resist
-HP regen(minor)
-Flat OA
-Attack Speed
-Flat damage (Vitality/Chaos)

My point is that imo both DK and WB are on a similar level.

Vitality DK should be pretty weak, Vitality Warder on the other hand is pretty decent.
Even Cold DK isn’t all that good

Take a nap dude, you’ve been posting new build insanely fast lately :rolleyes:

I think main problem is there are many enemies that resist vitality heavily so extra RR from Shaman and Occultist are more welcomed. Gear sets are also exclusively made for them and melee vitality is poorly developed.

I think I am going to spec it into something else

My main intention to post this build (before you did) was similar to yours i.e everyone is sick of Witchblades

I’ll probably spec my setup into S&B or 2h and post it sometimes later. For now I’ll just post something else today

Chthon, Panda, thanks for comments. While it can be true vitality DK to be weak compared to other variants I will give it a try and test how good/bad the build is for campaign.

P.S: Will back to the DK once finish some experiments with Druid build. Forgot to update calc to use Dread Knight gear: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAE5yQV.


at lvl 12 second rite is is 59 flat. Soul harvest is 76 and half of binding is 22 taking DK to 98. DPS wise DK wins in my opinion.

solael chaos flat convert mans gimping the build for conversion so it’s not a good path imo

Solael’s Witchfire is important anyway for the AS so you most likely would max it.

I think in the latter statement you were referring to Possession, which I agree with. The flat IT and %OA from Oleron seems more valuable, not to mention you save a lot of Skill points picking Oleron

It looks nice. Glad to see someone extended DW phys beronath-Warborn concept :slight_smile:

You are not taking into consideration vitality decay on solaels, its also flat dmg :wink:

Not sure what do you mean by conversion solaels flat chaos. If you are talking about not using beronath sword in order to avoid 10% AP on off hand weapon I tried it and it doesn’t pay off.

I did a testing with BM, WB and DK, dps vise WB wins followed by DK, but BM is by far tankiest.

I know you are a big fan of WB but I am frankly tired of it:)

And yes numbers don’t lie, for some reason I forgot the build is DW and uses Beronath sword (probably due to sleep deprivation:rolleyes:- @Chthon, now i finally understand what you said too) so that is indeed a lot of flat dmg from occult, more than DK unless we could convert all aether, maybe, somehow. I’d still go DK for style points combined with actual combat efficacy:p

does soldier wps attack with both hands when i dw?
and necro wps work best with dw or 2h?

AFAIK Markovian always hits with both hands, while Zolhan depends on how you’re attacking when it’s activated (can be either hand or DW).
For WPS to work well with 2H generally you need your default attack to be something to multiply your weapon damage up, (which Cadence isn’t ).


First of all nice build Panda.
I will try it if I find some time.

Some questions:
-why picking viper devotion?
-I guess you can do campaign with off devo Setup?
-is orleons 16/12 Worth it or 12/12 sufficient?

Some remark:
-switch spellscorched plating to your belt. There the armor will apply on all slots