[] The Conduit - DW Lightning Cadence Tactician, Gladiator farmer (11 minutes)

Hello wonderful people!

I can’t miss such opportunity and created the build on my favorite Cadence using DW lightning weapons, Crystallum and Stormheart.

Can clear Gladiator in 10-11 minutes.

This build became possible only in since Warder can’t live on such poor defenses, and Tactician could not achieve phys->lightning conversion above 60% making large chunk of weapon damage lost. Now with Cadence mod on Stormheart it’s possible.

>> Grimtools << no green items used

Core of the build

  • Main damage skill of this build is Cadence fully converted to Lightning using Stormheart.
  • Core items for this build are Stormheart, Crystallum and Light’s Defender set.
  • This build stacks many sources of flat lightning to overcome lightning’s naturally huge spread of damage (1-72 of flat lightning is such random!).
  • Build’s defenses include moderate DA, big HP pool (~20k in Crucible), huge armor, Inquisitor Seal and Ghoul.

Key explanations

  • Stormheart and Crystallum provide greatest combination of flat lightning and attack speed for this build. Double Crystallum variation lacks conversion mod for Cadence, and double Stormheart one lacks flat lightning and OA shred to SBoE.
  • Light’s Defender set is mandatory, I already tried Warder with partial Ultos set and it really sucks. No armor, no seal, no defenses capable to save build with relatively low damage output like this. Light’s Defender with Tactician is optimal.
  • Try to get bonus Armor when you craft items.


  • Aggressive melee combat.
  • Any combination of nemeses is facerolled.
  • It is recommended to use Aetherward Oil on wave 169 to secure yourself from hard hits of Anasteria and Theodin.

Max crit landed in Crucible (solo, Crucible buffs, no banners)

Stats pane (Deadly Momentum, Inquisitor Seal, ring procs, Deadly Aim)




Did a few test runs using freshly buffed Malakor’s Infusion instead of Crystallum and using Cord of Deception. No time difference.

Nice build, man. I would try and test it with Spear instead of Reckless Tempest though, imo both damage and survivability would be better.

This build kinda has its evolution story, I tested it extensively in and SotH was in one of the previous iterations. SotH is underwhelming when used with 1H or DW lightning weapons. In this particular build Tempest shows better.

Slight update.

Did a test run with banner. Clear time: 9:17.


Looks good, will try this one!
What’s your reason not to use Null Field? When does the trade off start not being worth it?

Null Field is nonsense, not so many ranged enemies can deal significant damage and they are not threat for this build, but cast speed is sometimes really important thing. Casting SBoE, Inquisitor Seal itself and Aether Corruption suffer from lowered cast speed.

Great build, added to my thread. :wink:

Does this build still work in Thinking about playing it next but not sure if there are any changes to gearing/skills or if it’s still viable in the latest patch.