[] Sentinel of Hell - Guardian of Death's Gates Fire Forcewave Tactician

The Build

with all permanent buff + Word of Renewal, Deadly Aim, Burning Justice, and Standing on Inquisitor Seal.
DPS shown is Forcewave.

Build Feature

  • Ultimate Crucible clear speed
  • Contain Inquisitor
  • Contain Soldier
  • Forcewave
  • Nothing really :stuck_out_tongue:

Build Overview
Decided to play around GD a little more because I still have some idea to test. So usual fire forcewave tactician / commando usually goes to sharzull’s mace or obsidian war cleaver for obvious choices. For this time, I want to explore Guardian of Death’s Gates for forcewave weapon.

The weapon doesn’t have attack or cast speed, however it has massive flat physical damage that is the highest among 2Handed Axe division. It also has Massive +% to all damage, Massive ADCTH, and up to 30 flat RR to all resistance. The later is what I want to emphasize in this build. I choose to go with fire forcewave because of justicar and the best fire devo procs in the game. The weapon makes us able to skip elemental storm devo entirely, making the playstyle to be more streamline and all RR to be applied instantly.

Other itemization and skill choices should be obvious, except cinderplate girdle that I used for converting massive pierce on forcewave to fire. The build also features 6 craftable equipment for potentially super high armor when crafted by arngrim.

Defense is super good: We have a 3.6k armor due to all crafting bonus, decent 19% phys res, 12/12 inquisitor seal + 15/12 damage reduction from aura of censure, ghoul procs, 3.3k DA, and massive 25% ADCTH.

Equipment Choices
Craft all equipment at Arngrim and try to get +% armor as completion bonus. Get maximum RR to guardian of death’s gates.

Core Items:
Justicar Guard Set
Rings: Elemental Balance Set. 32 flat fire damage, bonus to fire strike line, godly procs, craftable.
Weapon: Mythical Guardian of Death’s Gates. Highest flat phys damage among 2H Axe in the game, Massive ADCTH, up to 30 flat RR
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion Just a perfect fit for this build, get +1 to aura of censure as completion bonus

Supporting Items:
Pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros. One of the best pants for auto-attacker and WD spell spammer. Crazy set of status and godly procs.
Alternative Pants: Aleksander’s Chausses. BiS for Tactician and Commando based Forcewave build. Use any prefix/suffix you like
Boots: Mythical Final March. Perfect Fit
Belt: Cinderplate Girdle. Just for converting pierce to fire in forcewave, also craftable. Get the conversion as high as possible.
Medal: Mythical Mark of Kalastor. For capping forcewave. Good set of stats and craftable.
Amulet: Empowered Essence of Beronath. Plus to all skills, high +% cast speed, craftable

Offensive fire-based forcewave build.

Eldritch Fire > to Blitz
Flame Torrent > to Forcewave
Meteor Shower > to Word of Pain
Fissure > to Inquisitor Seal
Ghoulish Hunger > to Whatever permanent buff

LMB: Forcewave
RMB: Point to Move
Mouse Wheel Up/Down: Word of Pain
Keyboard 1: Blitz
Keyboard 2: Inquisitor Seal
Keyboard 3: Word of Renewal

Standard procedure:
Press to activate Word of Renewal. Ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal
Blitz in, spreading eldritch fire
Cast Inquisitor seal below you
Scroll up/down to cast Word of Pain, triggering Meteor Shower
Hold LMB to obliterate, while mashing Blitz button

Round your enemy and Position yourself well so the enemy is in front of you

Build Performance
For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:

7:35 Clear-times. Should be able to do 3 cruci run in a single buff duration.

The build doesn’t have any dangerous enemy. Only iron maiden that takes a while to kill.

Adding more build in the forcewave division. Enjoy… :slight_smile:

Nice. I’ve always wanted to use this weapon a non-pet build, but never thought about making a forcewave character with it :rolleyes:
I have a few questions about the build:

  1. How does this compare with the standart Worldeater variant from your personal experience in terms of actual damage?

  2. How does this build do in MC? I believe OA is too low without the Crucible buffs and won’t proc Deadly Aim often enough without the help of Fighting Spirit.

  3. Why do you take WoP? Don’t think you really need it in this build. You can proc your Meteor Shower with the Seal and invest those two points in Vigor to get those nice 6% more to your CC resists.

Wow, it was unexpected :rolleyes:

Looks very strong, no need to wait crown or mines actrivation. Every RR always with me :smiley:

Amazing and interesting build, gratz!

Interesting build. Well done!

Is it not worth it to include momentum for a little more physical to add to Forcewave and Blitz?

Edit: The Tremor modifier and -75% wpn makes it not worth it? And maybe skill point limits.

Hah. Nice use of the weapon, hadn’t thought of that.

Don’t tell me you’ll also come up with a non pet witching hour build later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not leviathan tho? Better weapon damage and +2 soldier. Or did you really just want to use that weapon?

Btw, try non myth blood sigil. Helps with killing maiden faster. 2 points in forcewave isn’t a big loss imo.

Tried deadly momentum on spamwave a long time ago and it’s just clunky using a melee auxiliary skill on a ranged build. Also tremor is the entire reason you use forcewave on 2h.

Man, you have some really creative stuff sometimes.

This is the sort of build that should handle Ravager of Souls fairly well too.

Should be tested but with this attack speed it takes over a second to charge Cadence. That’s a second you don’t spam FW. Might not be worth it dmg-wise. Plus you gotta dismantle Blitz for that. Plus charging Cadence and spamming sth else is very non-QoL.

BTW nice job catching on that RR, Jabrix. Musta felt like N&O of 2h when doing devotions: freedom :wink:

Hi guys! It’s been a while… :wink:

Thanks! Answering your question below:

  1. I honestly haven’t tried the woldeater variant as I am not really fond of playing anyone build. However, I actually tried blazerush for fire forcewave weapon before for super massive flat damage and total of 30k Weapon damage sheet. But the death gate scythe is just so good in forcewave build with its massive adcth and instant RR, especially in crucible.
  2. MC will do just fine. Your hit will still not miss even when deadly aim is inactive.
  3. I use seal to proc fissure consistently. WoP to proc meteor shower consistently.

Thanks John!!
BTW, thank you for your shootout in your physical belgo reaper thread! I love most of your build too… :wink:

Oh, hi Madlee… :wink:

Thanks Glenn… :wink:

I have tried including cadence before for deadly momentum, and it’s just so painful. FW build usually don’t have much attack speed and wasting your time to do 3 hit with cadence in a slow animation is just DPS lost and hurting the gameplay.

Tremor is for spam forcewave.

Thanks Avyctes! :wink:

That last 2 point in forcewave decrease my dummy killing by 4 to 5 seconds though. Iron maiden takes a while to kill on a bad mutator, other case will do just fine.

Leviathan is better for physical FW build not for fire. It has no +% fire damage.
BUT, guardian of death’s gates is possibly even better than Leviathan for physical FW. :wink:

Honestly, Guardian of death’s gates is just mediocre for pet build. It promote hybrid gameplay but it just cannot compete with full pet build item like witching hour and others. It also promote fast skeleton resummoning where it’s useless in cruci because new summon will not have their buff applied.

Also, itemization for hybrid pet build is just abysmally worse. Crate will have a hard time balancing it though because they obviously don’t one to make non pet build can casually use pet.

Thanks Dio!!
Feel free to tweak it for Ravager killing. I honestly haven’t killed Ravager yet.

I know that for a while because I was always testing a hybrid pet build. They got that RR on, and been testing them since.

And yes, I got this idea because of the recent success of N&O.
If you thought about it, guardian of death’s gates can be so versatile with its flexible damage type. Imagine if it has +% attack/cast speed and proper skill bonus :D…

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It seems like whenever I do a non-trivial build you answer with a build of your own. This arms race never stops :smiley:

BTW, obviously a cool take on a very trivial and common type of build. Me and John were discussing it in discord lately and came up with some ideas on how to improve your constellation map. One of the ideas that John had (and I agree) is to include Dying God.

Nice build and good finding with non-standard weapon choice. :wink:

BTW, did you try to compare FW damage with current weapon and myth. Leviathan and myth. Stonefist Rebuke? I tried the last one for fire FW and it was good as well.

Stonefish do sound like a sea monster to me

Ah, words auto substitution on the phone feels sometimes like an evil. Thanks, fixed the typos.

P.S: BTW, one more 2h weapon with sea thematic sounds good. :wink:

Temporal Sharkblade when? :rolleyes:

Or maybe sawfish blade as well? :slight_smile:

Sharkanor, Jaw of the Luminari

BTW, found the photo of real 2h bone blade made from sawfish - looks pretty cool! :cool:

Looks cartoonish to me. But dude we need that sword in GD!