[] Runebinder and Luminari 2H Caster Tactician Crucible fast farm 151~170 7m20~7m40

Crucible movie



Nice one - I made a similar one some time ago: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72813

Using the tactician is interesting.

EDIT: I would have thought that running an iskandrian mage hunter would have been the better choice. Might be worth checking out.

WTF, even a rune+chillspikes f-ing TACTICIAN can do it so fast, Crate’s gotta nerf this shit like right now. How do you not die with 2750 DA and 6% phys res? I just don’t get this game sometimes.

Mark of Divinity medal is make something possible Crucible
I died using Luminari Commendation medal in Crucible

My point was that Tactician is the less obvious choice for Rune Inquisitor, since Soldier does not add anything to runes yet somehow 7:30 minutes, I just don’t get it, HOW