[] Runebinder's Mage Hunter, Deceiver, Vindicator [MadQ 5~7sec , Lokarr 14~17sec]

  1. Mage Hunter
  1. Deceiver
  1. Vindicator


Hey OP. I have been working on a remarkably similar build over the last week.


but in crucible when I tested I cleared 170 but only with easy nemesis. I was wondering how your doing so well with with the weapon when you only have 17k damage (mine has 22k) and I felt the weapon damage was terrible. The Rune was the main damage dealer clearing things.

Also how are getting around the energy issue? any special tips? Without Ulzuin’s pact I ran dry within 15 seconds. And even with Ulzuin’s pact I had to keep spamming potions on cooldown.

Energy Leech Devotion 1. Viper 15% Chance of 36 2sec 2. Revenant 10% Chance of 40 2sec~^^

Not bad! I also have a similar build i’m working towards. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoD3BGN

Little more tanky.

Rune of Hagarrad is OP~^^

Congrats for the build shopping!!
BTW, I still think that rune runebinder build is better without its crossbow. Myth crescent moon is just too good.

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For infiltrator, yes. But for others bow offers a lot of good things, huge RR, offhand levels of CDR and a free devo activator in Runic bolts. I love using anderos amplifier + offhand/Obsidian bulwark combo for double runes, so that’s one good alternative for bow.

Crazy how runes basically nullified the need for DA cause people die before they can even do enough damage.

I still smile when I think about AoM launch and so many people shat on runes.

Some still do on Kalastor, giggles

Did people really shit on Hagarrad on launch? I though it was just Kalastor?

What leveling way you suggest for the Mage Hunter? I try Storm Box, but its not super quick.

Nah, so many people disliked hagarrad. I, and others tried to tell them to at least invest in chillsurge if they found that they were missing central mass while leveling too much.

Some players had already done under 14-12 sec dummy tests after launch so it’s amazing that only 4-6 seeks age did hagarrad get so much spotlight.

No objective comment on Kalastor:) I do love it

Runes then. But storm box, tether is really fast in veteran/elite

2400 DA build doing Crucible, sigh, time to tone runes down a bit.

I’ve decided occultist would be better instead of nightblade.

leveling movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oms77uGjTAw&t=10s

leveling movie? post a level 99 guy with best in slot gear? serious? :furious:

I level all inquisitor with word of pain to end of elite. Max everything in the word of pain line and go ele dmg. Recks mob groups with one button.
Dont understand how people level with the storm box and calls is fast :smiley:

This movie reply levelling grimtools 1-2-3-4-5 step [levelling slot lokarr set]

Iquisitor is super easy to level. Rush mastery bar for inquisitor until you get bursting round put 5 points in. Rush mastery bar until chilling rounds and put 5 points in. Rush to storm spread 5 points in. This will carry you into the 70’s and halfway through elite even with crap store bought gear. Any 2 hander rifle of alacrity will do. Focus on attack speed on the gloves and resistances everywhere else.

Get RoH somewhere along the way max that and chillsurge for more spikes.

Spare points go into your other chosen mastery and whatever you want.

ah. I see. Sorry. :smiley:
the description for me is only chinese signs, so i ignored the youtube comment.

but… like i told before: level with word of pain. :p:rolleyes:

is it worth using Kalastor rune ?

any other rıng optıons?