[] Impaler - DW Pierce Cadence Blademaster, Gladiator farmer (under 11 minutes)

Here is my variation of DW Pierce Cadence Blademaster.

>> Grimtools << (no MI items used)

[] Tears through Gladiator in 8 minutes with banner.
Stomping enemies with shockwave and sawing them with RoS is such fun!

Core of the build

  • 2 pieces of Rimetongue to push the armor piercing to 100%;
  • 2 Myth. Reaver’s Claws for Cadence and Soldier bonuses;
  • Overcapped Ring of Steel with many %WD and gear bonuses supposed to be a nuke.
  • Core items for this build are: Rimetongue pieces, Reaver’s Claws and these brilliant gauntlets.
  • As a side effect, this build have up to 130k Internal Trauma ticks.

Key explanations

  • These constellations are mainly here to obtain health, stats, OA and DA while not missing Assassin’s Mark and Blades of Wrath.

Devotion route

  1. Assassin’s Blade, Ghoul, Wraith, Hawk, Hammer, Blades of Nadaan, remove Hammer;
  2. Sailor’s Guide, Harp, Assassin;
    [li]Solemn Watcher, Eel, Empyrion.[/li]After completing Assassin’s Blade, Wraith, Ghoul and Hawk you’ll have unused Crossroads nodes, remove them at the Spirit guide.


  • Slightly changed Devotions to match new realities of
  • [] Major update: dropped all green items and kept the offensive potential.
  • [] Major update: took some WPS, invested more points into Cunning, went Empyrion devotion route because Ishtak was nerfed.


  • sir spanksalot - gear adjustments.

Max crit dealt (solo, Crucible buffs, Vanguard Banner)

Stats pane (Deadly Momentum up)


Outdated versions


Waiting for to test this one in a Crucible/170. With 33% extra resists it will run really smooth, I suppose. Didn’t test it yet.

Boots have the similar affix :smiley:

damn … had this idea some weeks ago as well with 2cleaver …
but i forgot my blademaster while playing too many other toons ^^

great build! :slight_smile: nice one

Wow awesome build! Can you add vids please? It’s definitely viable for HC! My next build for sure!

My laptop is not so good for recording videos unfortunately =(

How fast can you reset the training dummy? I know it’s not the best way to measure build performance but can give some insight for sure.

43 seconds on Ultimate in Coven

Looks nice!
Should become viable for cruicible 170 in
Pierce damage is in such bad condition! I’ve built DW pierce infiltrator with belgothian set and yeah, I was able to finish 170. In 20 min! Twenty!! Some tanks can do it faster. What can I say? Pierce…

Very decent! Thank you.

I have so much hopes on! Can’t wait for it.

I had 54sec with my dw pierce infiltrator. But then I borrowed your devotion setup and gloves and now I have 40sec! 26% damage increase + more AoE thanks to RoS. Cool! Thanks. But no space left to overcap res, so very fragile in crucible. Still have to wait for the patch.
However, cold dw infiltrator for example has 28sec dummy kill time, and 12min clear of 150-170 even now, when it is most rough for DW. Pierce < Elemental.


Resistances can be overcapped using different greens.
For example, Dreadlord’s Gollus Ring of Oleron’s Wrath can be safely replaced with Dreadlord’s Vine Ring of Soulwarding (theoretically), only Poison resist will remain not capped, and Cadence at 24/16 instead of 26/16 is not so big damage loss in this case (partially compensated with Vine ring built-in % Pierce damage).
I just choose maximum damage way.

And yeah, RoS with additional 140% WD and 18 flat RR is a beast :smiley:

Updated the build with Vine Ring instead of Gollus one and overcapped all resists to > 20%. Only Chaos remain 13% overcapped and needs an anti-chaos consumable.

Interesting to find a different approach to lovely dw blademaster.
Still in process of leveling mine, though I have done things a bit differently with some MUCH NEEDED help from Superfluff.
Still work in progress, but so far quite good and fun with the added friends of Living Shadow and Blade Spirit.

Are you sure you need so much WPS abilities?

Shouldn´t be, since it ain´t optimal, buuuuut since I ain´t there yet can as well give em a try, don`t really cost that many points.
Will end up dropping most of em, or WD and AQC at least.
But killin´s good at least so far into Elite so why not?
And havin just boring L/R/B options in yar wps-pools is kinda boring, isn´t it?

The number of greens though…was this GDstashed?

You mean mine or OPs?
For me, the right one slicer was, got tired to farm after around 60th run of Royal Hive, other found or bought.

Nope, they are not GDstashed, if you mean my build.
Legguards are obtained in the crucible (already have collection of ~120 nice ones). Boots are crafted long ago, I have 5 of them to swap: Stonehide, Thunderstruck … of Kings, of Survival + one Thunderstruck … of Arcane Winds.
Shoulderguards also obtained in Crucible.
Living Rings and Vine Rings are easy to farm. Gloomwald => Ugdenbog => Ancient Grove => Vinelton, and you have up to 10 these rings. Or just Vinelton, if you’re lazy, he always have 5-6 rings for sale.