[] Impaler - DW Pierce Cadence Blademaster, Gladiator farmer (under 11 minutes)

Finally, when patch is released, Crucible buff made this build Gladiator viable. However, it’s somewhat slow due to natural lack of AoE in Blademaster class combo. Under Nature’s Guardians you faceroll everything, but when it expires, try to avoid enclaves and Aleks meteors.

Updated grimtools link and uploaded fresh videos.



gonna switch my correct blademaster to this build. tnx a lot.

In Myth Reaver’s Claw, there’s a modifier for Cadence: 1 Target Max.

What does this mean? 1 extra target? Limit to just 1 target only?

By dual-wielding it, does it increase to 2?

This means each Cadence super-strike hits 4 targets (instead of default 3) if you equip one Reaver’s Claw and 5 targets if you equip two of them.

Might have change my blademaster to this class! Nice build.

TY! To be honest, this build is very safe and fun to play, but if you look for Power, look at this build too. (Cheers, @Superfluff!)

Who expected this hit from the past, huh?

Yeah, that’s it! Meet the reworked version of the Impaler - DW Pierce Cadence Blademaster.
[] Tears through Gladiator in 11 minutes.
>> Grimtools << (no MI items used)

Max crit dealt (Crucible buffs, no banners)

Stats pane (Deadly Momentum + Fighting Spirit up)


  • sir spanksalot - gear adjustments.


I saw this build in its Valdun’s version and always thought why don’t you take Dual Claws + 3 piece belgothian and use steroided MA + Execution as WPS. As well as Belgothian Relic to spam that RoS more frequently, since it’s such a nuke you have (maybe even Conduit for it). But under 11 minutes is already impressive so you might know better after all :slight_smile:

I love the Valdun, Belgo and Warborn, but among these three only Warborn has such high HP, Cadence boosts, flat damage and armor combined, other sets are worse here.
Wearing a full Belgo set turns this build into another, so obviously I won’t do that, and wearing a few Belgo pieces is inferior to current setup :slight_smile:
About relic: Doom is better damage-wise, it has built-in armor, attack speed and Deadly Momentum craft bonus, coupled with Doomforce which is very good skill (converted to Pierce). That’s why I think Doom is the best relic for Soldier, even Pierce.
Btw, I managed to squeeze in the Rimetongue ammy and Bladetwister signet for extra 20% pierce rr, it’s definitely better than virtually useless conduit which has none but +1 to NB and some nice resistances :slight_smile:

Understandable, lack of cadence bonuses might be a factor here. You have obviously battled tested your stuff :slight_smile:

Nice build!
So you finally decided to use these shoulders from Warborn set.:wink:

Yes, Warborn chest and shoulders provide more health, more flat damage, Cadence bonuses and combined they give you armor. Warborn pieces are BiS here

Lmao. I didn’t do shit for this build except for seal of blades. :smiley:

Random question - have you considered getting one point into blitz for a second mobility skill?

Might seem dumb, but it can actually be super useful. Certainly worth a quick test IMO.

EDIT: Nicely done as usual, veretragna!

Hey, and Arcane spark! :smiley: Thanks!
I’ll give Blitz a try today.

Quick question ver - Does the increase in cadence arc angle prolong its attack animation?

I know this is a VERY specific question, but I’m just curious.

Nope, Cadence strikes with the same speed but affects more targets in wider arc.

Same speed + Wider arc = Lengthened Animation no?

Like I get that it doesn’t affect the build much, but I’m wondering if increasing the arc of cadence by TOO much in slow 2H builds could actually result in DPS loss.

No, mate :slight_smile: The only effect of wider arc is the extra target seemlessly shredded behind you. Cadence animation always looks like the powerful blow, but it doesn’t hit every target with its animation. Cadence hits one target and 3 targets receive the blow.

Ok. That really clarified things. Thanks man!

P.S. Will add in your submission later tonight. :slight_smile:

Btw did you mention that almost-deadly blow on 5:34? I was surprised so hard and went more defensive because this bitch discharged all my circuit breakers