[] Mekeritrig, the Tormentor - 2H Cold Savagery Trickster, Gladiator farmer (9") + Ravager

Hello wonderful people!
Here comes a new gladiator build. I always dreamed to create something viable using Mythical Bane of the Winter King, and this one outperforms all my expectations.

Meet Mekeritrig, the Tormentor.

[] Clears Gladiator in 7-8 minutes with banner.
Kills Ravager in less than 3 minutes.

>> Grimtools << No greens used
>> Grimtools << Dedicated build for Ravager

Core of the build

  • This is a build that uses Savagery as the main attack. Converted into a cold, and with a Mythical Bane of the Winter King.
  • Feral hunger is used as a nuke on 5 targets, with Savagery, with all the gains, it deals 165% * 120% * 118% * 200% = almost 470% weapon damage, healing us for 35% of the damage dealt.
  • Upheaval helps greatly by nearly doubling our burst damage if you land a crit.


  • Aggressive melee combat. Put the totem, put Wind Devils, SS to the enemy and hit with Savagery. Periodically, you need to cast Amarasta’s Blade Burst, but do not spam ABB and SS - if you cast them too often, you just will not let Savagery work, it’s a direct loss of damage.
  • Avoid Aleks meteors, they are dangerous.

Stats pane (Hungering Void, permanent auras, Pneuma and Lethal Assault up)

Max crit landed in Crucible (solo, Crucible buffs, no banners)




  • Ptirodaktill and Superfluff for their initial suggestions on this build which are taken into account in current version.

mate. With sentinel shoulders and cruci of the dead this could do some good times.

I’d stil use Heart of the mountain ammy in spite of FH mod. Anyway. Great job here:)

Glad to see it works well. Tried a vindicator version of this once. Didn’t work as well as this. I guess Stormcaller’s pact really plays a big part. Curious how the extra points to LA from Silver Sentinel shoulders would impact this build instead.

Myth. titan pauldrons are great to boost armor and phys resistance. However, Sentinels provide more damage in cost of survivability

Finally someone made use of those shoulders. They are absolutely insane in terms of boosting armor and phys res (especially when crafted at Angrim).

I do agree about Heart of the Mountain amulet. Or maybe even good old Peerless Eye so you don’t loose oa.

Yeah, I crafted shoulders with +18% armor. It’s huge, and this 8% phys resist makes difference.

Doombringer provides +40% Crit damage and +3 targets to my nuke. I tried all possible amulets and found that Mageslayer’s Protector is alternative BiS for this build due to whooping +15% RR. However, even this huge boost can’t outperform Doombringer’s crit damage! :smiley:

@x1x1x1x2, @Superfluff
Silver Sentinel shoulders are good, but IDK how to wear them and keep resistances at 80% at the same time. I lose 30% poison res and there’s no sources I can apply instead. Any suggestions?
UPD: Incorruptible ring instead of Tempest should work, I’ll look for it
UPD2: Damage per second with Silver shoulders and random Incorruptible ring became 151k instead of 141k with Lethal Assault up. ~6-7% damage boost in exchange for 8% physical resist and ~500 armor. Worth it?
I’ll stay with Titans.


Persoanlly i’d take deleting stuff fast instead of phsy res with this one.

Made some changes, amulet, shoulders 2x venomguard and ancient prefix on boots for chaos. Has HP and % armor so no need to cry for the phys res too much. You have more skill points now. You can max Vos

My calculations show +23% damage boost with this setup. I’ll craft the right boots and give it a test

After 5 runs with both default setup and Silver shoulders + Heart of the Mountain (offensive setup) I can make some conclusions.

Offensive setup adds very good portion of damage to all attacks, but with Feral Hunger you hit 5 targets instead of 8, lose crit damage and slow resistance. Not mentioning phys res and armor, they don’t matter that much, in both setups they’re decent.

Problem lies in AoE. The only powerful AoE I have is Feral Hunger, in offensive setup I get swarmed frequently, so I must play more carefully, and still died 2 times of 5.
Also without pauldrons I’m more vulnerable to slow. Someone casted Slow upon me, breaked my lifeleech, and this time I died to the swarm on wave 163 (or something, didn’t remember correctly).
And with default setup I didn’t die at all.

Doombringer and Titan Pauldrons are mandatory.

Nice build. Do you need Upheaval? You can drop it and invest inrto RoS for AoE and Fumble Something like this? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWQYKnN

Thanks! :wink:
Also thought about Upheaval a lot. And calculated that regular attack + Upheaval deal 234% WD upon single target (regular attack) and 290% WD as AoE (Upheaval) as the single hit, and it procs with every crit.
Ring of Steel, even boosted by Savagery to 250% WD doesn’t outperform Upheaval damage-wise, also RoS will contain non-converted Lightning damage.
30% chance to cast fumble? To guarantee 100% fumble I need to cast RoS three times in a row, takes 10 seconds. No nemesis lives that long

I dunno, its worth to check out. Aslo WTF is this weird devotion setup :rolleyes:
Try https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26wWP8V

Forget Silver shoulders and Heart of the Mountain. I tested this setup, it lives worse than mine.

Tried Ultos first in hope that devotions also get converted to Cold if bound to Savagery. Well, they not. Ultos also works worse than Dying God. I’m stacking as much crits as possible to reach highest possible damage.

And wtf is Seal of the Might doing here? :rolleyes: Another WPS proc of 300% WD to 3 targets greatly outperforms any alternative, even if it’s fire+chaos.

Well you can test with Might and with Void to see hot things go. Numbers-vise silver sentinel setup is superior to Titan pauldron, so droping void for might in exchange of flat dmg bonus should woth it. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2m9dK02 this is better components setup, as you gain a good chunk of racial bonuses.
What with %crit obsession? With your OA chanse to crit is 15-17% with crucible buffs. Heck , with this setup you should do 35% More dmg with every hit. :rolleyes:

Again: I tested it on @Fluff’s version and reported a feedback on first page.
Still can’t get why do you pick up Ultos

Flat lightning, 10% dmg boost from nodes, 24%WD AoE “heal” every second with a big chunk of flat dmg and dot. It does enough dmg on DW setup to oneshot most trash, with yours setup it should be even better.
Bind it to Grasping vines - that way its gona proc even if you are fumbled or swarmed. And with your ADCTH it should keep you at full life during early swarms.

Only 30% of lightning damage in Hand of Ultos gets converted into Cold, and this includes Weapon damage as well. However, I’ll test this.

Btw, 35% of total damage dealt? Don’t think so, especially when we’re talking about Feral Hunger. In my setup it hits 8 targets, so one of them with almost 100% chance will be critted. Or no one, or every one randomly. And for Feral Hunger its crit modifier is 80% greater (Dying God + Doombringer) than in proposed variant.

Seal of the Might - won’t take it either, it makes no sense.

Why you hate upheaval, it’s perfect for his build:p

I like how OP tested more offensive setups and silenced all the critics :slight_smile:

I agree with OP on this one, melee builds are still vulnerable in late Crucible so if more offensive setup might lead to faster clear times but at the same time risk of dying goes from 1% to 10% is still not worth it as long as your defensive setup can do two 150-170 runs with 4 tributes in under 25 minutes.