The Lightning Elementalist

Hi Guys!

My last month’s dream came true.

Grimtools Thx to Ptirodaktill

Crucible: 170
Time 13 - 14 min (Better piloting i think it can be under 12 min.)

Hardest Nemesis:

  1. 2 reaper 1 fabius.
  2. 2 Alakamos, Benjar, Moski.
  3. Reaper, Iron maiden.
  4. Fabius, Grava, Alakamos.


This is not a piano charachter, but u have to push that few button many times. Try to get 3 - 3 WD and Totem even if just last 2 sec. U have to kite, but ur defence and lifesteale makes u sure not to do many times.


Alternative for amulet the conduit of wild wishpers with the CDR on totem or Empowered Essence of Beronath.
U can get overcapped upheavel if u get 5 points from maelstrom and 1 from storm touched. I think the damage is same.

Enjoy. tested cruci viable.

You can do much better if you run PS instead of Savagery .
This is, probably, the only char that benefit from flat armor on Oak skin as you can push armor rating to 5k =)

Thx. I don’t understand why he didn’t post here. :rolleyes:

Tried Ps without the Brute force line and i died Probably withit i die too, since i don’t use it to much on Savagery.