[]HC CDR aether Spellbinder Rei

  1. Intorduction.
    Ladys and Gentermens =) I`m proud to present you aether Spellbinder, focused around CDR and immortality. This build can clear gladiator on 10x multiplier all waves with extraspawn with 19 minutes average cleartime wave 100-150.

  2. Build explanation
    Fastest clearing grimtools
    I`m using transmuted CT, Devastation, and Bone harvest as main source of dmg, Soul syphon provide OA reduction, sustain and additional dmg, Ravenous earth is used as AoE debuff and Fiend proc.
    For defence we have Opie mirior with 11.6 second recharge ,23% DMG absorbtion from MSoP, 56% from mark of torment and 27% reduced dmg from Decay. Miror and MoT can be chaincasted with 100% uptime of one of them. So if our spellbinder isnt unvulnerable due to miror couldow she still take only ~24% of all incoming dmg, not counting resistances and armor . On top of it we have ADTCH that replenisg our lifepool in one CT cast. And Goul proc as cirquit-breacker.

  3. Itemisation
    The build require 42%CDR to work, so 4% from main hand, 7% CDR from hat and 19% CDR from offhand is mandatory.
    Im using 29%conversion Reaper of the accursed as offhand. Other choises are : Codex of lies, Tome of arcane wastes, Cataclyzm eye. Make sure you have 19% CDR on offhand .
    Relic slot is flexible. Mogdrogen is BiS, but Uroboruuks is aslo realy good. Impurity is somewhat better dmg-wise, but lack survivability. Agrivix malice is also a good option, but inferior to necro relics. Haunt offer extra punch, but we have too much butons to press alredy. Ethernity help with unvulnerability rotation, but i dont need it.
    Gloves can be changed to Souls touch . Souls touch is better dmg wise, but lack health and resists.
    Rings are PITA to farm and we need maxed rolls. Ive used Band of Ethernal haunt+ golus before, but Magelord are BiS. Good luck finding them with 30% conversion. Crete, plz, give us recipe to craft them, blue jewelry droprate is MMO level retarded
    Belt can roll up to 60% Fire to aether conversion! With maxed rolls from rings, offhand and belt we can convert 96% of fire dmg to aether.

  4. Some screenshots:
    Character window
    Bone Harvest
    Total Dmg
    %Aether dmg
    Secondary resistance
    Max Dmg

  5. Video … work in progress :frog:
    Crusible action 150-170
    LOL-Faceroll 150-170
    130-150 farming routine
    Crusible 150-170

Outdated videos for previos version:
Plant farming+kuppacappa lootbox
Eh? That was eh? Final boss?
Vitality decree. Ofc no drop
Zully. Ofc no drop
empty Alamos
Van Aldrich. Ofc no drop>_<
Crusible Gladiator 100-150 with extra spawn
Mad quene

6.Crucible in 1.0.6
Well, after 1.0.6 buffs crucible is easy. Fully buffed Pre 150 is a joke, you can do it with glass setup semi-afk under 17 minutes. I don’t think that tanky setup is justified anymore - with current clear-speed, ADCtH and circuit breaker you can farm even 150-170 for greens on HC with minimum concentration.

Strange. I thought that transmuted CT build would need to focus on burn, but you just use it as a nuke.

Yes, it does up to 232k dmg with all stars alligned.

I have an aether spellbinder in the works and noticed chaining MoT and Mirror with Aeon’s; never thought to use Star Pact purely for the CDR.

I saw the Eternity relic in Grim Tools which has a mini-Aeons on crit; would that be an alternative to ease up the CDR requirement or would it be it too unreliable?

Aoen is mandatory for chaincasting. Eternity would fit this build , but i prefer Mordrogen for +1 all and life over rather meh stats of Ethernity.

Added Crusible video. =)

Hi! I was looking for an aether-based caster build utilizing one of the new classes. Your build is looking exactly as i want (no AAR included), but it also looks like it cannot be leveled though normal game (basically i need to level in different build?) and require the exact (or very similar) items? Or it could?

You can level as Arcanist with CT+OFF+Devastation. The only requirement for build to work is 43% CDR for chaicasting miror and mark.

What do you mean with “OFF”? :smiley:

Olexra flash freeze.

Where do you put your attribute points and do you have a devotion guide, i.e.which to go for first, which to drop e.t.c. ?


all in physique ofc. Thanks to inner focus we don’t need any points in spirit.

Thank you.

Never played an Arcanist before so wasn’t aware of that skill.

Any thoughts on which devotions to aim for first?

Thanks again.

I am total Newbie.
I want to find how do you level up with this build??
What build/skills should I use before getting all the required items?

Is it easier to level up with arcanist? or Nectro?

arcanist, use OFF flash for aoe that carry you trough normal.
Usually I max OFF, and along the way CT and necro spectral.
Then rush to devastation and star pact
you then should be around L45/50.
add some points for skills u want need along the way, 1 or a couple of points.

as an example

Start with Viper, then EEl, Hawk, Giant, Widow, Manticore.

I am total Newbie.
I want to find how do you level up with this build??
What build/skills should I use before getting all the required items?

Is it easier to level up with arcanist? or Nectro?

You can start as arcanist or necro, it dosent matter that much. Arcanist is somewhat faster, whild necro is safier. For arcanist level with CT+OFF+defastation. For Necro level with ravenous earth+soul siphon.


I went exactly the same way with spellbinder except for eternity relic mistake (brilliant idea just using Mog for the insane SP btw).

Bravo sir! :smiley:

Does untransmuted CT work with this build?

Transmuted CT equal ~4 untranmuted CT, so transmuted CD is much better DPS-wise if you consider that you can cast 2-3 CT in a row with this build.

Added Kupawhatbro video , still not found Mog recipe. And i have a very bad feeling about Mog crafting >_>