[] Scorching Light - Double Ortus Fire Cadence Tactician, Gladiator farmer (9 minutes)

Hello, wonderful people!
Do you think it’s enough for Cadence and this flood of builds must be stopped?
Do you think Nex and Ortus are crap and they need to be redone?
The answer is bold No.
Today’s build shows the case in which Fire Cadence is possible, and that’s not all - it uses double Ortus.

Meet the Scorching Light.

>> Grimtools << no green items used

Clears Crucible in 9 minutes.

Core of the build

  • Main damage skills of this build is Cadence.
  • Core items for this build are double Ortus and Justicar Guard set.
  • This build collects all sources of attack speed to ensure constant 200% AS; even direst mutators can’t do anything to slow us down.
  • We collect ADCtH from constellations mainly to free the weapon slots for Enchanted Flints; these are needed to convert our physical damage to Fire. Physical damage can be converted via amulet too, but skillpoints from Beronath’s ammy are essential.
  • This char deals good damage via Meteor Shower, Fissure, Elemental Force in addition to huge single-target damage of Cadence. Even with low RR potential (~100) and not full phys->fire conversion it performs good.
  • Build’s defenses include decent HP pool (~19k in Crucible), good lifesteal, huge armor, Inquisitor Seal and Ghoul.


  • Aggressive melee combat.
  • Anasteria and Aleks are dangerous. In last fight I encountered double Aleks, and double meteor is sick payload of damage, so try to avoid such situations.
  • Theodin is melted down like butter on pan, so wave 169 is not a problem.

Max crit landed in Crucible (solo, Crucible buffs, no banners)

Stats pane (permanent auras, Deadly Aim, Deadly Momentum up)



Неплохо неплохо.
Have you tried to max Bliz? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAWazRN I redistributed devotion activation for better upkeep.

Max Blitz is a good idea, I’ll try it. However, seems like with 1H weapon there’s no difference between 242% and 400% WD over 4 seconds. Your thoughts?
My devotion bindings are best from my practice; instant cast of Eldritch Fire (4 ticks per second), timed cast of Elemental Storm, 100% chance and perfectly fit CD of Meteor Shower on Blitz. I tried different bindings on 2 chars at least and came to this scheme.
In this case, okay, we need to wait .4 seconds before Blitz because stupid gloves add these .4 seconds CD.

Max Blitz is a good idea, I’ll try it. However, seems like with 1H weapon there’s no difference between 242% and 400% WD over 4 seconds. Your thoughts?

Well, as alternative you can add a lot of burning from untrasmuted Forcewave onepointer+maxed internal trauma.

Without shield - nope

yeah >_> I keep forgetting about this weird restriction of forcewave. =(

That’s a solid build, well done. Justicar + Tactician = can make anything work, you could probably equip two Skinner’s Torches and it would work just fine.

BTW, why are you always uploading just 160-170 btw?

I don’t like 150-160, they are waste of time and space on HDD and they don’t show anything useful. 161, 165, 169, 170 are something that worth showing

Waves 153 and 160 can be pretty dangerous. Also, Kuba is a slow kill for some builds that can breeze through 160-170.

Any build have its own slow kill nemesis. This particular one have Iron Maiden (probably, didn’t see her), but Kuba is melted instantly. Anyway, 170 and 160 are nearly the same (except 170 is more difficult), and you can catch any random nemesis at 165 or 170, so 150-160 can be safely dropped.

More proof that Justicar can make anything work. And Ortus, man, bonus points for style but the game seriously needs a better fire one handed weapon.

I’m really confused with such low flexibility of 1H fire builds. For Fire, you need to wear Ugdenbog Flamestrife, Ortus… and that’s all. Herald of the Blazing Ends is burn weapon and it doesn’t have attack speed. Sad situation

Lightning is in the same boat =(

Justicar is strong and so is the Elemental Harmony Ring pair (even more common than Justicar).

But I’d say this is more a proof that Inquis can make anything work.

At least it has stormheart and crystallum. Not quite as bad as fire, although cold obviously has them both beaten by a mile.

Kilrian’s Skullbreaker too

It’s pretty op, but you need to find two not just one with good rolls to make something like DW Justicar Sabouteur work. And that’s an impossible task, I personally haven’t even found Searing of Alacrity in my 1500+ hours of play.

I can get 5 in 5 mins kappa. Seriously tho. Skullbreaker is probably one of the hardest MI’s to farm. Mace should be a guaranteed drop, imo. Takes you too long to walk towards Kilrian and it doesn’t drop all the time FeelsBadMan.

Really nice Vere. Also, nice array of offensive devotion procs, although it’s a shame that you can’t fit viper in there. I was trying to make discord cadence works with nex and ortus, but haven’t cracked the code yet as it will need more procs to support cadence well with no WPS.

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Either Viper or Fiend. I prefer Fiend more