[] Purifier Annie - DW Ranged Fire FS Purifier, Gladiator farmer (8 minutes)

Hello, wonderful people!
Finally I decided to open the long box and make a build with Demolitionist.
I still think Demo is little underwhelming, but when it comes to Purifier with Fire Strike, Inquisitor WPS, Brimstone and Explosive Strike, I understand how true Demolitionist should look like.
So, here’s my first attempt to make a Demo build. Like true Demo, it’s laggy AF, it’s fiery and it kicks asses.

Meet Purifier Annie.

>> Grimtools << no green items used
>> Grimtools << alternative version with double Arcanum Sigillis by mad_lee

Clears Crucible in 8 minutes.

Core of the build

  • Main damage skill of this build is Fire Strike powered by bunch of Inquisitor WPS and Brimstone. Classic.
    [li]Key item defining this build is Mythical Exterminus, its wide-range RR skill is immense. [/li]Other core sets are parts of Stronghold of the Legion set and Justicar Guard set.
  • Build follows the maximally aggressive devotion route including Fiend, Ulzuin’s Torch, Magi and Hydra.
  • To counterpart low HP this build has Justicar Huard set, Ghoul, Blast Shield, Inquisitor Seal and Flashbang. It’s almost impossible to die with this build.


  • Aggressive ranged/melee combat. You basically shotgun everyone and everything in ranged and in melee distance.
  • The only weakness of this build is low Freeze resistance. Drink a Hoarfrost Ointment if you see Moosilauke, he can freeze you at nemeses waves and thus lead to death.
  • Hard physical hitters like double Reaper or Reaper+Maiden are dangerous too. Don’t forget to use Flashbang on them. I always forget to do that :smiley:

Max crit landed in Crucible (solo, Crucible buffs, Vanguard banner)

Stats panes (permanent auras, Deadly Aim, Burning Justice, Fire and Brimstone active)





  • Thanks to Safarel who proposed Mythical Exterminus for Fire build.
  • mad_lee - alternative build with double Arcanim Sigillis and various gear enhancements.
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Nice. I thought exterminus is a strictly chaos gun.

Annie are you ok?

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Indeed! I was surprised AF. Single RR skill on chaos gun performing on the same level as hardcapped Arcane Empowerment, double Arcanum Sigillis and conversions?
I still don’t believe, but here it is.

Ян е ппьян! :rolleyes:

Nice build, added to my thread. :wink:

“Core of the build” and “Key explanations” looks pretty alike. :smiley:

Oh shi!
I think I started editing this chapter but pressed “cancel” instead of “save” :smiley:

Looking to try a purifier build, would this be okay to level for a newish player? Any recommendations on what skills/devos/etc to focus on first? Or would you recommend another build entirely?

Thanks for your time.

Level with double guns through Fire Strike, Explosive Strike, WPS skills and rush to Brimstone. Purifier is probably the most easy class to level for me. Devotions are seen in GT link.

thx for the build, i will try it

Hey veretragna,

looks like a cool build. Im a sucker for range builds, i’ll try this one most definitely! Just one question, i can’t seem to understand the reasoning behind putting points into storm spread and chilling rounds. Is this just for the Devotion procs? and if so, shouldn’t you put just as many points in there to reach the 20% chance threshold? Or did i overlook something where you have damage conversion?


If you look at weapon damage, you’ll see the biggest part of it is fire. Wps skills deal weapon damage. In result they will deal little cold or lightning damage depending on wps, and huge fire damage via Weapon damage.
Weapon damage is the reason I took these wps skills, they are pretty good with it.

Just spam word of pain til lv 60, then slowly change your gears/skills.:stuck_out_tongue:

I feel that Kraken is kick ass for ranged.

He is dual wielding two pistols, Kraken works only with two-handed weapons.

Meh, I wonder how this devotion build works. Is there a hidden trick or something like that?

Edit: Gna~ nvm, found it. You can remove the points as long as you still fulfill the requirement… -.-

Yes, self-supporting of devotion route is the key.

Welcome to the forum!

Looks cool, you say it’s hard to die but the devotions are so offensive and I’m used to having a majority of points be in ADCTH and circuit breakers and such, is it because the damage is so obscene or you’ll only be tanky with the Justicar set or like, where exactly is that coming from? I don’t have the gear but I want to level something new and I’m wondering if the defensive tools from Purifier and ghoul is enough for a smooth experience without legendaries.

This build is indeed tanky. It has 2 strong defense layers: Blast Shield when your health drops to 60% and Ghoul when your hp drops to 45%, not counting Inquisitor Seal absorbing majority of smaller hits. On practice it translates to 10 seconds of practical invincibility, this time is enough to shred every single enemy in melee range. If these 10 seconds expire, you always can kite a little to wait for Blast Shield recharging and repeat.

This build is focused on maximum damage output though while keeping decent defenses. If you want max defense, better try Empyrion+Ishtak devotion route.