Looking for a suggestion on a build

hello there!

i’m quite new to grim dawn and i’m overwhelmed with the build compendium. i am looking to make a gunslinger style build with dual pistols that can fight on distance with lost of procs and maybe ice or fire damage. but if its another damage type its fine too. it should be endgame viable and also be able to do sr+ and c+ if possible. i clicked on a few builds in the compendium but they seem to be old and didnt have a working link anymore. i would be really grateful if someone could suggest me a build or two to check out

thanks alot

Hi, in Grim Dawn it’s usually sound advice to focus on one damage type. For ranged build, you can go fire.For example Inquisitor can be be paired with Demolitionist or Oathkeeper!

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hey! thanks for the tip. yeah i was thinking about going for one damage type. but i dont feel like i will be able to create my own build that will be good enough to be able to do ultimate and crucibles and shattered realm. im afraid i will invest alot of time and in the end i will realize that it just dosent work out. thats why im looking for a build guide for dual pistols ranged…i tried to google but i dont find much and what i find is old and probably outdated

Why have you not linked your beginner friendly [] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier guide, Nery?

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Yes, sadly most of the good ranged builds are outdated, but you can try this [] Purifier Annie - DW Ranged Fire FS Purifier, Gladiator farmer (8 minutes)

Or check in Compendium ranged Paladin by Omnitrio.

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Well the OP requirement was build, that can do SR and Crucible, mine isn’t strong enough. Also is lightning damage.

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hey thank you guys!! i will check these out…actually the damage type isnt sooo much important. lightning is fine too. just wish it can do all the content once the build is on point

thank you very much

You can navigate via the Build Compendiums or my class table in the same thread. There are also Nery’s beginner build collection and Collection of malawiglenn’s Beginner Friendly builds, but as Nery pointed out, these might not be that strong … well, just play the bloody game. :wink:

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thank you! yes i am playing…currently have a lvl54 templar with eye of reckoning. its fun but i would somehow like to play a ranged with dual pistols :slight_smile: im not new to this kind of games, i got like 1200h in poe and about the same in d3 so i kinda tend to think in advance about being able to do endgame stuff. unfortunately im not good at theory crafting and build creation, thats why i dont want to waste my time by trying to create a custom build that wont be strong enough in the end. for now i will continue with my templar but keep the dual pistols in mind for later.

thanks again

I think you have too high expectations that your first char will be able to do c+ and sr+ in a reasonable time. You have a lot of farming to do before that.

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yeah i can imagine. i dont mind the farming…just trying to find a buildguide that is theoretically able to do all the content. im aware that it will take alot of time to farm the gear. im just trying to avoid creating chars that will end up being unviable, thats all…

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Then look in the compendium for a class combination that you think will be fun to play, easy to gear and powerful. I.e. try to stay out of g5 tags and also if char has Conduit amulet with build enabling affix.

Then look around for beginner/budget guides which will at least get you going some basic farming.

For instance, warlords, paladins, dervish, infiltrators etc will kinda “always” be good for high endgame stuff.

Even if a char you have now can’t do c+ and sr+, you can at least start doing basic farming with it so that leveling and gearing up other future chars faster and smoother. I.e. most of my budget builds can farm challenger crucible and elite shattered realm as they are presented basically and you can soon swim in gear. By planning for future chars, you know what items to look for now, what to keep, what rolls on green and MI’s are worth keeping and so on :slight_smile:

Also, be aware of patches… they can either bless or curse you :stuck_out_tongue:

btw these tags are just an arbitrary forum standard, you make your own goals about what your chars should be able to do and how you approach the game. Grim Dawn is not Diablo 3 or PoE you know …

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great tips, thanks! yes i will do that…i installed GD item assistant so i can store all the gear that i find could be useful for future chars. im really excited about grim dawn and i am loving it so far!


great, I hope you don’t loose any items and stuff.

I make mule chars in GD stash, and use Grim item search for finding the items.

Then I play without steam cloud save and do my own backups.

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yes i turned off cloud saving too so i have full control over my saves and can do manual backups. ok if item assistant can loose items i might better make mules too

For character building, since you need time to level them , it’s good if they have multiple styles viable, in case you decide to switch.

Paladin for example can do Ranged, but also can be build as caster, tank or Spinning build.

For items, most of them are from random drop locations, so it’s usually easier to have build witch work without full set.

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yeah that is also a good tip, having multiple chars to play with and progress in parallel is nice since then you get burned out playing with same skills and stuff less likely

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yeah, thanks for all the nice tips. i will just continue to play my first char and keep all the items that could be useful later. still have alot to discover

That is the most fun aspect of Grim Dawn IMO, the game mechanics is complex and soon you will theorycraft your own builds in no time :slight_smile: For each char i “finalize” I have probably theorycrafted 20 or so builds in the progress xD

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This is a guide I made on game-mechanics that you can use to learn more 🤯 malawiglenn’s guide on game mechanics for beginners

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