[] Purifier Annie - DW Ranged Fire FS Purifier, Gladiator farmer (8 minutes)

Cool, well I just play campaign anyway so it’s probably enough. I’m working my way through normal now and I’m curious what the best devotion route would be while leveling?

I did something like

+Crossroads green
+Crossroads purple
Rhowan’s Crown
+Crossroads red
Solael’s Witchblade

Plan to take:

Ulzuin’s Torch

I believe that’s the route that gives me the necessary devotion requirements and should be decently powerful

Sup guys.

Was just wondering why go for the Non-Mythical version of Blood Sigil of C’thon? Is it because of a chunk of Fire dmg being converted to Chaos?

Also, how on earth can i farm a Non-Mythical version?:rolleyes:

Kill stuff that doesn’t go over level 80 or so I guess. Which means you’ll need to use a character not done leveling, or somewhere where the level limit for mobs is that low (elite or earlier). It will suck, probably, because legendary drop rates are lower than on ultimate.

It sucks is an understatement. Having this requirement for the build i feel is along the lines of requiring a ‘Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Kings’. Farmed BoC a whole day, with no results.Absolutely frustrating. Making do with a mythical pyroclasm mark…should probably do just as good i hope.

Yes you wanna do fire dmg not chaos.

There are plenty of medals u can use instead.

Did this survive the 1.1.0?

Let’s hope Veretragna will update or help us with additional explanations about the changes made by the pach 1.1.0.

As far as demage is concerned, I have already seen nerf for Elemental Harmony and Blood Sigil of Ch’Thon. Instead of defensive things, I think there were no significant changes.

Mythical Light’s Oath/Band of the eternal Pyre/Combustion Band looks like decent candidates to replace elemental harmony. Also i think that Blood Sigil relic might be weaker now than the Pyroclasm Mark.

Reign of ice and fire is also option,after improvements in last patch.Better for casters,but probably will be decent maybe combined with combustion band.I think Pyroclasm is BiS now.

There is also Korvaak’s Brand as a alternative to Pyroclasm.

I did no changes to this build in FG, but probably current medal stays in its place. It provides nice racial damage bonus which is better to keep, and flat fire damage is still decent.


I’m following your build, looks awesome.

What Factions should I ally/prioritize for this build?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, I have a question about this build, mostly because I’m currently working on http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74454 build which is pretty similar to yours (although theirs isn’t complete, so it’s hard to actually compare, but the leveling info is super helpful).

How would you compare lightning vs fire as your focus? Completely changes devotion trees after all. They were mentioning that fire got a nerf because of the balance ring nerf so lightning winds up better now? Both your skill tree and theirs are virtually identical so it really comes down to the huge difference devotion would become, and gear goals of course (which I am not worried about at level 15).

Hi! This build don’t use any specific faction items or augments, so you’re free to choose any faction.
Except I’d probably befriend Barrowholm because of their Hungerer oil which is very useful for any build.

I didn’t test it after recent patches, but I think Fire route received a huge kick. I’m not certain about this build performance after these heavy nerfs.

Damn… I really like the concept of this build
If I follow it to endgame will I struggle, or is there a better alternative for a DW Purifier build?


You’ll not struggle. By lower performance I mean it will not be top-tier anymore, but it will be still viable to play and win.

Been running this build as I level, currently at level 66 and I’m enjoying it so far :slight_smile: Been reading a bit that fire purifier might not be as powerful now. Would lightning be a better option today?

Can someone explain the pros and cons of either going for a 2h fire ranged vs dual wields like this build does? Wouldn’t her highest crit of 200k be even higher with a rifle? Is the benefit of dual wielding a higher attack speed which means more WPS procs and whatnot, so even though damage is lower, damage per second might be higher? What are the pros/cons of each? I am currently level 70 with a similar build, but using a 2h rifle (sharpshooter’s). I have some good pistols but my DPS in the Character menu plummets by like 10k if I were to switch to them

Deep Sky Blue~

So, how is it in FG? Any new items? SR performance?

Kinda getting tired of rerolling mu poor gunslinger every update. Still looks fashionable though.