3Devas-Anasteria 150+ex 6 or 7m with good players

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Fast cd Mirror of ereocter and Devastation .
Noproblem with dual alex and reaper with 8s mirror . :eek::eek::eek:
150+:https://youtu.be/ZKQZN4k0sMk New
Mybuild : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pvkrjZ

Mod and ravager ??? Yes or No >>> Yes i’m not big fan !

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I really like it. One question though, why don’t you use decree of aldritch? It should be a perfect fit on this build.

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If you have a Decree of Aldrich, use it. If you don’t, use Wrath of Ascendant . https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAWe76N That should perform better. With %total dmg modifier its worth to max MoE for maximum upkeep.

Thank you !

Yup. Decree of aldritch so good . I get it. Thank you.

How did you get MoE to lv 22 in that build, i think it’s 18 max :confused:

No matter what every skill can get + 10 points from items.

Great build i will add to my thread.

if you ctrl+shift click, you’ll see 16/12 in GrimTools, so something is not displayed correctly?

Nope there is a chance in grimtools if u maxed out a skill and u have points u can add to so still wil be 22 but +4 skill which is in this case. The Grimtools +4 points above 22 doesn’t shows.

Happend me too before this a bug or i don’t know. This is differnet i think he capped and changed an item but the points stacked there.

So TANNY u have 4 skill’s from MoE in grimtools, correct it pls.

I thought it showed it in red color then, like 27/16

That was in grimcals back in the day, here not. Will be good for change that too.

I don’t know how GrimTools/calc worked “back in the day” I just uploaded one of my chars that I started a month ago and took a screenshot

Ohh. I never thought that, but too have this picture u have too somehow overpoiting some skills wich are maxed.

  1. I could not overpointing the maxed. (Since grimtools not allow. I tried.)
  2. That’s why i never thought that.

Anyway if i check grimtools tanny resolve it.

(Shift control.)

I figured out if u have overcapped skills, without reaching softcapped, than u can put more point and it will be red.

Like in the picture.

sorry guy , girmtool have problem …

It doesn’t. If you see a skill in red in grimtools, it means that you’ve overcapped it over hard cap — basically with the current setup you have free skill points that you can remove from that skill via spirit guide and put them somewhere else.

Just like in the game itself you can’t get over hard cap by adding skill points if you are already at hard cap. But you can do it if you first invest in the skill and then equip gear that adds skill bonuses.

E.g. You have no gear equipped and you add 16 points to CT leaving it at soft cap. Then you equip gear that gives +12 to CT in total, this puts CT at 28/26 when hard cap is 26. In game it’ll be displayed as 26/16, because you’ve reached hard cap and points over that cap are ignored, in GT however you’ll see the skill at real values - 28/16 indicating that you exceeded hard cap for that skill and can move these points somewhere else.

Btw, this feature might be useful to review your builds after a patch goes up, because gt uses the most recent game data and if you have all skills at hard cap in some build right now, that same build may have certain skills over hard cap if there are changes in the patch that add +skill bonuses to equipment that is used in the build.