[] CDR-ish Spellbinder, 7:34 150-170 Crucible Gladiator

So while Nex and Ortus builds running rampant in crucible with lightning speeds, I wanted to explore nerfed CDR binder and see how build performing in current patch.



Char sheet


Nothing really innovative here. Clairvoyant set, Mage lord set, Reaper of the Accursed staples of CDR binder. Since Isckandra’s amulet was gutted I decided to use Invoker’s shard which is not bad at all since proc is quite good and we converting around 90% of elemental damage to aether. Also we need max CDR rolls on every item since no more Starpack for us, with max rolls we can achieve 37% CDR which not gonna win any prizes, but will allow us to live a bit easily.

Relic slot is kinda flexible you can go with Eternity which allows you to chain MoT and Mirror almost perfectly. But I decided to go with Aggrivix malice since it gives us more damage overall.


Keep in mind I’m not a crucible pioneer I played at best 25 matches of 150-170 crucible, so I think with better pilot you can achieve better times/success rate

Runs with 3 buffs and 1 banner

150-170 7:34 run

150-170 7:49 run

150-170 7:53 run

In conclusion

Nerf hit CDR binders hard, running this toon is not that reliable anymore at least for me. Also this nerf is funny if you switch to Agrivix and untansmuted CT you can get much better results. But I refuse to do so cause this gonna be entirely different build. I enjoy spellcasters builds that revolves around multiple CD skills and I hope that with upcoming expansion we gonna get more options on that front.

Why is always Zantai the one who’s getting “hated” for what Crate does?

You guys are heartless. :confused:

Well I dont really intend to offend Zantai by any means. He’s just happen to be shiny meme star when people talk about nerfs. Ofc we understand that balance process is complicated thing and Zantai not the only one who makes decisions in that regard.

The death of former spellcaster king…
You will be missed… :frowning:

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Binders are still the spellcaster kings, they’re just in CT agrivix form now

Cause he’s the most visible figure. Kinda like when Brode was still on Blizz and Hearthstone players would always shit on him. Sorry Z:D

And still the non-pet kings based on what I saw from John Smith’s post

Jewelry augments?

Yeah that’s true, but spamming CT just can’t scratch that itch for “true” spellcaster which thows spells with cooldown. I don’t know it’s just doesn’t feel good :confused:

3x Survivors ingenuity

I was specifically talking about clairvoyant binder… :smiley:

Regarding agrivix CT binder. I tried to replicate the CT success by not going agrivix and having 30k WD on a CT build, but it feels nothing like Agrivix power. IDK what’s going on :/.

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Always remember Z, when I get 2 or more slow mutators in cruci. Sorry, Z :cry:

ps confirm, that CDR Agtivix is much faster now.

Clairvoyaint still works somewhat on PRM and - if you don’t like the color red - on CT spam (the Ravager version if anyone remembers).

I am guessing Aether prm should works better on iskandra though as it’s tankier and gives more flat damage.

In my experience to get aether PRM even close to elemental without all the Invoker set+Spellgaze helmet+Censure goodness you gotta squeeze all there is out of devastation (Anasteria helmet) or stick with Spellgaze. And Iskandra blocks both. Not using full set just doesn’t make much sense. Pre-nerf was great but now Iskandra offers very little to aether in general imo.

Nice build, added to my thread. :wink: