[] Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold - Jaxxon/Storm/Stronghold Purifier 9min 170, no MI

One of the strongest guns in Borderlands 2, right here in GD!


couldn’t find a good DPUH gif, so here’s an older game

I thought of a concept that maximizes the “spreadshot” WPS of a ranged build cause that’s fun, isn’t it? As of now, we got three of these that a Purifier can use: Storm Spread, Stun Blast (Stronghold set 3 pc. bonus) and Lucky Shot (Jaxxon ring). Maximizing all three gives us 69% chance of a spread shot. And since all three of these WPS shoot double the listed projectiles, this really fits what the DPUH does in Borderlands 2.

Build isn’t as OP as the DPUH is in BL2, but it does the job well. It’s a Purifier, after all. 9 mins 151-170 with 4 buffs and Vanguard Banner. Pretty good considering this build LAGS SO MUCH. You spit out 8 projectiles 69% of the time which prodeces 6-8 Brimstone projectiles each. Add meteors to that then you get a very laggy build. In better systems I’m pretty sure this can do 8 mins.

GRIMTOOLS - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23PRLjV
VIDEO (around 9:30 clear): https://youtu.be/lGbRoOgauxA

char sheet with all permanent buffs and Word of Renewal

Skill distribution for this build is pretty much straightforward. The only real choice is to whether to get Bursting Round over Chilling Rounds. Chose Bursting BECAUSE TORGUE WANTS MORE EXPLOSIONSfor more AOE and a bit less lag. Devotions were just focused on getting both Meteors and Dying God.

Itemization is also simple. Justicar armor because fire. Stronghold and Jaxxon are build arounds, so these are must haves. Amulet is chosen for attack speed. AS can reach up to 198% on my rolls with Hungering Void and Justicar proc on. Shard of the eternal flame can be used too for better auto attacks but less AS. Pants for slow res, but Arcane Harmony is also good for disruption if you hate that. Boots for stun res, medal for brimstone.

Will upload video if I get a recording with a better resolution. Used Win10 recorder for the first time and got a 240p recording cause I didn’t change settings. :rolleyes:

Credits to Superfluff for the first Aegis build I’ve seen and to all others who posted similar builds which became the inspiration for this (this is literally standard stronghold with different rings lol). Thanks for reading!

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Nice one homie. Now we need to figure out how to make physical storm spread viable, and pair that shit with jaxxon’s.

Why physical storm spread instead of pierce? I’m trying out a Pierce Purifier right now. Still slowly leveling it though and i’m missing a head piece recipe.

Finally the weapon which carried me through all BL2 is here!

Very nice build.

Because conduit. And because challenge. :rolleyes:

Nice to see someone pick this concept up and make it work, didn’t even think about Stun Blast either. Great build.

Why not both? 2x Jaxxon’s, Conduit, Havoc/Deathdealers, Octavius to convert FS/Brimstone damage, Treacherous means to convert the rest. I mean you can’t get physical RR from skills but who cares? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Also you just made me remember about farming for Harolds everytime the gun level upgrades. Shit always felt good except on Sal where it should be BiS on like 75% of his builds.

Thank you! I first thought about this concept when I tried Jaxxon’s on my Runic bolts Tactician, then when skimming through gun builds I found Stun Blast on Fluff’s Enforcer, thus this build was born.

Straight and brutal, my favorite kind of builds :slight_smile:

Nice take on Aegis Purifier!

By the way, instead of Hound and Scholar’s light you could squeeze in Imp to have another proc bound to one of your wps, should stack up pretty nicely given your attack speed and sick amount of Brimstones your build produces. Also, isn’t Stun Blast a better skill to proc Elemental Storm then Storm Spread since it has 25% weight?

and @veretragna. Thanks!

@lee I can try imp but it’s gonna be more laggy :p. And you’re right about stun blast. Realized that one during a run and forgot to change it afterwards.

I imagine it’s already laggy due to infinite Brimstone procs, few more green puddles on the floor won’t change much. I thought Imp would be an excellent addition to your proc machine because of your attack speed and because your WPS skills Stun Blast and Storm Spread will proc stuff bound to them with close to 100% success rate because of their spread and brimstone nature. And Imp’s proc can do a lot of damage in Crucible.

Looks great with all those multiple projectiles… too bad about the lag!

Hmm. You’re starting to convince me. Quick question do brimstone shards proc the devotions from wps too? I know they do proc flame torrent when bound to FS but I’m not sure on WPS.

Yeah. I know I said 9 mins clear but sometimes I get early 10 min runs cause I can’t move when I need to due to the lag.

FoI passive? Shitty to use but still RR

I am 99% they do. That’s the power of brimstone + Inquisitor’s wps (quite broken I should say). I think you can test it pretty easily on hoards of enemies at waves 100-150. You are shooting Storm Spread roughly every 1,5second so it should be not too hard to guesstimate if you proc Imp’s puddle every 1,5 second or every 3 seconds or less often.

Let us know if adding Imp is op to your already op build or not (I loved how you have mentioned that your build is not super dps’y then casually dropped that it does cruci in 9 minutes :))

When I said “this isn’t as OP as DPUH is in BL2” it’s just that. DPUH is prolly top 2 gun in there. This isn’t rune/pb level :p.

Video here: https://youtu.be/lGbRoOgauxA

Around 9:30 clear, will add this to OP in a while.

Why exactly does each WPS fire twice the listed projectiles? I thought that would be the case for dual wielding (x projectiles per gun), but you’re not dual wielding here. Strange.

I don’t know. At first I thought it’s a storm spread bug but if it is then it should’ve been fixed a long time ago, given we’ve known this thing since before 170 was released.

Double penetration fatality!!!

Well done Mr. Jaxxon;)

Really nice x1x1x1x2. All the shotgun goodness. I remember that one of the Chinese build using dagallon set + 2x jaxxon. Have you test that build also? Seems really beastly with penetrating pistols…

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