[] Divine Blight: Reap Spirit + Blight Fiend Cabalist - 7 min gladiator [g3][c+][vid]

>>>> Grim Tools <<<<

The Wraiths pets from the Reap Spirit skill can be pretty powerful, but aren’t very effectively without the Diviner set which both reduces the skills cooldown and extends their duration.

I’m a bit burnt out on Familiars and frustrated by the inconsistency/fragility of Skeletons in the Crucible so I wanted to try something different. I’ve experimented with focusing on Blight Fiends and found that while they make great support, on their own they are vastly insufficient. I’ve experimented with Wraiths and found they were a too slow and clunky for my tastes on their own. Putting the two together, however, turns out to be really awesome and fun.

For a long time I was struggling to get clear times consistently under 8 minutes. I tried a bunch of equipment, skill, and devotion variations and nothing seemed to work. Eventually, I stumbled upon an amazing breakthrough by accident. I found that if I didn’t try to micromanage my pets, my clear times dropped by 30 seconds. I’m so used to micromanaging pets on Familiar and Skeleton builds where it’s necessary that I never even considered that not doing so would be significantly better. I think they make much better use of their AoE skills when left to their own devices.


  • Has very few permanent pets, which means that you don’t need to worry about pets losing crucible buffs
  • No pet micromanagement required, they perform better without it.
  • Great AoE damage
  • Very safe with both Ishtak’s and Time Dilation.
  • Plays pretty differently from other pet builds.


  • Has very few permanent pets, which means that you need to keep summoning them.
  • Blight Burst confuses enemies and Ill Omen terrifies them, which can be annoying at times.
  • Reap Spirit is a huge mana hog at 26/16, so you really need all 4 buffs.

Gladiator 151-170 - 7:15
I never managed to actually clear gladiator in 7 minutes but I know it is possible. I’ve had a dozen of runs in 7:20 to 7:25 range, usually clearing wave 160 around 3:30. I had a single run where I cleared wave 160 at 3:04 and in my excited haste to start the next round I accidentally clicked “I wish to collect my reward!” instead of “Lets begin!”. Oh well. Regardless, it can consistently do 3 runs on a single set of buffs.

7 second MQ
19 second Lokarr
24 second training dummy

Using a similar Ritualist setup is also viable, but both slower and less safe.

7:20 pet build clear? Did some noob hijack sigatrev’s account?

Just kidding, build stills looks solid and usual bonus points for not using any greens. Sick single target damage too.

Quick question: why exactly not trying to pilot pets gives such a boost to clear times?

I honestly do not have a good answer. I suspect it is mostly they that spread out more so their AoE skills cover more area, and they pick off random trash mobs all over the place rather than one at a time.

Nice build! Finally pet build that looks like not a freaking zoo (looking at you conj and ritualist), spirits and reanimated corpses, lovely.

Love builds without skeletons, cause if you use them then you commit all resources to make them killing machines and use other pets as is, plus I never understood why on earth skele mages use FIRE spells, like really WHY? Necro uses aether, vitality and COLD. There’s no fire in necro thats so not fitting thematically.

Anyway good job with that one, sorry for my little rant.

Very creative build indeed.

Does proc from gloves work when Wraiths kill stuff?

Edit: Is Might of Amatok even necessary if it does not buff Wraiths and Blight Fiends?

Edit 2: Why Bonescavenger Deathgrips instead of Overlord Iron grip?

It procs when the nuke part of the initial cast kills things, which is not all that often but it happens sometimes, particularly with trash mobs.

I never even thought to try without it. I’ll have to do that because it would certainly be nice.

This build needs all the speed and damage it can get since it can’t use Witching Hour or Beastcaller’s Cowl and doesn’t have permanent pets.

Thanks for reply, perhaps Mogdrogen Ardor is also inferior as relic?

Appreciate if you can try without Might of Amatok and let us know the impressions :slight_smile: