[] Winter King and Obsidian Tremor builds show case

Hey there,

Been playing around with these two pretty similiar skills lately, i really enjoyed the gameplay and feeling of them while playing, not to mention its pretty satisfying on screen so i felt like i could post a more “up to date” version of them.
I wont go much into details, since lots already been said in previous threads, so ill link them, also if you notice i missed some, do tell me so i can add them to the list.
Idea is to compil those in a single post and hope it will make curious the players that never tried those skills.


Ill start with winter king skill, first of all, this build is quite already known, the first that came up to my mind is this spellbreaker

also, Jajaja already posted a trickster some time ago just here

and thanks to him also for the devotion that mostly inspired the one im using with his last korba trickster and for the highlight on alkamos blue rings

Here im gonna post my current two versions of the winter king, one as infiltrator and another as trickster,
the first is to me bit more efficient version, while on the trickster side i tried a more “rp” version of it if i may say, using nemesis relic and heart of the mountain amu,
both version works well, energy issue is solved with harp devotion, and even performs not so bad in crucible, at least for the 150 waves.
But as usual i build for campaign purpose, i guess it could benefits few adjustements to perform better in crucible.

infiltrator winter king
trickster hybrid winter king

About the gear/skills

_As winter king might is a cast we are looking for castspeed, thats why we go for the 2 nodes in jackal devotion,
_the bane of the winter king instead of soulrend also cause of castspeed, the 10% cold rr is also welcomed and weap offers a large flat cold dmg,
_blue alkamos rings instead of purple version for the OA and we dont need the pierce to cold conversion anyway

For infiltrator:
_the amu (empowered) essence of Beronath willgive us up to 10%,
_ignaffar combustion relic for extra rr, castspeed and easier invest into inquisitor mastery.
_rest of gear is pretty obvious, greens/MI to cap resistances, also could take kubacabra chausses to get lethal assault up to 22.

For trickster
_Tricksters has naturally some known OA issues, youll notice the green gear trying to solve it a bit since i wanted to keep the main cold devotions
_compared to infiltrator, i just changed relic and amu, bit more flat cold dmg, but mostly two pets to support us and stick a bit more to the winter king concept, however i recommend stormcaller pact over primal bond, the +% crit dmg is too good to be passed on, well assuming you manage to reach a decent OA on your set up.


Before i post my current set up, ill link two previous thread to which the credits go to, again its the same posters, coincidence ??

The first that came up to my mind was this pyromancer by Sobertooth that first made me wanna try out the skill

and again some time ago, our dear Jajaja already posted it, as battlemage right here

Also Chthon posted his updated version in Sobertooth thread, without MIs please ! here it is

And finally, my current set up as pyromancer:
click right here

this set up even if pretty offensive cleared crucible 150 (maiden+fabius+valdaran at the end) without issue, however the last 20 more waves arent doable with this set up (got wrecked down at 160).
Sigil offers great survivability, but if you dont want to invest as much in it, just put the points into BWC.
Also about the Eldritch Gaze helm:
i first tried to build with soldier to make use of blade arc modifier but the results didnt felt good to me, maybe i missed something, but really felt like a lot of skills points wasted.

Overall the harp devotion is the great add to all those builds, felt mandatory to me unless going for three of life,
i really love those two skills a lot, really great fun to play with and i hope you guys will too if didnt already

as always, feel free to comment, suggest and point out previous thread i may have missed.

why not, maybe, sure, wait, what, ok

I see many builds using Featherstep suffix. I never keep those, is there anything good about it?
Same for Ring of Frost, it seems like a point waste to me as even stun affects everything
Good build as always Thrash, have you tried Mythical Sentinel Shoulders ?(I imagine you’d loose valuable OA though)

That Chaos Tremor looks awesome! Especially with that Cast Speed (which is the hardest thing to get on the build) :cool:

featherstep (or flesh hulk) is for pierce res, kings is better if no need of pierce res,
just to get bit more cold dmg, not for the effect,
well i mustadmit i didnt thought of it, but yeah would lost some more OA, and wouldnt help on res, i guess ill have to try but i have doubts, i just cant see a build under 3k OA now.
thanks for nice words, that ring sure helped oncast speed !

What a coincidence - the same time I decided to test out a Winter King Trickster pet build you go and post this set-up. My set-up goes far more heavily into pets than you do, but it’s great to see how other people view the “roleplay as Winter King” set-up.

I’d put Seal of the Night over Coldstone for the relic, especially if you find yourself having OA issues. 3% OA and a spammable Cold-based ability is better than the extra damage you get from Coldstone.

yes indeed, pets are just here as support, but dont get OS all the time at least, not sure, putted coldstone for the few buff to pets actually, instead of the seal that i use on infiltrator version

Not necessarily, the helm already grants you a better spammable skill. The difference between 3%oa or 50%cold would be fairly close.

Out of curiosity did you happen to test this (WK Might) with Alkamos’ Scythe?

I know WK Sword is BiS but I am curious to see just how much better it is when compared to Scythe

i didnt, i first wanted to take it, but i thought icould see how was WK sword first, and kept it just looking on paper

Ah okay
It’d be interesting to see how Alkamos fares against this weapon mainly because the scythe itself has an excellent proc and ADCtH