[] Aether Apostate (SBoE)

Hello there!

I recently heard someone say that Apostate was the worst mastery combination, so I figured some of you might be interested in a build that proves that wrong. It’s just a simple build post not a guide so you’re on your own! Here is the build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GP5Y5V

Basically you alternate Storm Box of Elgoloth (that is almost spammable) and Ill Omen + Word of Pain for debuffs. The nice amount of health + shield + Siphon Souls + Inquisitor’s Seal should keep you alive. Wendigo’s Mark helps you with that.

This build is good against Kupacabra because all you have to do is cast your spells and run around him/away from the blood puddles. Same for Fabius. Any melee mob that does not outrun you really.

Cheers :smiley:

Apostate is not the worst :smiley:

Btw nice build !
What do you think about Harbinger of Souls as Exclusive Skills?
It will be boosting the Aether Damage
Well, you’ll lost Physical Resist from Aura of Conviction

Harbinger of Souls also gives you Casting Speed
It more Offensive wise :slight_smile:


I went for the Inquisitor exclusive skills for tankiness and extra OA. I have no idea if Harbinger of Souls damage increase compensates the loss of OA. Casting speed does not matter too too much because this character is played almost like a DoT build.

Seeing all those components:

I think OA and Physical Resist is Better
Yup the Build is good with Aura of Conviction :slight_smile: