[] Riftmaster

You already know what will be here…


  • Grandiose catastrophic AoE.
  • Ultimate clear speed.
  • Meditative gameplay.
  • Enjoy the fiery screen and 10 fps in the Crucible!
  • Over 25 different attacking abilities!
  • Use macros and activate 10 abilities in 3 seconds!
  • Strongest Auramancer. 13 meters of burning!
  • Over 200% resistance reduction with almost instant activation.
  • Enemies die when approaching. Even heroes!
  • -25% of the total damage, 50% chance to dodge!
  • Triple Jump through the Warp! Maximum speed!


Ethereal Extermination:

Bestial Genocide:

My macros:

Right button:

  1. Word of Pain
  2. Delay 100 ms
  3. Blade spirit (just trigger)
  4. Delay 200 ms
  5. Rune of Kalastor (just fun)

Wheel up:

  1. Word of renewal
  2. Delay 100 ms
  3. Pneumatic Burst
  4. Delay 100 ms
  5. Kymon’s Wrath Tincture
  6. Stormflame Tincture

Wheel down:

  1. Shadow strike (just trigger)
  2. Delay 100 ms
  3. Ring of steel

OH SHIT buttons:

  1. Slithblood Tincture
  2. Aether Cluster (on panel swap)

Alternative items

  • Bring aura of censure to 22 using greens.
  • Helm and medal are strongly recommended.
  • See the swap (alternative clubs).
  • Other green are replaceable. Green is your fat.

Спасибо ArchHeretic, красивые у тебя билды.
Не собираешься подогнать старичка варборна на физике под актуальную версию игры?

Нет ничего скучнее ведьмака-варборна на ритме) В принципе, там всё то же самое, только шмот заменится на мифики.

А, ясно тогда, друг хочет что-то такое для совместного прохождения.

Hi. What is the recommended leveling technique for this character? Thanks

It is enough to maximize the Aura of censure and the night chill to pass the game on the absolute. When you get all the items, you can go in the crucible.

Thanks for the response. I am still a little unsure how to best level. Focus on Nightblade or Inquisitor? Fast leveling is the hope. Thanks

Focus on Inquisitor.
From Nightblade only his aura and Shadow strike to 1. On the absolute we take Word of renewal, Ring of steel, Blade spirit and Pneumatic Burst.

Chaos Strike #1, Chaos Strike #2, Shadow strike, Word of pain and 4 strongest devotions will deal with all problems.

hi i make the same build exactly and i want to know when i put chaos strike on the both sword and mace but in devotion i cant put the same on the mace i have a X on elemantal storm and meteor its normal ???

Very nice devotion setup, I’m going to use that one, three t3 procs :slight_smile:

Build Modification

Lazy-lazy auramancer :slight_smile:


Build Modification

Fiery Icicles :wink:


С особенным удовольствием всегда слушаю музыку. Есть плейлист?

Ну, если надо впихнуть эпическую музыку - этого у меня есть :wink:
Обычно беру что-то отсюда:

Audiomachine, Immediate Music, 1 Revolution Music, Two Steps from Hell, Really Slow Motion, Silver Screen, Gothic Storm Music, Liquid Cinema, Sub Pub Music, Shockwave Sound Library, Sensory Overload Music, Instrumental Core, Imagine Music…

Из всего списка знаю только Instrumental Core :smiley:
Спасибо, заценим

Dear Mate ,

In your devotion , is not missing one point ? to begin in the tree ( chaos ) ? At final i have 56 Points not 55
And how put two chaos strike two times in stuff please

Thank you
best regards

Not sure what are you asking, but devotions can be respecced and they can sustain themselves as long as affinity requirements are met after respec.
Two chaos strikes are from two riftstones.

In the devotions of Arch below there is not a first point in Crossroad( first devotion) so at final we need 56 points and not 55 points for his build


Here for the same thing it lacks one devotion point to complete blind sage devotion on the bot( we have a normal point in crossroad


thank you for your answer about riftsones

None of the devotions in the build require more than 8 Chaos affinity, so there is no reason to keep the crossroads point once you get 8 chaos from other constellations.

Yes sure mate , but how can we don’t begin by a point in crossroad in the devotions tree ?

The first point in crossroad it is compulsory , to begin we need one point to have the first affinity requirment isn’t it ?