[] Aether Aprocstate

Updated 4/30 - Finally finished OP 3 weeks later + updated to new setup which includes Imp and Haunt for the relic. Spellbinder version incoming at some point, apostate doesn’t fare terribly well in crucible

This is a more or less pure conversion proc caster, shout out to fluff for a little inspiration on this one :slight_smile: Damage takes a wee bit to ramp up, but it’s pretty dang good once everything is flowing and it looks fabulous!

Fancy greens are not at all needed! A variety of amulet, boot, and gloves combos can be used to fill out resists. Ideally you want an OA stat stick wendigo eye as OA and crit damage are very important to this builds damage output and there’s not an amazing amulet you’re passing up on. I like balance rings myself, but you could certainly use Band of the Eternal Haunt + another blue/purple aether ring, reign of ice and fire, or a resist focused rare. You can also swap Fiend for Bat in devotions, I wouldn’t mess with anything else. With Haunt setup + Bat you can opt for a more kitey style if you so desire. 2x Ravager’s Eye on your weapons and/or Runesinged gloves can massively boost DA. Tanking reaper, chupa, etc is tough and requires some kiting usually need to see how the DA increase effects those fights

Aim for +crit damage on your craftable items!

Feel free to use sacred plating + scaled hide over the prismatic diamond setup. Not much of a difference really, but I dig the diamond setup so far in campaign

Hilarious tier trash clear

Full skill bar. Numerous buttons must be pushed often
Lacks serious sustain. Poorly timed heals vs the big baddies can get you killed and kiting is required sometimes
Chillspikes is max dps/lifesteal, but stormfire looks cooler and doesn’t make that god awful sound :^)
2pc Diviner+Decree could net you 100% conversion or it could get you 75% glhf
Surprisingly resilient, but can’t tank everyone/everything ;(

Gargabol ~20s for both forms
Mad Queens. 12s with mark of divinity
Iron Maiden


reserved af

Ah, damn, was working in Grimtools on something very similiar. Here is what I would’ve made. More rune/kiting based build. But I will probably never ever gather so many legendary mi’s to make it.

My suggestion: use Ice and Fire rings - they seem to be better than elemental harmony rings for your build in about everything. Also, try Master of Death instead of Aura of Conviction.

Otherwise cool build.

Oddly enough I wanted to Aether Variant of Cataclysm but wanted to go SoTH+TD
This looks solid, especially Whirlpool :cool::cool:

Although is Attak Seru doing much here? I tried ES+Seru for Elemental and while Elemental Seeker was still decent, Seru isn’t too impressive imo

Btw Impurity might suit your needs better imo cause of flat Spirit stat on the relic

Great build Mr.Tomo
11/10 Creativity

For me Attak Seru nodes are good. Proc is just extra bonus. Don’t know what Tomodak thinks though

The nodes are definitely good but I expect my Tier-3 procs to be good as well :p. From an Elemental POV it wasn’t too impressive

Noticed that too. Anyway, is elemental seeker actually good now? Or just better than arcane current but not really meteor/whirlpool tier?

I use it on an elemental witchblade because the proc’s cool.

Meteor and Whirlpool are still better imo but Seeker does deal actual damage now since it explodes almost as soon as it get summoned.

I think Leviathan is good but not for this aether build. Blind’ Sage too. The source of dmgouput of this build is slightly weak (IMO). (WoP, Siphon souls and cactalysm procs).

Nice build tomodak. I had a similar idea but using mage hunter.

BTW, could you explain your devotion binding to each abilities? It doesn’t shown on the grimtools.

Also question to all guys here. What will be the best ability to bind whirlpool with? I bound mine to rune of hagarrad, but it feels underwhelming, the damage is good though

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Rune is good. Whirlpool is basically a weaker but stackable meteor so it’s best to bind to skills with a bit longer cooldown.

I need to try other ring setups, but this one is pretty damn good. Reign only wins in crit damage and loses in everything else in a staight up 2v2. I do want to compare eternal haunt + a few different rings against this setup. I’m so in love with the balance rings and I like the wee bit of health leech we get in huge mobs so I’ll probably stick with them. I went with conviction simply, because I don’t want anything else past 32 in necro and I’d have to take away from other things to max it. I need to see how ~100 extra DA affects nemesis fights in comparison to the big phys res since I do my best to tank them

It’s pretty good as full aether!. They do great work against mobs and are a fairly significant source of single target damage too assuming you have a skill to get numerous ones up quickly and crit often

It’s not crazy damage that’s for sure, but you would be surprised by the single target damage :slight_smile:

Not sure why they weren’t there to begin with, but updated GT link has them