[] [Caster] Lightning Stormfire Vindicator - All AoM Nemesis - Free Cool Component Skills

[] [Caster] Lightning Stormfire Vindicator - Let’s Use Cool Component Skills as FREE Primary Skill

151K Crit on Main Campaign Fabius - Facetanking

168K Crit on Main Campaign MQ - Facetanking

Rampaging Fabius with Lightning Elemental Spells :

Grim Dawn Ashes of Malmouth brings a lot of very Cool and Awesome content additions compare to vanilla one.
If you don’t have yet, you should get one for New Cool Amazing Grim Dawn Atmosphere

Can you imagine when they releasing the Forgotten gods later…^^

Beside Two New Cool Masteries, Mythical Gears, New Devotion Constellations, New Rogue Dungeons, New Story, New etc …
We also get New several components that give Free Cool Skills

Same like Obliteration skills from Tome of Arcane Waste, Skills from these component are Free.
Free Skills means we can save a lot of spare Skill Points ^^

List some of the components :
Here are Seals Component that Granted Skills

In this build, I use Free Skills Stormfire from Seal of Destruction component

This Skills is normally suitable for Fire and Lightning Builds
But with some disguiser, you can make it works for Physical, Vitality, Chaos, Aether, and any Elemental Conversions Builds

With Cindertouch’s 25% Fire Damage converted to Lightning Damage, we’ll have more Lightning Damage on :

  • Stormfire
  • Aura of Censure
  • Cinderwinds, (Fire Lightning Storm like Shar’zul’s)
  • Arcane Empowerment

Stormfire will triggering Hand of Ultos that will affects up to 10 enemies :wink:

Stormfire and Hand of Ultos has % Main Hand Damage, it means they can do Lifesteal
So if you stacking good enough ADctH, and use several skills that have % Weapon Damage, those skills will help you recover some amount of HP via Lifesteal

This Build doesn’t too rely on Lifesteal, but it does has Lifesteal from Wendigo Totem’s Blood Pact.
As long as Totem active and our toon stand by it’s area of effect radius, we’ll have Lifesteal from % Weapon Damage

*For more Weapon Damage, you can use Free Chain Lightning skill from Seal of Skies component. It gives 40% Weapon Damage and Suitable for Lightning Builds too

Note that in this build, we’ll use Stormfire as one of Primary Skills

Some examples of Builds that use Free Componet Skills as Primary Nuke :

Biting Blades has nice skills animation (taken from Chthon’s Chaos based Biting Blades Pyromancer above) :


Well, perhaps there’re more Builds that use Free Skills Component as primary skills, I just list some samples

Video :
>>> Fabius - Iron Maiden - All AoM Nemesis - Mad Queen - Ancient Grove - Deathstalker - Gargabol - Last Boss
This video shows that sometimes Nemesis only give Blue and Greens, and sometimes they give more than 1 Legendaries ^^

Build Details :


Grimtools :
Lightning Caster Vindicator - Stormfire Missiles Launcher

Spark of Ultos gives almost half Cold to Lightning conversions, and also “Lives for 5 Seconds to Wind Devil”.
This makes Wind Devil stronger with Lightning Damage
Well, more and more Lightning :wink:

High HP, thanks to both masteries that provides good health nature (Heart of the Wild + Vigor)
Make our toon has a lot of HP and good enough for Alexander Meteor

High OA and Crit Damage is very sweet for most of Lightning Builds
The Unstable Lightning Electrocute sometimes will make Very Fast Clearing Speed
You just don’t realize that there’s no enemies left while you still spamming your Cool Lightning Spells



Damn Tz, looks really good!
Now even light guardian can use cataclysm set. However, how’s your valdaran kill time? That nemesis is a pain for aether / lightning build.

With the current state of the game, dual elemental or triple elemental build is really good in facing all the nemesis and boss because it can deal multiple type of damage and multiple RR.

I am just curious of why you don’t play crucible?

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Thanks mate!

Yeah Cataclysm is a nice Elemental Sets.
I don’t find Valdaran’s yet, I think it’s not too hard since we have several good Elemental RR.
Wind Devil’s Raging Tempest and Aura of Censure make both masteries provide nice RR beside RR from Devo

Actually I want to make All Nemesis video again
But finding Vanilla nemesis is such a pain…

Crucible, I don’t have it…
Fighting mobs over and over in limited same narrow place, looks like it’s kinda boring.
If you ever play Mortal Kombat, there’s chance that battle field change during combats.
With engine limitations, is there any hope that grim dawn cruci battle fields changes during combats?
Or perhaps wider space in cruci fields…

I really like Main Campaign Atmosphere, it’s really enjoying and relaxing.
And more ARPG.
I kinda miss Titan Quest IT Forest, those green environments…

Port Valbury and Ancient Grove are nice, I like them both :slight_smile: