[]Death Prophet-Valgur Ritualist Leechtank

Hello fellow minmaxers. I’m proud to present you Vitality based Ritualist focused around immortality.
The core of this build is Valgur set that provide 8% life leech resistance reduction to Siphon souls. Combined with Will of Ratosh proc it drop nemesis Life leech resistance to 69% that double our effective ADCTH . This build has -177% Vitality resistance and enough dmg output to outleech all fair content in the game.


Bone harvest and Fiend proc bound to RE is our main dmg source. Soul siphon provide sustain and additional dmg. Transmuted storm totem onepointer is used for trash-clearing. Il omen provide phyz dmg reduction, slow and Ratosh proc. Savagery for Tenacity buff.

Char view
Bone harvest and crit dmg.
Secondary resistances
Stats stuff
Gladiator no buffs no banners 130-150
Mad Quene

100-150 Can be done w/o buffs and banners, but I recommend 3 buffs to speed up the process. Most stuff is facetankable, just be carefull around Mad queen and Zantarin .
151+ is extremely HC-unfriendly and shouldn’t be attempted unless you know what you are doing. If you do it make sure you have Aether cluster on hotbar. If you see 2 Reapers quit immediately - you don’t want to play around these guys. At waves 160 and 170 you are a kitting caster.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSevY1n6QrU :stuck_out_tongue:
Really, don’t do it, wait for patch.

Main campaign :
In Grava is broken. Do not melee him, as he has a chance to oneshot you despite 23k+ health and 83%+ all res. =) Just leave him alone till Crete fix him.
Reaper is dangerous, but dumb as Kapibara and tend to struck around the corner. Do not melee him, as he can burst trough MoT and kill you under 2 seconds.
Chuppa can be facetanked in first 2 forms. Do not tank 4 chuppas, kite a bit.
Valgur set is mandatory. Rings are BiS. Amulet can be changed for Reaver Hunger or Beronath. MI are flexibles - use the best you can find. Pants can be changed to Wraithborn or Realy Greath pantsu .

Leveling guide:

  1. Start the game.
    2)Kill stuff.
    4)Kill some more.


Really nice that you can have aeon, dying God, and rattosh in one setup!!
I thought that is not possible.

Excuse me, I will copy your devotion setup for my valguur cabalist… :grin:

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Now we just need some visual mods to convert Bone Harvest to swarm, Siphon souls to… Siphon souls and Flame torrent to Exorcism.

Great build! You could try testing this on SC so you can try 170 without being afraid of dying. This should be great when patch hits though. I think some of us are already preparing builds for that:D

Also best levelling guide ever.

Looks like an awesome versatile build.

But man, your presentation is lacking :slight_smile: You could format it a lot better :slight_smile:

I see a masochist and doto-lover.:p. Nice devotions path mate:D

I have something similar but I didn’t bother with TD cause I had to give up on favorites like Wendigo and Bat.

Is TD really worth giving up Wendigo and Bat? All I can see it giving you is 2x Bone Harvest

Also its weird to see WPS and Savagery in there. I just went pure Caster. But I can see the appeal of Tenacity of the Boar

Good build as always

Which hentai/game is that pic from btw?

Well there is 2x torment as well even uroboruuk mega heal needs it. You can’t counter massive sudden bursts with just huge life steal. He already has lots of heal regarding bat, wendigo

Maybe I am in the minority of players but I never found Mark of Torment good (don’t crucify me)

I guess it’s cause I took a projectile heavy build when the expac was new and got shredded by Rashalga despite applying MoT on her. Ever since then I have always kinda hated that skill. :smiley:

But yeah, 2x MoT does make sense if crucible were to be his aim. Thanks

Wendigo is rather meh for this build. 4 useless nodes and pathetic proc. 240 flat Vitality barely matter at that point.
I tried both Bat and Fiend and Fiend perform much better. TD nodes are really good, all of them. TD proc extend our MoT duration to 11 seconds with 3 sec couldown between casts.
BTW the original idea included Storm Totem, but , well, it suck :roll: Even 3 totems are weak =(

Ah okay I guess I’ll respec my devotions. :smiley:
Thanks for the replies both of you

I have a Totem Ritualist but I dropped Valguur almost entirely. Valguur is only good for Life Leech builds imo


Ptiro, Crate won’t remove his nullification. Some players like it :stuck_out_tongue: (I don’t)

Which Hentai/Game is that pic from?


You have a typo in your guide. Valguur gives 8% Life Leech RR and 10% ADCtH. Yours says “10% Life Leech RR”

You have a typo in your guide. Valguur gives 8% Life Leech RR and 10% ADCtH. Yours says “10% Life Leech RR”

yes, right.
Its Death Prophet from Dota2 =)

Crate won’t remove his nullification. Some players like it (I don’t)

Nah I don’t want to deal with the combination of life reduction, high burst dmg, Fumble pool, player dmg reduction, nullification, one-shoting energy burn. Some ppl like it? I’m glad for them.

Why not? it’s 50% absorb for 5 sec.With TD 10 sec. It’s a huuge deal. Not just crucible. This build or uroboruuk would die vs MQ even with the heal or dropping RE for no shotgun.

I think like it or not, MoT is needed to complete crucible in every necromancer build that do not have gigantic DA.

BTW, thank for the devotion idea, Ptirodaktil!
I just complete 150 crucible with no buff and banner with my valguur cabalist.
So freaking smooth, facetanking fabius & iron maiden without sweat.
170 is different animal though. Still need to hone my skills.

I use this almost exact item configuration before but with different devo, taking fiend, wendigo, aeon, dying god, and tree of life, but cannot complete 150 without buff. I am just surprised that different devotion can matter soo much in this build.

Edit: looks like vitality drain essence build can use this devotion pattern also.

I guess I had unrealistic expectations from it. I thought I could handle 1 million projectiles with Mark and ended up hating it once it couldn’t. :smiley:
It is good though, saved my Cabalist against The Reaper in Crucible. Sure I died cause of my own mistake later on but MoT did save me

10/10 Best Boss :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

I am not so sure about that. This devotion path feels exclusive to Life Leech builds for the rest I don’t think dropping Wendigo is a good idea imo.
But more importantly for DE you need Tree of Life or Harp so I don’t think it’d be worth it

That fumble poo(l) + kuba pool is the bane of DW chars


Anyway. thanks for your Valguur build. Had the set for a while now without a clue on how to use it.

The only one bad in this build - too wide thread pic)

Fixed it. @OP - maybe you can upload a smaller image.

Resized it

Tnx, sry. :roll: