[] Doombolt Deleter - Harbinger Deceiver; Content Destroyer

Keeping with the chaos deceiver theme of my last build, here is another great one :wink: This build utilizes The Harbinger’s Message set to nuke bosses when in combination with double Voidheart and a Bloodsworn Sigil. The result is doombolt hits that can be near 400k… All while pumping out huge dps via Beronaths fury with inquisitor ranged WPS skills.
Darkblaze Ammo Belt and Darkblaze Source bring extra flat chaos damage, crit damage, and OA to the build.

All that damage doesn’t mean that we can’t soak some damage up either! Skill maxed possession grants 16% flat damage absorb, which is supplemented by inquisitors seal. Also the Harbinger set grants a great circuit breaker that is on a fairly low cooldown. Since doombolt deals a significant amount of weapon damage, it basically functions as a full heal each cast when combined with the amount of lifeleech this build has.

Grimtools - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqKEn42


If you pause right around the 19second mark you can see a 375k hit, 215k, and 52k all hitting at the same time.

Mad Queen


It’s a good build. I went Pyro cause I was too lazy to level up another Deceiver nice to see Deceiver kicking ass. I am surprised to see WPS working for you. WPS procs off Default Attacks i.e LMB and your build uses it on RMB

One tip- Always scale your images to fit the page. (1024x594 resolution should probably do the trick)

Beronath’s fury counts as an autoattack replacer regardless of what it is bound to… Or at least that is my understanding/experience with autoattack replacers.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll fix the image.

Yes, I have builds that use fire strike on RMB, never had any issues with WPS.

Harbinger’s set is as strong as ever, especially the set proc :stuck_out_tongue: Good to see other masteries other than Pyromancer or Witchblade that make use of it though.

My own version of this is a pyromancer since I made it way before the expansion. But it’s the same idea. One question though, how can you deal with doom bolt spam without a caster chest armor? In my experience you run out of energy even when using potions whenever you can. And for a pyro there’s a perfect chest armor available from the resistance. With a shadowflame mantle it’s easy to max out brimstone.

That is indeed the main problem with the QoL of the build. It is an energy pot chugger. Using this item can help a bit with the extra skill cost reduction. Also using an arcane spark on the medal slot is useful too.
The energy leech provided by Revenant and Viper are the main things to offset the huge cost of doombolt.

Another sick Deceiver, nice!

One question tho, why so many points in WoP and Word of Agony? Is it for duration and radius?

Yes. It is a QoL thing for me.

LOL guys, default attacks work everywhere and no matter to what you bound them.
Nice build, Valinov. The one way to play with Doom Bolt, another one something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1GODBN

Don’t bother imo, I tried something similar that when the expac was young (with level 75 MIs)

The energy cost fucked me up badly, I do however distinctly remember not including Inspiration in my setup so that might help you with the regen


Also just remembered Helm’s mod got nerfed so CDR on DB was higher for me and most importantly energy cost of DB got adjusted. So yeah do try it and let us know :stuck_out_tongue:

Some questions about your main item choices.
You use bloodworm sigil that convert vitality damage of doom bolt to fire, does that also apply to damage from %weapon damage? From your damage breakdown, that seems to be the case.

Also you use double voidheart that convert ≈50% fire damage to chaos. Does the conversion can happen twice? The fire damage from skill conversion of bloodworm sigil get converted again to chaos, is this what happen to the build?

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Yeah, before nerfs DB shot like a machine gun and ate mana like hell. But not it’s ok, 6k energy with cost reduction do the trick. Anyway always possible to go with ToF or Harp.

I’ve had DB on 2.2 sec CD and never experienced mana issues. Never ever touched harp:undecided:

Conversion happens only once, it’s explained in the game guide.

Edit** I was wrong about the conversion although the flat fire damage added by the medal is converted.

Before ring equip

After ring equip

*note these screenshots are without buffs up.

Conversion only happens once. The extra Chaos damage is the flat fire damage being added through the medal

It’s not the fire damage that we obtain by converting DB’s vitality damage

If this isn’t the case then it’s a bug

This or it’s just flat damage from some other source that gets added to doom bolt through the weapon damage part and converted.

Double conversions just don’t happen in my experience.

Yeah it was just the flat fire damage added by the sigil being converted. Editing my last post :eek:

Is this build still viable as of 12/27/19?