| Full Elemental RR Purifier Gunslinger

Hello fellow Warriors !!
Here is the build i am currently working on.
It is a dual wield Purifier focus´d mainly on Elemental Dmg (fire, cold, lightning)
and heavily relying on Resistance Reduction (OA & ER)

Most important facts …

#1 GrimTools Link GrimTools

#2 YT video with some gameplay and explanations (unfortunatly only in german language)
Youtube Video
this video was recorded like 2 weeks ago, there were some little changes/updates since then, so please use the GrimTools link in this post

#3 most important Items

  • 2x Myth. Arcanum Sigillis
  • Justicar Guard Set (head & chest are required gloves can be replaced with
  • The Cataclysm Set (Belt and Amulett)

#4 RR is King


  • Thermite Mine (-34% FIRE and LIGHTNING resistance)
  • BWC (36 reduced targets OA)
    BWC Agonizing Flames (5 reduces targets resitsance´s for 3 seconds)
  • Aura of Cebsure (-37% Elemental resistance)


  • Rhowans Crown (Elemental Storm) 32 reduced targets elemental resistance
    for 2 seconds bound to Fire Strike
  • Viper (20% reduced targets elemental resistance for 3 seconds
  • Solael´s Witchblade (-23% fire resistance) bount to Thermite Mine


  • Mythical Eternal Band (Ring)
    10% reduced target resistances for 2 seconds
    10 reduced targets resistanced for 5 seconds
  • Ignaffars Combustion (Relic)
    15% chance on attack -10% Elemental resistance

Last but not least

This build is very easy to play because …

  • it only requires 1 main Dmg Skill (Fire Strike)
  • and 4 complementary Skills to apply RR, buffs or heal

You could definitely improve this build a lot:

  • First of all, RR from from your ring is useless, since it does not stack with Viper constellation or Elemental Storm. It’s a waste of slot really.
  • Secondly, why not use full Justice set, proc is pretty decent and you can use attack speed increase when Deadly aim is off. Or use some other shoulder that does at least something for your build.
  • Phoenix devotion is not very effective on builds without an off-hand and no cdr. You would gain much more by using Ulzuin’s Torch
  • Your wps skill distribution seems off. You went for 16/10 in Ranged Expertise, yet left all the juicy wps skills at very minor points investments. Bursting round is a huge source of damage, should be at least 10/10. Storm Spread gains extra projectile at 7/10, so another 33% weapon damage and bigger shotgun effect. Chilling rounds can be left at 8/10 since after that diminishing returns kick in
  • Cataclysm Set seems gimped without off-hand, I would use Essence of Beronah + Elemental Harmony set for tonns of flat damage and very good proc

Your augments and components seem to be misplaced too.

I´ll just leave this here.

I made an even better version. More everything. Notice how you need to craft those boots, which is relatively easy (just affix is required). If you craft this affix with a good suffix, even better.
Here you go

EDIT: chose those pants and not Chausses of Barbaros because of more relevant resists, similiar OA and that sweet Slow resists which makes farming some much more pleasant. Also Flashbang is a nice bonus.

Hey :slight_smile:
Thank for the awesome tips
Didn’t know any of these things tbh
I had the ulzuins torch but i felt it was weaker than the phoenix, but thats just my feeling.
What seems to be the problem with the components and augments ??
I am melting through the whole content with zero to none problems, even nemesis bosses are no challenge.
But hey, i take every improvement i get.
Hope u can give me some insights on this
Thx in advance

Just try to replicate the build I gave you, Grimtools link is in my previous post. Your augments and components were really suboptimal. Phoenix has a cooldown and it’s mainly for melee characters or for tanky casters. Without cooldown reduction it’s not effective at all.

Your goal with this build is to make a killing machine, kill mobs before they get to you. Just try to follow the link I offered and see the difference. It’s gonna be night and day with what you are playing at the moment.

I´ll probably incorporate some of mad_lee´s improvements also, he knows what he´s doing, I am just a noob that has played GD for ever, so to speak. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the effort!


How do you get your resists 3-4% higher???
Got all the items but my resists are all missing 3%-4% :confused:

Mythical Pyroclasm Mark gives 3% maxed fire and lightning resists, that’s why he has 83% fire and lightning res. Dunno about the non-mythical version though.

Well I already have that :frowning:

Out of interest, how do you find it in performs in Crucible? (both OP and mad Lee’s version)