[] Garnet The Burning Gazer - Pure Caster Fire Drain Essence Apostate

[] Garnet The Burning Gazer - Pure Caster Fire Drain Essence Apostate

Video :
>> Black Hole - Fabius, Alexander, Iron Maiden
>> Ancient Grove - Gargabol - Deathstalker
>> Bastion of Chaos - Shar’zul

Build Details :

Garnet The Burning Gaze, can burn enemies just by starring at them in 11.8 Meter Radius --> Check This For Burn Radius

This Garnet won’t summon Bahamut, but it can summon Phoenix with her channeling spell that will protect her with it’s Damage Absorption

This Build is Pure Drain Essence Elemental Caster Apostate that converts Vitality Part into Fire Burn with Blaze Sword and Blaze Rings

Combination of Aura of Censure’s Damage Taken Reduction + Word of Renewal + Inquisitor Seal + Spectral Wrath AS Reduction + DE Decomposition + Mark of Torment + Phoenix + Behemoth + Wayward Soul + Inspiration’s Flat DA make this Garnet has several nice Defensive Layers

Enough talk, here She is :

Grimtools :
Garnet The Burning Gaze Apostate

Levelling :
You can levelling with Storm Box from Inquisitor Mastery :
Grimtools : Elemental Storm Box Apostate
Video : Levelling Apostate with Storm Box

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Cataclysms all over the place now:D

If it weren’t for cataclysm set you could use darkblaze ammy for full vit>fire conversion. You could also max dread then for more burn

Hehe yeah more and more Cataclysmics on Cairn :smiley:

Thanks for pointing out Darkblaze Amulet, but unfortunately it has no Elemental Damage boosting like Cataclysm’s

Nice, Dread will give more burn damage, just need to readjust skills points distribution
Actually I take full Necro mastery due to lack of attributes for gear requirement
Initially I want to use Justicar Armor, and it could be done on grimtools, but when applying in real game, the attributes is not enough, so I change into Infernal Knight
And Bone Harvest just for triggering Elemental Storm, no more :smiley:

Btw Fluff, do you know about Enemies OA reduction, is it applied only on Cruci or MC included?

A couple of great Apostate builds coming out. I really like the focus of fire on this one. Time to farm up the gear to finally build an Apostate!

Afaik crucible was adjusted only

Thanks mate!

Thanks for confirmation!
I also think that enemies OA reduction only applied on Cruci, just wanna make sure of it

Can you clarify this a bit? Do you mean when we apply OA reduction on enemies or when enemies do it to us?

You can check it here :

Monster Offensive Ability had been reduced since, but it appears only on Crucible DLC

Due to Topaz nerf, some builds that use it has their DA reduced, so that’s why I just want to make sure whether Monster OA also reduced in Main Campaign